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Tuesday, September 07, 2010
Angler’s Kayak Shark-Smacked
Tuesday, September 28, 2010
New commissioner gets axed

Hunting Club President Named to Fish and Game Commission

Hunting Club President Named to Fish and Game Commission

The California Fish and Game Commission is back to its full, five-member strength. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has appointed Michael Sutsos, 56, of Sonoma, to fill the vacancy created by the departure of Don Benninghoven.


The move will break an anticipated 2-2 deadlock on MLPA issues as the South Coast region approaches implementation. If past is prologue, Sutsos was appointed by the governor to deliver a crucial vote. Former MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force Chair Benninghoven assumed his place on the commission on the eve of a decisive August 2009 North Coast MLPA vote, dooming an equally conservation oriented and economically superior plan backed by fishermen and tribal interests.


One year later Benninghoven lost his seat when the California State Senate denied to confirm him, largely at the behest of irate sportsmen.


Unlike Benninghoven, a career politician, Sutsos is a familiar member of the outdoor community. According to a release from the governor’s press office, Sutsos has been affiliated with the Black Point Sports Club since 1972, first as manager and since 1985 as president. Sutsos is a member of the California Wildlife Association, Mzuri Wildlife Foundation and California Outdoor Heritage Alliance. Sutsos is a Republican.



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