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Monday, April 8, 2013
Ready to get blown away?

Full Circle
It was in the 1993 archives after all. 

My first yellowtail and white seabass influenced me in so many ways; the final words that started on that overnight trip on the Toronado are in this week's white seabass supplement, which, fittingly, is my last supplement as saltwater editor. From a 13-year-old kid to a 33-year-old with a kid, is the white seabass supplement this week the definition of full circle? Or just life being an incredible journey? Let's agree on both. 

My editor, Pat McDonell, honored me with words that pulled at my heartstrings on his blog, and in the paper this week, so I'll let his words tell the backstory. I'll always be indebted to him for taking the quasi On-the-Spot I wrote on a trip that involved yellowtail kingfish, New Zealand, a Gold Coast girl named Aya, driving a motor home through fjords, cans of Lion Red, red wine and high country brown trout and deciding that the words were good enough to take a shot with me. 

The relationship with the readers and writing the Tackle Room and this blog will be missed. Thanks for taking the time to read my words, be it electronically, living on newsprint or on that slick book stock. 

(Is this where I am supposed to put use quotation marks and say "calm seas..." or "tight lines..." or "'til the next tide..."?) 

Let's just say it is time to live out the words in that first caption and find some squid eaters. 
Reader Comments
Well Done! You're contributions will be missed!
Best of luck to you, Brandon!
Chris Dunn
It was a good run bro.You'll be missed in the pages of W.O.N.
Fred Brandt
Thanks for all the great articles, you'll be missed!
I think it's "see you on the water"! Thanks for all you do!
Many Thanks... The opportunity to fish with you and read your book will always be a hi-light. All the best.
Geoff Taylor
May the fish find your bait and the hook in it. Someone has some big shoes to fill.
Brandon, thanks for all da good reads! Good luck... Bring back Rich Holland!!!
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