Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament

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Tuna Jackpot Pays Out A Million Dollars
Overall Champions take biggest slice
of the record payout for Cabo event

The Awards Dinner for WON's Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot took place on a windless, humid Saturday night with places laid for 750 guests to witness the largest payout in the 21-year history of the event: a solid $1,016,700.00!

A major portion of that money went to John Domanic's team on the incredibly rigged center console Sirena, as they received a check for $420,235. That reflects the $63,835 they got for claiming the crown of Tuna Jackpot Champions with a 345-pound tuna combined with $356,400 in daily jackpot earnings. 

The Southern Comfort also won $356,400 in daily jackpots with the biggest tuna the second day of the event, a 248 pounder. Both boats were in the $500, $1000, $2000, $3000, $5,000 and $10,000. 

The next highest payout actually went to a 21.7-pound dorado. The minimum weight for the first day was 30 pounds, resulting in no qualifying fish. The minimum weight was reduced to 15 pounds for the second day. Dorado fishing has been excellent in Cabo for 15-20-pound dorado and when the pot rolled over to the last day there was no shortage of qualifying fish weighed. The Outcast got the biggest and the $80,000 check. 

A picture tells a thousand words, or thousands of dollars, so we've included pictures of all the winning teams with their checks.

The daily payout for wahoo was $40,400 and Job DeHorta's Pendejadas team took that pot the first day.

The Santana brought in a fat 291 pounder the first day and ended up with second place in the overall pot for $7,510.

A fat 47.1-pound wahoo on the Salsa for the TNT Texans& Tuna team ended all discussion about who would win the day two money in that jackpot.

Finally, the side story that kept everyone around the scales to the end of the day was the Gray Fish Tag $20,000 Daily Jackpot. Ivan VanOrtwick's Stella June nailed down the $34,000 the first day with a 260-pound yellowfin that also placed third in the overall jackpot for a total of $37,755 (bottom picture). Below, Sean Feeney's team celebrates its $34,000 check for the last day $20K payout. 

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