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Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Huge Big Bear TROUTFEST Oct 6th & 7th

Fifteen-foot Klamath Advantage S awaits one lucky TroutfesT participant

BIG BEAR LAKE — It’s t-minus five weeks to the 6th Annual Western Outdoor News Big Bear Lake TroutfesT, and the Oct. 3 and 4 event is rapidly nearing capacity. There’s still time left for anglers to register, however; by logging on to or calling Tournament Director Bill Egan directly at (949) 366-0030, ext. 40.

While the reasons for fishing the TroutfesT are indeed multitudinous — fun, family-oriented, great fishing, ample prizes, cheap entry, etc. — one of the major appealing factors pertaining to this year’s event will undoubtedly be the grand raffle prize of a Klamath 15 Advantage S boat/trailer package outfitted with a Mercury motor.

For the trout angler, few rigs can compare to the 15 Advantage S.

The boat features a modified V bottom, with a classic hard chine, sharp bow entry and moderate deadrise at the stern. To the seasoned boater, the aforementioned attributes need no further explanation. To the novice, however, those features mean you’re getting a boat that is not only nimble and quick, but also planes exceptionally well. Not to mention giving the hull the capacity to cut through choppy waters without drenching any of your passengers or gear. And while most trouters stay indoors when the weather turns foul, true diehards are well aware of the wide-open action that can ensue when Mother Nature is at her worst.

The 15 Advantage S is designed to accommodate a four-stroke outboard motor, and this year’s prize boat will be outfitted with a Mercury outboard perfectly suited for targeting trout at fisheries such as Big Bear and beyond.

Seating aboard the 15 Advantage S is ample, to say the least, and the boat can accommodate up to six anglers or 930 pounds; which is impressive for a 15-foot rig. The larger passenger capacity is attributed to the circular bench seating configuration located aft of the driver’s side console.

Storage is available beneath both the port and starboard side bench seats, and a spacious anchor locker is located at the bow.

Bells and whistles are few and far between on the 15 Advantage S, as Klamath isn’t about selling anglers on items they don’t need. This boat was clearly built with fishermen in mind, as its simplicity and fishing-forward design ooze from each and every well-built nook and cranny.    

Don’t let its basic appearance fool you, however, as the 15 Advantage S was designed to be easily modified should an angler elect to outfit the boat with downriggers, electronics or any additional accoutrements to aid in tackling rainbows or anything other finned quarry.

With over five decades of boat-building experience and rigorous quality standards, Klamath provides the best-built, toughest and highest value boats on the market. They are built to withstand the demands of serious sportsmen, and nearly every day, the company receives feedback from their customers praising how fun their boats are and their dedication to building the highest-quality products.

Klamath’s extensive experience, combined with modern manufacturing technology and continuous improvement, provide a unique blend of classic design and present-day technological advancement.

All you have to do for a shot at winning this rig is enter this year’s TroutfesT. All participating anglers will receive a raffle ticket, and whomever happens to be the owner of the final ticket plucked from the bin (assuming the final ticket corresponds to the grand raffle prize) on Sunday, Oct. 3, will also be the proud new owner of the Klamath 15 Adventure S. It’s that simple…

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THE KLAMATH 15 ADVANTAGE S is clearly built with fishermen in mind, as its simplicity and fishing-forward design ooze from each and every well-built nook and cranny.

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