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NanoFil fishing line to hit shelves this month

Best new product for 2011? Berkley’s NanoFil fishing line truly amazing

Game-changer for spinning gear

Ready for a revolution? Set to hit the stores this month are the 1- to 12-pound test inaugural versions of Berkley’s NanoFil. Oh, good lord, another new product?

Yeah, but this newbie is a game-changer. NanoFil is a fused single-strand version of the Dyneema gel-spun polyethylene material that has been used in braided Fireline for years. But Berkley has taken straight strands of Dyneema and fused them and extruded it into an opaque single strand of fishing line. No one else has the material, or the process. You will not see a knockoff of this product anytime soon, if ever.

When the ICAST show in Vegas rolls around in mid-July, I’ll bet that NanoFil is the headliner. It’s very cool to have a chance to see this stuff first-hand, to not just get in my hands on it, but to learn about the formation of the product, fish with it, and compare it to super braids and mono. And to tell you fine folks.

Here’s the dope on it. It’s super strong, super thin, has NO memory, no stretch, is abrasion-resistant and ultra-sensitive, like a super braid. I caught 20 topwater water bass at Spirit Lake, Iowa in three hours using 10-pound. So did my boatmates Mike Phillips of Pure Fishing and lake guide Shannon Green.  We were pitching to shallow water in and around heavy brush. Four hours, same lures,  same 10-pound line, same rod and reels. No breaks, no coiling, no retying. It’s the honey badger of fishing line. It just don't care! (to understand the honey badger reference, click on 

Okay, still wondering? Perhaps the best thing about this line is that NanoFil casts 20 percent farther. Trolled or cast lures because of the reduced resistance through the water column and an inability to absorb any water, dive 20 percent deeper. I saw it all at the testing facility at Berkley in comparisons with mono, and I also saw it in my own use. The dreaded spinning reel/spool coiling of mono? Nada.

Bass fishermen are going to go nuts over this product. You feel every tick, it doesn’t kink and when you get a tangle, it comes out easily (unlike the dreaded braids) with no kinks. Worried about the opaque look of it? I was. So I used it on Saturday at a local lake. Using 2-pound test, I had a 10-minute limit of 5 fish on Power Bait. I was hooking and handing off the rod to kids around me. The adults around me were asking what kind of line was on the reel.

My wife was looking on, eager to get on with our hike, but she knows how I get when I see a new product that really makes a difference in fishing. I’m headed to the Sierras on vacation in July with Lynda. Guess what I’m spooling with for trolling and baitfishing?

This is a different animal with a molecular structure that is unique.  How thin is it? The 1-pound line is thinner than the average human hair and will hold a  2- to 3-pound pound lead weight. Likely more.  I am not kidding you.

You can see and feel the product on the shelves because each unique retail package has a sample strand sticking out. For example, the 10-pound line has the diameter of 4-pound mono.

Nothing else will impact our sport more.There was linen line, Dacron, mono, superbraids, hollow braid, and now we have going on sale this month a “uni-filament.” Dyneema, with 22,000 employees, is based in the Netherlands, and developed the material 30 years ago. It is now working with companies like Berkley around the world to develop new uses. Such as: Tanker rope stronger than steel and 20 times lighter, sails, gloves, even fashionable jeans for bikers that would replace protective leather. Military armor for vests and helmets. It’s now being used in Burton snowboards. Super light, super strong.

The first questions I get from friends about NanoFile are: Is it clear? How do I tie it? I can use it with flurocarbon, right?

Well, it is not clear, as I said. Next year Berkley may increase the line tests beyond 1-2-4-6-10- and 12-pound, and color the line. But they are taking the right path with this new product. Make it right out of the gate so there’s no apologies, package it right, and add color and greater strengths later. A mistake at intro would crush consumer confidence.

Knot tying: In tests, a simple double Palomar at the hook suffices, and to tie to a leader, a double Albright knot works, Berkley’s guys have found. I've found the Hayward Twist works best on attaching fluro leader. The double Albright is too persnickety.  The Hayward: Put the two lines parallel, loop them in a simple overhand (bring your leader through as a line or in the line spool itself. Eight times through. Keep it clean on the tightening when it figure-eights. Clip ends. (Great dropper loop knot, too). You may have better connection knots. A simple clinch won’t work. too slippery. 

Always use it with fluro? Not a bad idea in finesse fishing, for trout fishing with PB, I found it did not matter on 2-pound test. As for cutting it with your teeth, forget it. You have to used braid cutters, or Berkley’s heat cutters, which are very cool, safe and work on any kind of line. (See them in the above photo). I might also add that there's another great property to the line... the line bends and holds, so doubling the line through a small eye of a hook is super easy, unlike with stiff mono.  

Cost is the same as most super braids. A 150-yard spool is about 20 bucks. But the line is like Fishworks clothing. It lasts forever. Try this stuff. This month it hits the shelves.

Mike Phillips of Pure Fishing  caught 25 of these fattie bass at Spirit Lake using 10-pound NanoFil. Tough stuff, super thin.

Check out the link below…and other related videos will be available too.

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pretty sure that's not a smallie in the last photo...?
hello i tried to get the nanofil line from berkley but because i lve in scotland united kingdom the system will not accept my payment so any ideas how i can get over this problem kind regards jim
jim mcgeachy
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