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Finally got a break in the weather on my Monday off day and took full advantage of it. Hooked the boat up around 9pm and was at Davies around 9; 45pm. I made a call to the Long Beach Carnage and they where tanked up and would be hanging out in front of Avalon. Sweet, no bait making would be needed. Made the crossing in no time. Weather was nice. 5 to 10kts of wind and a 2 to 4' swell. About 4 miles from Avalon that changed and wind gust felt like they where up to 20+ sometimes.

Finally made it to the LBC and they tanked me up good. Thanked them and went on my way. Ran for a while to get to the zone that had been producing and while underway had some very, very strong wind gust happen around midnight. Wind was crackin'!!! ...and blowing the boat all over. Thought to myself, what are you doing, but toughed it out and finally it started to settle down for the night thru the morning. Set the hook and waited it out until 9am and didn't see anything caught around me but did here of two fish taken by one boat.

Decided to make a move and get away from the crowed. Ran for a while just looking for conditions and finally found the right conditions around mid morning. Dropped the hook in about 36' of water and had a nice go around and managed a 30 to 35# pounder for my efforts. Fish was caught on a Phenix PSW808 with a TLD5 loaded with 65lb green spectra and a 3' 40# fluro leader with a 3/8 slider above a 8/0 Aki twist hook. Got to run but here are a couple pics of the fish and a pic of the return crossing mid channel.

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