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Saturday, January 08, 2011
Lake Shasta 2011 WON BASS ProAm Coverage

Lorenzo Rossetti wins Delta title, Bailey wins AOY, both win Nitro/Mercury boats

Lorenzo Rossetti of Stockton weighs in another solid bag to hold on to his lead from day-one with a total weight of 42.17 pounds.

 “Conditions changed for me today,” said Rossetti. “I changed my water and thought I could catch 15-16 pounds today. I just couldn’t keep on the good ones and I caught a lot of small fish today. I was flipping and pitching jigs along the grass lines both days of the tournament.”

 Finishing in 2nd place was Mark Daniels Jr. who made a hard charge to catch Rossetti with the big bag of the day, 21.07 pounds. Daniels moved up from 6th to second with a total weight of 38.22 pounds.

 Third place finisher was Kevin Stewart of Elk Grove with a total weight of 32.60 pounds. Stewart dropped from second to third. “The conditions really didn’t change, we had a little more cloud cover, and I just kept catching smaller fish today. I probably caught 70-80 fish today, just no quality like yesterday.”


In forth place was Ricky Shabazz of Rialto with a total weight of 31.75 pounds and moved up from 9th place to 4th place with a good bag of 17.48 pounds.


Rounding out the top five spots was Ken Phillips of Antioch with a total weight of 31.18 pounds. Phillips made a move from 12th to 5th by bringing in a good bag of 17.75 pounds.


Paul Bailey of Willits finished in 6th place and captured the 2010 WON BASS Angler of the Year title. Bailey will receive a check for 5th place and for winning Angler of the year a certificate for a new fully loaded Z 7 Nitro boat equipped with a Mercury 175 hp motor.” I did what I always do, it’s the only way I know how to fish,” said Bailey. I threw the wake bait and a Spook all morning and the fish wouldn’t eat it like yesterday, so I just punched the rest of the day and caught the quality I needed.”


Bailey edged out Mike Folkestad for Angler of the Year, but the legend Mike Folkestad didn’t just roll over, he caught another 5 fish limit today, but he too could not get the quality bite he needed. “Paul Bailey reminds me a lot of myself at that age, he’s a real good angler and great competitor,” said Folkestad.


Big bass honors went to Stan Lafever of Ione with a 7.34.


These results are unofficial, for official results; check the WON BASS web site at



The WON BASS Pro Tour final tournament of the year and the Angler of the Year race is coming down to the wire, as Mike Folkestad and Paul Bailey slug it out on day one with less than 3 pounds separating the anglers for the crown. Paul Bailey weighed in a solid bag of 16.16 pounds and is sitting in 6th place and Mike Folkestad weighed in a respectable 13.54 pounds to keep the race close.

Bailey, like usual is swinging for the fence, “I fish like I always fish, big swim baits and wake baits,” said Bailey. Like usual Mike Folkestad is calm and reserved and was ok with his weight today and went on like business as usual.

Paul Baily Remains in the hunt for the AOY title

Leader of the tournament is Lorenzo Rossetti who topped the field of 56 anglers with a big bag of 29.22 pounds. Rossetti fished with AAA angler Spencer Moran and they only caught 9 fish all day. Rossetti had solid limit and caught the big bass of the day a 9.41 on a revenge jig.

Lorenzo Rossetti had 29.22-lbs on day 1 at the Delta Gran Finale for the lead

Kevin Stewart and AAA angler John Hagins is sitting in 2nd place with 23.41 pounds, fishing slow, deep, and wading through a lot of fish to get to the bigger bass. Both anglers caught a big bass apiece minutes apart and AAA angler Hagins snapped his rod in half, but still landed the 3rd largest bass of the day a 7.79.

Kevin Stewart and John Hagins went deep for 2nd place

Sitting in 3rd place is Mike Frederick and AAA angler John Bitting with 19.57 pounds. Pro Frederick caught a 7.42 big bass that helped anchor their limit. The big bass came punching through heavy cover and they caught fish drop shotting and fishing Senkos.

But look out! Mr. Delta Frog Man Bobby Barrack is sitting in 4th place with a hefty bag of 19.18 pounds. Don’t let Barrack hang around in the top five spots, on that final day he could win it all. Barrack didn’t have a kicker bass over 5 pounds, all his fish were 4 pounds or better. Barrack fished with AAA angler Tom DiGiullio.


Jack Farage and AAA Robert Juarez finished in the 5th spot with 17.21 pounds. Pro angler Farage caught a kicker bass on a frog that tipped the scales at 8.01 and captured 2nd big bass honors of the day.


For more tournament stats, look on the WON BASS web site at


Reader Comments
Congratulations Lorenzo! Nice day one bag! and to Paul for the AOY title! I fished as a AAA and this event was my first WON Bass tournament. I've been trying to decide what I want to fish for 2011. I had a good event, caught fish both days, the pro's were very professional and courteous. I'll definitely be looking for the 2011 schedule. Thx, Steve Adams
Steve Adams
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