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Weather, pressure shuts down yellows

The weekend projection looks good, though

This Memorial Day weekend weather is tough to deal with. Wind, waves, and just a lot of frustration. For those of you smart enough to have gotten out this past week for a shot at the WSB and especially yellowtail before the pressure mounted from skiffs and partyboats, congrats. This weather we're having will be gone by Monday and the weekend weather for June 4-5 is looking calm, warm and sunny. As the director of the rescheduled Catalina event from May 21-22 due to weather, a nice weather pattern for the week leading up the tourney is a godsend.  The dropping fuel prices and better fishing are helping the cause.

A few people have asked me about the new tourney rules, the dual weigh-in, the chance of cheating if boats can travel, the advantages the kayakers would have over boaters in the optionals, and where to put their boat at Dana while going to the parties for check-in and the awards if they are not trailering.

All good questions. They are all answered in the Catalina WSB blog which has the schedule, the rules etc. What is NOT answered in the blog and events page is the concern that kayakers have  an advantage over boaters. They have their own division due to the disparity in the entry fees ($100 to a minimum of $200 for boat teams) but they are on equal footing in the optionals because everyone pays in the same. Kayakers have the stealth factor, but skiffs and boats can fish a wider variety of areas, and can fish longer periods of time, even overnight.

*** in terms of fishing  for the Catalina/Dana Point tourney next Saturday and Sunday the 4th and 5th,  the coastal and Catalina bite busted loose before weather slammed the door shut on the weekend. The  Big Game 90 on Friday had at least 50 big WSB, and the overnight Pacific Quest out of Pierpoint reported Friday's trip turned up 6 WSB. It's starting, and the water is in the 64 degree range and clean, at least before the big weekend blow, but it should rebound quickly.

I should add that for those interested, the fishing the weekend of the postponed WSB event May 21-22 had LOUSY fishing and weather. I hated to postpone the tournament a few weeks, but conditions just look downright dangerous on the projected weather.   As it turned out, they weren't that bad, but he fishing was still lousy with t he water churned up. And while it wasn't dangerous, it was windy, cold, bumpy and uncomfortable for those who came out and fished the island anyway that weekend.
So, here we go with another try with a coastal/island flavor to the event, and if you want to be in the event, show up at Two Harbors Pier or   Dana Point Launch Ramp on Saturday 9:30 to noon with your boat or a kayak, and some entry cash. It's $100 a person. The optionals are also cash only, nine total of yellowtail, seabass and halibut, $100, $200 and $300. 90 percent payback.  You can start fishing at 1:30-2 p.m. after we have a Dana Party and go over the rules and do drawings (casting and knot typing contest), do a boat check.

Just come back by Sunday 10 a.m. to noon for the weigh-in at Dana Fuel Dock or Two Harbors Pier and the party will be at Dana. You CAN fish the island and drive back to Dana for the party. In fact you drive to your launch spot from the DP party and return Sunday for weigh-in. Check out the rules and schedule on the blog or events. REMEMBER, yellowtail, halibut and WSB all count the same, and there are optionals for all three. Nine optionals in all. 

Bring a cell phone or digital camera to verify catches with the use of a sticker to be given out at weigh-in.

I'm at pat@wonws.com if you have any questions that the WSB/Catalina blog can't answer.




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