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WON Ensenada Tournament Looks Like Fun

WON Ensenada Hotel Corral Tournament
2011 WON Coral Saltwater Championship JULY 22-23!

Signups forms, rules, schedule, contacts below!

Hotel Coral: Book your rooms for July 22-23 event; only 17 rooms remain that have been blocked for the event

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UPDATE: Private boaters reported that trips leaving from Ensenada are locating bluefin just offshore and unlike previous trips, the fish are starting to hit baits and lures, with fish up to 65 pounds caught. And, albacore were caught by sportboats off San Martin Island late last week, and the fish are clearly moving up. Here is a recent report from and more will be added as we get them...

"We felt it was almost time for the Tuna /Albacore to show up for the season an after seeing Louie’s report I needed to go talk to him about the jumping Blue fin he saw just a couple of days ago at the 450 marker. There was no live bait for sale and with some luck Lucas’s brother Charro kicked us down a hand full the sardines he had stashed in his container at the dock. Charro also gave Lucas some tips on using light gear and irons. We left the docks at 3am and headed for the 450 marker.

When we got there at grey light the temp was 60 degrees and no life in site. Plan “B” was try the 238 marker and again no life. I didn’t want to go home empty handed so the last result was to head in to Banda bank and load up on bottom fish. About 8-10 miles outside Banda bank, Jorge spotted jumping Blue fin Tuna. Lucas grabbed a rod and went to the nose of the boat and casted out. We were a good hundred yards from the boil and although Lucas is good, his second got maybe half way to the boil when he yelled “HOOKUP!”

The boil was moving up and down fast and with the one hookup we could not move to chase them. This blue fin was a fighter and seemed good size although we could not see it. Lucas had a 30lb. casting setup with an iron and it took him and Jorge around the boat 14 times in 2 hours and 45 minutes. The fish ended up weighing 62 lbs. Props to Lucas & Jorge of the Selena Charter."


If you plan on fishing the event and stay at the hotel book your hotel rooms now, as only 17 remain as of June 30, and make sure you ask for the Western Outdoor News rooms. They are the only rooms remaining.
TOURNAMENT PREVIEW: The WON/Yamaha Hotel Coral and Marina Saltwater Championship is back after a three-year absence and is slated for July 22-23. Cost is $100 for each angler on a boat, with no limit to the number of anglers, the same format for the Catalina event. Teams must be made up of at least 2 anglers.
Fishing hours will be from the end of the captains meeting on Friday at about 7 p.m. to the weigh-in on Saturday from 3 to 6 p.m. The awards buffet is scheduled at 7 p.m. Everyone on the boat, including any guest, captain or crew must be officially signed up and paid into the tournament.

Paydowns in each division will be based in participation. For 150 anglers, the payouts will be $1,000, $500 and $300 for top three teams in each division, based on 150 anglers, amounts will rise based in participation. (Example: 300 anglers, first place gets $2,000, second $1,000, third $600.) Optional jackpots in each division will be $100, $200 and $300, 80 percent payback. Teams can compete in as many divisions as they want.

“More fishing, more paydowns, more prizes, better weather, and a beautiful venue in the heart of fishing season off northern Baja,” said Pat McDonell, WON Editor and again the director of the event that drew 65 teams the last time it was held. He also directs to the Cabo Tuna Jackpot in November and the upcoming Catalina Island white seabass championship. “It’s time to get back to Baja and this beautiful hotel and marina.” Details on all WON events are at

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