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Friday, September 10, 2010
Lake Mead Pro AM - Spetember 10-11, 2010

Results from New Melones WON BASS TRI-STATE Championships 2010

Jim Elsea and Kevin Burge won the WON BASS Tri-State Team Championship with 2 good solid bags of bass on the two day event with a total weight of 16.11 pounds. Elsea fished the first day by himself and weighed a solid bag of 9.41. He was sitting in 3rd place and gave Burge a call and said, “You got to get up here, we are sitting in 3rd place. Burge made the trip and the team ended up winning the event.

Jim Elsea and Kevin Burge won the 2010 WON BASS Tri-State Team Championship

“We caught our fish again today, but they are not as big as yesterday,” said Elsea after weighing in their bag of 6.70. However it was enough and it just goes to show, good solid bags can win bass fishing tournaments.

Finishing in 2nd place was Ryan Voorhees who also fished by himself but for booth days of the tournament and finished with a total weight of 15.30 pounds. Voorhees also didn’t have a kicker bass both days of the tournament but finished with an impressive 8.94 on the final day. He moved up from 7th to 2nd place.

Finishing in 2nd place was Ryan Voorhees who didn’t have a kicker bass both days of the tournament

Young Guns Klayton Belden and Bobby Matthews moved from 5th to 3rd with another solid bag of 6.82 pounds and a total weight of 14.95.

The big bass of the day went to a brother team of Matt and Dan Houser with a 6.01 spotted bass. Matt caught the big spot on darter head worm fishing the rip rap of the dam in 25 feet of water. This big spot moved the brother team from 32nd place to 4th place with a total weight of 14.91 pounds.

 houser brothers wonbass

Matt and Dan Houser with a 6.01 spotted bass

Robert Bruggeman and Ron Bruggeman another brother team that was day one leaders only weighed in one bass for .82 pounds and fell from 1st to 5th place. “Robert couldn’t keep’em on and I couldn’t catch ‘em,” said Ron Bruggeman. “We did catch a lot of shorts today and couldn’t keep the good ones on.”

 Solid bags won the tournament and produced the top 3 finishes, but big kicker bass didn’t hurt those anglers who finish high in the standings. When you have this caliber of anglers it was a real nail bitter to the finish. All these quality anglers are capable of catching big bass and big sacks every day. It was an exciting tournament to the end, read the entire story in the next WON BASS insert in November.

The unofficial Top 5 final results from the WON BASS TRI-STATES Team Championship from Melones are as follows:

1#. Kevin Burge & Jim Elsea; 16.11 lbs

2#. Ryan Voorhees (solo); 15.30

3#. Klayton Belden & Bobby Matthews;

4#. Matt Houser & Dan Houser;

5#. Robert Bruggeman & Ron Bruggeman;

The final standing should be up soon on and also there should be more information and photos going up soon here. Following the weighin there will be an awards banquet and meal, provided by WON BASS and our sponsors. The final results will be up on the website immediately after they have been announced at the awards banquet later this evening.

Friday 10-15-2010

The first day of the WON BASS Tri-State Team Championship was not cake walk for most anglers. Many anglers only brought 1-3 fish to the scales on day one. But like all tournaments, there are always anglers that find bigger bass and jump out in front of the pack.The complete results for day 1 can be found on the WONBASS.COM website by clicking HERE.

One team that jumped out in front with a big bass of 11.13 and a total weight of 13.67 was Robert and Ron Bruggeman out of the Clear Lake Region. “We had big bass following our swim bait all day but wouldn’t eat it. Then this big bass a couple of hours ago, followed the bait and Robert threw a Maverick Jig in behind the swim bait and it eat it,” said Ron Bruggeman. They only brought 3 fish to the scales witch could open the door tomorrow if they don’t weigh a limit or have another kicker in their bag tomorrow.

BRUGGEMAN BROTHERS-Leading with this 11.13 pound hog and total weight of 13.62.

The Bruggeman team can’t breathe too easy, for Will Duncan and Dylan Waldroop also had a kicker bass of 8.77 pounds and a total weight of 11.07 and they too only weighed in 3 fish. Their big bass was caught on a swim bait.

Will Duncan and Dylan Waldroop had a kicker bass of 8.77 pounds and a total weight of 11.07

Sitting in the 3rd spot is Kevin Burge and Jim Elsea and Elsea is fishing by himself. Elsea caught five solid keepers for a total weight of 9.41 with no big kicker. The confident Elsea said, “If the guys in front of me don’t catch a kicker or a limit tomorrow, I think I can take the lead and win it, I caught 2 limits today and I can do it tomorrow for the win,” said Elsea. Elsea caught fish all day on both soft and hard baits.

A CONFIDENT JIM ELSEA is sitting in third place.


In the fourth position are Duane Johnson and Curtis Howard with a total weight of 8.44 pounds. They also had a kicker of 4.05 to help their effort and one of the few anglers to bring a 5 fish limit to the scales.


Rounding out the top 5 spots are Klayton Belding and Bobby Matthews, 2 young and up and coming anglers from Southern Cal. They also weighed in 5 solid bass with a total weight of 8.33 pounds. “We stuck to our pre-fish pattern and it paid off for us,” said Belding. “It started off slow but we stuck to our pattern and it produced for us.” The team had some alternator problems and drained their batteries, but the young guns didn’t get rattled and caught their fish.


Like many of the foothill lakes in Nor Cal, the bite has turned off due to the weather conditions. One week it’s hot and the next week it’s back to milder cooler temperatures. Many anglers in this tournament said their bite changed in just one day and struggled to find their easy limits. One day they had easy limits and the next day it was tough to catch one to three fish.


It looks like its going to be an exciting finish tomorrow and interesting to see who can hold their positions. Remember these are all top Team Tournament Qualifiers and Champions who can reach back and bring a big sack to the scales on any given day.


Reader Comments
Hide the women and children! That is one freaky looking team in first place.
I'm rooting for team deadhead to catch another hog and win the boat!
Do you drug test ? just kidding...

Right on to Team Dreadlock Bobbie Lee & PJ ,I'm real proud ... after all the crap between your ma & me , I gotta say its a true heart warmer to see the support you kids share with each other.. anyway Kati lets put one on the wall for a job well done.....luv ya guys.....Dad
R Bruggeman Sr
That was a tough motor scooter for a couple of Arizona guys, but still a lot of fun. Congrats to Elsea and Burge for a win that you won't soon forget.
Bob J.
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