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WON Big Fish Challenge: Week 1


WON Staff Writer

SAN CLEMENTE — Week 1 of the annual WON Big Fish Challenge (BFC) is in the books, and there have already been a couple catches that will likely stand for a while. On one hand, at least anglers shooting for those species categories know what to gun for, and the rest are still wide open.


THE WON BIG FISH CHALLENGE is underway and Week 1 is in the books. Chip Cone won the tuna grand prize last year, and he’s already set the bar high in the white seabass category with this tanker.

Captain Chip Cone came out of the gates with a 49.6-pound white seabass that won’t be easy to beat, but the way fishing has been for ghosts lately, plenty of BFC competitors will be able to take their hacks at it. Cone was fishing aboard the Alexandria and registered his catch at Dana Point Fuel Dock, one of many conveniently-located official weigh-in spots along the coast. He was using a Daiwa Saltist 20 paired with a 8-foot, medium-heavy Daiwa Proteus with a squid on the business end when this fish played ball at Catalina. Cone won the grand prize in the event’s tuna category last year.

Another BFC returner, Alex Plambeck turned in a torpedo bonito that tipped the official scale at Dana Point Fuel Dock at 10.8 pounds setting another lofty high-water mark. Plambeck was in Orange County offshore waters and tamed the bonehead with a Daiwa Lexa/Proteus rod setup.

The first entry in the tuna category was a 32.2-pound bluefin hauled aboard the Tomahawk by Tom Donohue and weighed in at H&M Landing. This catch took place during the WON San Diego Offshore Jackpot, and a sardine on 40-pound is what closed the deal. Needless to say, this catch will likely get bumped off as early as Week 2, but Donohue – like each angler with the big fish each week – will receive a weekly prize package along with Cone and Plambeck, and he has the rest of the 10-week event to climb back up the leaderboard.

When the dust settles after Week 10, the angler that caught the biggest fish in each species category will receive an incredible grand prize package. Competitors can fish from sportboats, kayaks, private boats, pretty much anything. You can enter the Big Fish Challenge at any time, but you have the best shot at winning by getting in early. Entry is simple and inexpensive: $10 per species or $40 gets you “all in” for every category, then you just fish when you want.

You’re fishing anyway, so, signing up and taking a shot at great prizes is a no brainer!

For more information including prize lists, leaderboards, rules and registration, visit WONBigFish.com.

ALEX PLAMBECK TOOK a commanding lead in the bonito/barracuda category that was added last year. This one went 10.8 pounds and was put down with a Daiwa Lexa/Proteus combo.

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