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Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Watered down

Anti-hunting move
In bed with the enemy


The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the arch-enemy of hunters, livestock owners and even pet owners, has given another $5,000 to the California Department of Fish and Game, and is launching a statewide campaign against poachers.


Why is it that an anti-hunting group would give a donation to the DFG game wardens to care for their dogs? That's simple: they believe it will help them towards their goal of stopping as much hunting as they can. Yes, it looks warm and fuzzy, like they really do care about the dogs, but the fact is they are only doing because it does look that way, and they hope to gain more support for their anti-hunting agenda


HSUS apparently feels they've gained enough public notice from the donation that they have formed a statewide Anti-Poaching Action Network. This latest effort is intended to "improve the troubling discrepancy between the rise in poaching crime over the last 10 years and the lack of meaningful punishment for many poachers."


We ran an editorial in WON about that exact problem and how there is now legislation afoot to remedy the problem. So why do we need the intrusion of an out-of-state anti-hunting group? We don't, but HSUS feels California is ripe for adding even more anti-hunters to their lists.


Who will this appeal to? Those who love animals, of course, many of them normal citizens who in the past have not participated in hunting, but accept it as a heritage, population control tool, wildlife management issue and at the end, as a source of food for hunters and their families. I think HSUS is trying to recruit those California citizens; the ones who have, in the past supported hunting, into anti-hunters. 


The difference between "hunting" and "poaching" is vast, but HSUS and other animal-rights groups, as well as the media, have used the word inter-changeably so many times I can't count them. With a little twist now and then, HSUS can turn people against hunters, and I know that's their plan. After all, that's why they are in business!


And a business it is: HSUS doesn't do anything that won't bring them more publicity, more supporters and more cash for their salaried employees. Nobody should believe for one minute that HSUS cares one whit about the animals they profess to care about — they care about growth and their bottom line. Of course, they are against hunting and the use of animals for any purpose, even consumption. Bottom line is their salaries and growth of the organization.


Here's what HSUS says about their new program: "The HSUS will work with…..volunteers to help implement citizen-driven efforts to support law enforcement and encourage prosecutors and judges to bring poachers to justice. The action network launches with 25 counties and will grow to cover the entire state within a year."


What will that mean in the end? My guess is, they will have hundreds, if not thousands, of anti-hunters and/or well-meaning citizens watching out for anyone who is out hunting, legitimately or not, in an effort to "catch a poacher." This will, of course, be hunter harassment, but they will say they are part of this "network" looking for poachers. It could turn into a real problem statewide for legitimate hunters.


See where this could lead? HSUS certainly does, and we should take care not to fall into the same trap that the California Department of Fish and Game law enforcement branch has fallen into: sleeping with the enemy.


Reader Comments
Here we go again! You can bet the farm I'll be at the next Fish and Game Commission meeting. Just remember the HSUS hates you, what you stand for, what you do and how you do it. They are part of what is wrong with America.
Pete Meyer
I really think that "donations" to public agencies from public interest groups should be outlawed. Shame on the DFG for accepting the money for whatever purpose. Do you think if the sportsman or any pro hunting clubs donated a large sum of money that it wouldn't be scrutinized and all the anti hunting groups wouldn't scream to high hell? This is the same crap we have had to deal with in the MLPA issue in California. I also wondered how many of the recent "Self funded" Game Wardens to go through school actually paid for their education independently? I agree with Pete, groups such as HSUS are what is wrong with America. Paul Nielsen
Paul Nielsen
Touchdown! That's a really cool way of pitutng it!
It's funny, back when they were harassing hunters by walking with them, they were walking behind me back when i still hunted public land, the idiots ended up scaring out a deer for me and i blew its lungs out with my 12 gauge from about 15 yards away then i turned and said "now that i got my deer, what did you want to talk about?" 2 of them hurled and they all went home without saying a word, one of my favorite hunting stories to tell to my buddies
I actually never shot a freairm in my life until I met my husband Ralph. I saw how much passion he had for hunting and it intrigued me. I grew up loving to be outdoors, whether it was hiking or camping or fishing, but never hunting. The more I saw him hunt, the more interesting it became. I started out just going along . Pretty soon he asked me if I wanted to try it out. Of course I did! I was already very competitive and this would be no different. I very quickly became a passion for me as well. What is so awesome about it is we spend time together as a whole family out there and nothing could be more beautiful. I have since harvested several mule deer, javelina and 2 elk. I started out with a rifle and now I am most passionate about archery. The biggest challeng for me has been finding equipment and gear to fit. I have yet to give up! Little by little I am finding the right gear.
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