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Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Tuesday, April 05, 2011
Spring yellows are here

Spring yellowtail

Whether yellowtail or white seabass will be the first exotics to put on a big show is yet to be seen, but after the New Seaforth scored the first two local yellowtail of the year off La Jolla last Saturday all eyes are on the yellowtail front.


One of last year’s few highlights were spring’s yellowtail. From March until early May there was great yellowtail fishing to be had from La Jolla down to the flats off Imperial Beach. Will they show again given this nice stretch of weather that’s in the forecast? That’s yet to be seen, but you should be ready for when they show up.


Spring yellowtail love to eat the iron. The bulk of the fishing for San Diego boats is done casting and retrieving when the fish first move in. Both surface irons and yo-yo irons have there times to shine, but day-in, day-out, season after season, a yo-yo iron like a Salas 6X Jr. or Tady 9 is the way to go. In fact, if you have a yo-yo iron outfit and a 25-pound bait stick, you’ll be covered. Toss in a long rod is you like fishing the surface iron, and you have all you need for fishing yellows out of San Diego with three outfits. That is unless they show first at a place like San Clemente or Catalina island.


The next blog will talk about fishing for yellowtail with live squid.

LAST SPRING'S yellowtail fishing was pretty all time at the Coronados and off La Jolla. There's going to be plenty of coverage at both locals with this week's excellent weather. 


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