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Thursday, February 10, 2011
WON BASS Pro Event - Lake Roosevelt, Arizona

WON BASS Pro AM Tournament at Lake Havasu March 26-27, 2011
The final weigh-in for the 2011 WON BASS Lake Havasu Pro/Am has officially ended, and although official results are currently being tabulated and should be posted soon, there’s already a clearly-defined victor. Ladies and gentlemen, the Lake Havasu Pro/Am champion is none other than Shaun Bailey. (Which, to those who know his prowess on Havasu, should come as little surprise, as Bailey “owns” this fishery, for lack of a better term.)

Paul Bailey wins Havasu 2011
Local Lake Havasu resident and phenom Shaun Bailey gives a victory "thumbs up" after winning the WON Bass 2011 Lake Havasu Pro AmShaun lead after a big day one and held onto his lead for a close victory over pro John Morrow from Brea, Ca.

    Having taken the lead with a massive 24.49-pound bag during day-one competition, Bailey needed to bring yet another solid limit to the scale today, as John Morrow (in second place with 20.56 pounds after day one) weighed in another substantial bag of 21.81 pounds. That brought his two-day total weight to 42.37 pounds. Thus, Bailey would need a 17.89-pound limit to best Morrow.

    Needless to say, when Bailey arrived at the scale, all eyes were fixated upon the day-one leader. He looked to have a heavy 5-fish bag, and when the scale settled at “19.12” pounds, all doubts were dismissed. The Lake Havasu Pro/Am had its winner, with Morrow coming in a close second.

    The awards ceremony starts in less than an hour, and complete results for both Pros and AAA’s should be up shortly.

    Thanks to everyone for fishing with us, and thanks to all of our fine sponsors once again for helping us put on an outstanding tourney.  

Update 9 AM Sunday morning
Clint Goodwin was observed sticking a nice 5 lb bass in the Indian Casino marina by WON BASS staff out on the lake this Sunday morning. Also, Paul Tassie was in third place after day one and he had boat problems this morning. He has since come back in and has found another boat, which has been inspected and he is now back out on the water fishing. That's a tough break, but equipment is a part of the game in bass fishing.

Finding a kicker bass - or two - is the goal for almost every angler today at Lake Havasu who wants to move up or stay in contention. The vast majority of boats are coming in with nice fish in their livewells, but what is distancing our leaders from the rest of the field is typically one of two of the bigger fish, as evidenced by Shaun Bailey's 9.5 LM brute yesterday. No doubt a lot of guys came in yesterday feeling that the 15-17 lb's would put them up near the top, only to find out that most everyone had these sort same weights. Mike Folkestad has a history this season of being in the middle of the pack after day one, and then making a charge to near the top, so it will be interesting to see what he does today.

See first day results at

UPDATE- Sunday Morning Launch
The second, and final, day of the WON BASS Lake Havasu Pro/Am has officially begun. This morning’s launch went off without a hitch, and anglers sped off in various directions in the hopes of eclipsing their previous day’s weight.

Day 2 at Lake Havasu starts with a touch of wind, which many anglers were hoping for today.

As it stands right now, Shaun Bailey is the man to beat, however, there’s ample talent amongst the field of anglers, and plenty of big fish in th elake, so it could be anyone’s tournament. With a lot of the big fish coming on swimbaits, or on beds, many anglers we spoke with plan to get a quick limit of 2-4-lb'ers - which seem to be everywhere- and then go target the big girl's.

Not much has changed in terms of weather patterns since yesterday, although there’s a bit more wind on the water this morning. That may affect those looking for bed fish, but how it could play into the overall bite is anyone’s guess. The weather is already in the mid 70's this morning.

Stay tuned…

UPDATE Sat evening
The general consensus amongst anglers regarding the first day of competition at the WON BASS Lake Havasu Pro/Am was wholly optimistic. As it turns out, once today’s weigh-in wrapped, those expectations were not only met, but exceeded by a wide margin. That was discernable from the moment the very first bag (of Pro Klayton Belden and his AAA Allen Todd) hit the scale and the digital display read “17.62” pounds.

John Morrow at WON BASS Havasu Pro Am 2011
PRO JOHN MORROW, right, and his AAA Bob Barter finished in second place after day one with a 20.56 limit. Anchoring their bag was a beautiful 5.16-pound smallmouth.

From that point forth, it was literally a barrage of bass, as 15-plus-pound limits were commonplace. Beautiful smallmouth were the rule of the day, and Pro John Morrow weighed a trophy of a bronzeback in the form of a 5.16 pounder, which capped he and AAA Bob Barter’s second-place, 20.56-pound limit.

There were also a fair number of quality largemouth brought to the scale, but none could touch the massive 9.5-pound fish landed by local angler and WON BASS Pro Shaun Bailey. With that kicker fish, he and his AAA “Crazy” Rick Melead, managed a day-one heaviest bag of an incredible 24.49 pounds — almost touching Mike Folkestad’s Havasu record one-day weight of 26.62 pounds set last year. Third place for day one went to Paul Tassie and AAA Jason Hackerd for their 20.55-pound bag.

It was a spectacular start to what should prove to be an overall phenomenal tournament. The current weather pattern looks to be holding for tomorrow, so expect more of the same, perhaps even better action during the second, and final, day of competition.

Bailey and AAA Day one Havasu WON BASS 2011
THE DAY-ONE FIRST-PLACE TEAM of Shaun Bailey, left, and “Crazy” Rick Melead.

The unofficial early reports from WON's own Mike Bohn were that the weigh-in went fast, and most everyone had a good sack of fish. The whole bass"posse" weighed in at about the same time. Paul had 16 plus Shaun had 24.46 included 9.50 kicker Skinner had 17 plus. The last 10 sacks were all over 15 lbs.

The Day 1 Results are up on the WON BASS Website Click to go there,

Mike fished with AAA Sue Mack and they got 15.90-lbs. Bohn felt he was going to have another good day tomorrow and hopefully move up some.

"I can't believe people aren't at Havasu in huge numbers to fish this event. John Morrow just weighed 20 lbs, and it seems like everyone is weighing in great bags and if you get a kicker you are right there."

The mood is upbeat and everyone seems to be having a great time, at a great fishery. The weather was really good today by midday and the forecast is for it to only get even better tomorrow.

Paul Bailey Day 1 Havasu WON BASS Pro Am 2011
It's not a huge surprise that Shaun Bailey had a good day on Lake Havasu and has the day 1 lead with 24.29-lbs and the days big bass at 9.5-lbs.

Bohn and AAA Sue Mack Havasu WON BASS Pro Am 2011
Backseater Sue Mack fished with WON staffer Mike Bohn and had a great time and a good day 1 of fishing, bagging a 5 fish limit of 15-90-lbs.

Tournament day starts very early in the morning, way into the dark. The anglers typically start early by getting something to eat, then getting their tackle and boats ready, meeting up with their co anglers and then getting the boats launched before the start. But if you love to fish and compete it's what you live for.

Andy Manahl Mattress Depot WON BASS Havasu Pro Am
Bass Pro Andy Manahl gets started very early with his preparation and attention to detail. Andy has found a great way to promote his own company, MATTRESS DEPOT, and fish at the same time by having this custom boat wrap done of his boat and truck.

Andy Manahl truck at wON BASS Pro Am Havasu
Here is the matching truck that Andy had wrapped by A and M Graphics in Phoenix.

Gar Boyd and Chris Ricci WON BASS Havasu 2011
All smiiles. Gary Boyd and Chris Ricci ane ready to go and take a moment for this pre start photo prior to their launch.They will be all business in just another hour or so as these two top bass anglers get to work.

This morning’s launch went brilliantly, for lack of a better term, as it took a mere six minutes to get the entire field of sixty boats headed to their respective locales on Lake Havasu.

The beauty of Lake Havasu at the start of the day lies in sharp contrast to the anticipation and adreniline pumping through the anglers as they wait to get started.

Mother Nature even seemed to be in better spirits, as the high winds which were prevailing yesterday morning were slight breezes at best. Over the past hour or so, the winds have built up a bit, and a few scattered clouds seem to be moving in from the west, but thus far, it’s been a nice morning on Lake Havasu.
The weigh-in begins later this afternoon at the Windsor Launch Ramp, so check back larer.

The partner pairings for the WON BASS Lake Havasu Pro/Am just wrapped, and a total of 120 anglers will be hitting the water bright and early tomorrow morning to kick of the tournament in grand fashion. And based upon the conversations and smiles at the partner pairings, it seems as though it’s going to be an exceptional day one.

havasu wonbass team meeting

Local Pros Paul and Shaun Bailey, and Billy Skinner, have their finger on the proverbial pulse, so don’t be surprised to see them arrive at the scale with heavy 5-fish limits. But they’ll be 57 other boats gunning for the title, so it will indeed be interesting to see how the first day of competition pans out.The weather’s improved significantly since this morning, as the winds laid down later this afternoon.

havasu wonbass tournament meeting

If the gusts don’t reappear, it should be an absolutely gorgeous day on the water. A few scattered clouds moved in from the west, which could indicate the presence of a slight low-pressure system, but that may improve the bite if it holds true. We shall see…


It’s Friday afternoon, March 25… T-minus 18 hours ‘til the official kickoff to the WON BASS Lake Havasu Pro/Am. Word has it, the bite’s been good; with both large and smallmouth bass in the shallows on beds. Weather conditions are favorable, although the wind has been blowing steadily since early morning. If it lays down by tournament time tomorrow morning, expect anglers to be plying the shallows in search of that 9-pound bucketmouth. If it’s still blowing, chances are the reaction-bait bite will produce solid bags. Alas, that remains to be seen.

Registration and partner pairings will be getting underway shortly, so stay tuned for more info. as the day progresses…

WON BASS Havasu Pro Am conditions 2011
WON BASS Editor Brad Schweit sent in this update on the current conditions at Lake Havasu today at noon. The tournament kicks off tomorrow morning and the meeting and late signups in just a few yours.

3-25-2011 9AM Update - We had a few more sign up yesterday at the early signups putting us at about 60 boats, but there are a ton of guys on the lake who aren't signed so it's a big question where we will end up. The late signup and meeting is today from 2-5 PM.

The bite is reportedly not quite as crazy it was a week ago before the storms, but it's still great by almost any measure. We are now back in a warming trend and heading into that time of year where there no doubt things will be back on track any day. Most people still are predicting it will take a huge weight to win this tournament.

Here are some pictures that Tami Curtis sent in just this morning from Lake Havasu.

Mike Folkestad with Havasu smallmouth bass March 2011
The reiging champ at the Lake Havasu WON BASS tournament is western bass fishing legend Mike Folkestad, who is pictured with a big, smallmouth bass. The smallies have really taken hold at Lake Havasu and are there both in number and good size, but most people predict it will take a few of big largemouths to win this year.

Chris Ricchi Havasu Largemouth bass march 2011 WON BASS tournament
AAA angler Chris Ricci shows he can stick em too. Here he shows off a nice LM bass caught on the main lake this morning. Chris and company have been up at Havasu fishing for about a week and report that good fish can be caught all over. He predicts big weights for this weekends tournament, and he feels the time he has put in should give him an advantage this weeekend.

Tami Curtis Havasu WON BASS March tournaemnt largemouth
We asked Tami Curtis to send us in some pictures and as usual she helped us out. She included this one of herself with a nice larrgemouth caught this morning ( 3-25-2011), a day prior to the tournament start. Tami has many projects in the works, including a possible bass fishing television show.

UPDATE 3-24-2011 3PM
As the day has gone on today it is simply getting nicer. The desert is a great place for a bass fisherman this time of year. The fishing has been so good this year it's hard to know whether to fish the main lake or to go up river, or to fish all the structure that local fishing groups have put in place, or points, coves and now we have fish shallow on beds too.

Getting a game plan and eliminating water may be tough to do this weekend, because a lot of things are going to work.

havasu WON BASS pro am tournanament 2011

WON BASS 2011 Havasu Pro Am tournament

3-24-2011 9AM UPDATE
The WON BASS Pro bass tour returns to Lake Havasu this weekend with every indication that the fishing will again be spectacular. In fact many local anglers, and those up here pre-fishing the last few days feel that the tournament lake record set last year by Mike Folkestad will be broken again at this years event. There is still time to jump in a join the fun this weekend, so give Ashley a call at 949-366-0030 ext 38 or to reach Billy Egan out at Lake Havaso call 949-290-0582.

The full lot today (3-24-2011) at Site Six in Lake Havasu, shows the guys are here to practice and prep for this weekends event. Calm breeze and a warming trend will lend itself well for the anglers.

Almost every angler we have talked with the last coupel days is reporting that there are large fish, basically all over the lake and up river. And most every angler also has stated that he feels he can catch a very large limit of bass during the tournament. If this is indeed the case this figures to be one heck of a bass tournament and almsot everyone has a shot to be in the money. The weather and conditions seem to all be lining up for this tournament.

It's diffuicult to get the full affect with this camera phone image sent in by Tournament Director Billy Egan this morning ( 3-24-2011) but the skies are sunny and the seas are calm, with 5mph winds out in the basin about the lighthouse this morning,

For weeks the large smallmouths have been moving up and stagging and just reccently now the largemouth have been as well. With the rains of last week no gone and warming weather predicted through to the tournament the fish seem to be on beds, stagging off points, in coves shallow and on just about any structure all over the lake, so no matter how you like to fish they are good fish available.

More to come through the day today and throughout the weekend...

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