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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
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Friday, July 08, 2011
Golden Anniversary

Mossberg MVP (Mossberg Varmit Predator) .223 Rem

Mid-year product introductions are becoming the norm, and that factor remained intact at the recent National Rifle Association meetings this spring.

Mossberg introduced the MVP (Mossberg Varmint Predator) series of rifles at the recent NRA Convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is based on the established 4x4 centerfire bolt-action rifle.

Setting this family of rifles apart from the competition is its unique, patent-pending bolt design, which allows MVP Series rifles to accept and reliably feed from AR-15 style magazines – a breakthrough innovation in bolt-action platforms.

The first rifle in this groundbreaking series, the MVP Series Varmint chambered in 5.56mm NATO (.223 Remington), was unveiled with two initial offerings to be available this summer. They include the standard rifle package with 10-round magazine and factory-installed Weaver-style basses for customization with optics of the shooter’s choice. The second is a convenient combo package which includes the rifle, pre-mounted and bore-sighted 4-16x50mm, variable riflescope, bipod and 10-round magazine.

The rifle weighs 7 ¼ pounds and delivers MOA or better accuracy out of the box. Overall length is 43 inches.

The MVP has a 1-in-9-inch twist, medium bull 24-inch button-rifled barrel and helical fluted bolt. All metalwork features a matte blue finish.

The gray laminate bench-rest style stock has ergonomically designed pistol grip with palm swell. The wide, flat-bottom forend is great for use with sandbag rests or bipods.

The Lightning Bolt-Action (LBA) Adjustable Trigger System is easily adjustable from 2 to 7 pounds’ pull. MSRP is $649, or $796 with scope.

For me, this is much more than just another bolt-action rifle. It incorporates something that has been elusive for much of the industry for quite a while.

There is not enough space her to discuss exactly why, but the industry has had problems coming up with ways to have bolt-action rifles handle AR or other military-type magazine designs.

Mossberg has solved the problem with a rather ingenious little, spring-loaded metal flap on the front of the bolt. It affords smooth and effective cycling when those kinds of removable magazines are used.

This is huge news, because it opens the floodgates for all manner of variants – mostly for AR and M1A/M14 magazines.

I predict that Mossberg will be introducing a “tactical” bolt-action rifle that will accept the military style magazines soon – like at the next SHOT Show. Logical, makes sense.

Witness the popularity of Ruger’s totally excellent Gunsite Scout Rifle. It is an all-around rifle that lends itself to everything from hunting to tactical, with fun shooting in between.

Actually, this first Mossberg MVP model qualifies for tactical precision use as-is. Offer a stable mate with things like flash suppressor, lighter barrel, maybe a heat shield, place for extra magazine and that sort of thing, and there are the makings for a serious tactical rig. Use five-round magazines and such a rig in .308 Winchester/7.62x51mm NATO and it would be good for everything from deer to hog hunting.

How good is that? It gets my salute.

Steve Comus is a nationally recognized hunting editor with Safari Club International and a former WON Guns and Hunting Editor. His column appears every other week in WON and he can be reached at


ingenious little

INGENIOUS LITTLE SPRING-LOADED metal flap is the secret to getting the bolt-action rifle handle the AR magazines.

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