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Friday, October 14, 2011
WON BASS 2011 ProAm at Lake Mead

Clear Lake Big Bass Bite!
Ron Tobey Come-From-Behind Win at Clear Lake ProAm.

Just when it looked like Mike Folkestad was going to chalk up another win to his legendary career, Ron Tobey of Concord weighed in the last flight at brought in a huge bag of 29.11 and won the tournament with a total weight of 51.65.

It’s a family affair for Ron Tobey as his family poses with him with the big bass of tournament and his 2011 Clear Lake Championship.


Tobey also weighed in an impressive first day bag of 22.54 and was sitting in 12 place going into the final day-two. Tobey fished swim baits, Senkos, drop-shot, and jigs in the middle part of the lake. He changed up baits according to the shoreline and off shore structure.

Ron Tobey and Tyler Cajiges show off their 29.11 pound big bag for day-two.


This is Tobey’s only second Pro/Am victory and both in 2011. Tournament director Billy Egan personally called on the phone Tobey and convinced him to fish the tournament.


Tobey also captured big fish of the tournament honors on his second cast today that tipped the scales at 9.95. For his victory he received a total prize package over $9,000


Mike Folkestad dropped to 2nd place with a total weight of 50.12. Folkestad the first day leader weighed in 30.60 and a solid bag on day-two of 19.52. Folkestad fished Swim baits, M&M 3 Robo Worms, Senkos, and spinner baits. He fished both ends of the lake and moved around a lot. “I couldn’t get the big 4-5 pounders today,” said Folkestad. “I wasn’t stuck on any one place and mixed up the baits according to the shore line.”

Mike Folkestad displays what it takes to be successful on Clear Lake on day-two.


Rounding out the top 10; third place finisher was Justin Regelin of Anderson with a total weight of 50.08, Finishing in 4th place was Paul Bailey of Kelseyville who never moved from the 4th spot both days of the tournament. Bailey weighed in 24.13 on day-one and 23.84 on day-two and with a dead fish penalty his total weight was 47.97, Local angler’s Mark Crutcher of Lake Port and Jackson Juarez of Upper Lake finished tied for 5th place with a total weight of 46.43. The top ten Pros finished in this order; 7th place Ken Sauret of Paso Robles with 46.33, 8thth place was JR Taylor with 46.10, and tenth place finisher was Tony Peterson of Livermore with 45.56. place was John Pearl of Upper Lake with 46.29, 9


On the AAA side the 2011Clear Lake Champion Allen Todd of Gardnerville had a total weight of 49.26. Todd fished with pros Justin Regelin of Anderson on day-one with a total weight of 27.56 and Kevin Johnson of Valencia on day-two and their total weight was 21.70.


The rest of the top 10 AAA anglers finished in this order; Stacey Cress of Bakersfield with 44.92, 3rd place Nick Barse of Waterford with 46.90, 4th Allen Ruddick with 46.71, 5th place went to Mathew Rivera a Marine soldier home on leave from his 4th tour in Iraq with 45.64, 6th place Tami Curtis of Sacramento with 45.63, 7th Chris Gilkison of Bakersfield with 44.86, 8th place Delbert Bishop of Templeton with43.94, 9th place Mathew Diaz of Castroville with 43.37, and in 10th was John Bitting of Westminister with 43.04.


This tournament was wide open and on the first day of the tournament it took 20 pounds or better to make the top 20. On the second day of the tournament there were only 2 anglers in the top 20 that didn’t bring a 20 pound sack to the scale. Clear Lake is one tournament a bass angler does not want to miss.

Marine Matthew home on leave after 4 tours in Iraq is introduced on stage and later receives a standing ovation.


At the awards ceremony Matthew Rivera received a standing ovation, but not for his AAA 5th place finish, but for his being an active Marine home on leave after 4 tours in Iraq.


Look for the full story in the next one bass edition or check out the WON BASS web site at for the complete standings.

Ron Tobey of Concord California came roaring from 12th place on day one to win the WON BASS ProAm at Clear Lake today. His almost 30-lbs of bass catapulated him over many other anglers who also had good days, but not good enough. Mike Folkestad who had 30.60 lbs on day one came back with almost 20 pounds today and came in second place, barely nipping Justin Regelin who came in 3rd . All of the results are up on the WON BASS website for Pro's and AAA's, and you can view them by clicking HERE.

The full story will be up here tomorrow.

FINAL DAY at Clear Lake UPDATE 11:00AM

The weather this morning is a little warmer than yesterday and the temperature is supposed to be 4-5 degrees warmer this afternoon.

MERCURY TECH.—Mark Niccolette works on the Bill O’Shinn boat and has him back on the water in 30 minutes.


The morning started off with the WON BASS launch boat playing some rock and roll music as they headed to the front of all the boats waiting to launch. The WON BASS crew was dancing on the deck and it got a lot of the other anglers to do the same thing as they worked their way through the boats. It was a real up-beat experience and had everyone laughing and having a good time.


Not long after the launch, Bill O’Shinn called Tournament Director Billy Egan with boat problems. The WON BASS staff member Terry Greenwaldt found and towed in O’Shinn and Mark Niccolette the Mercury Tech. had his boat back on the water within 30 minutes. O’Shinn had spun a prop and Niccolette had the part, replaced the prop clutch, and sent him back on the water.


There is a little less cloud cover this morning and that could affect the top water bite today. Some of the anglers with the 20 pound bags were are catching their fish on frogs and spooks yesterday.


Leader Mike Folkestad said, “I have led tournaments in the past and have dropped in the standings on day-two more than I have won the events. I’m on good fish and I have a shot to win as long as fish are in the same areas and on the same bite.”


There are a lot of good anglers in the top 20, so if someone stumbles today, those anglers at the top have a chance to win the event.

Sunday Morning UPDATE 9-17-2011

Bill Mays sent in some more pictures from day 1 at the WON BASS Clear Lake ProAm

The venue at Clear Lake is pretty great at the Knocti Vista marina casino and hotel. For this years event we were blessed with both incredible weather and fishing.

Folkestad and Gilkison watch intently as the scales settle in. This was the first time Mike had ever had a bag exceeding 30-lbs. at Clear Lake, and he knows it will take another big bag Sunday to maintain his lead.

Paul Bailey and 1st day partner Tim Mello show off some really good looking bass, totaling 24.14-lbs. that put them in 4th place after day 1 at Clear Lake.

Day 1 WON BASS Clear Lake Results -

AAA Angler Kyle Gregg caught the biggest bass of the day. This  9.22-lb toad helped to boost himself and day 1 partner Darrin Bishop into 3rd place with a 25.88-lb bag.

Mike Folkestad set his own PR at Clear Lake with 30.6- lbs. He fished with AAA Chris Gilkison and both contributed big bass to the bag on day 1.

Local pro Mark Crutcher fished with Marine Mathew Rivera who is home on leave after serving 4 tours in Iraq. Crutched gave the young Marine a good time on the water today and finished in 8th place with 23.26 pounds.

It’s another big bass Clear Lake Pro/Am tournament for WON BASS anglers and if you didn’t catch a 20 pound sack today you didn’t make the top 22 anglers after day-one.
If you didn’t catch over 30 pounds you didn’t beat the legendary Mike Folkestad. Folkestad continues to prove he is still one of the best, if not the best, West Coast angler today and you better bring you’re A-game if plan on beating him. The veteran angler weighed in an impressive 30.60 pounds of bass today.
“This is the largest bag I have ever weighed in on this lake,” said Folkestad. “I had never broke 29 pounds until this tournament and I really got in to some big fish today.” Folkestad is proof it takes hard work to be successful in bass fishing tournaments. He has been up practicing for over a week getting ready for this event. He is also leading in the WON BASS AOY race, so this will ad some distance between him and 2nd place John Morrow who finished in 29th place today.
The top 5 anglers finished like this; 2nd place Justin Regelin with 27.56, 3rd place Darrin Bishop with 25.08 and Bishop’s AAA caught the big bass of day with a 9.22, 4th place Paul Bailey with 24.13, and 5th place Jackson Juarez with 24.10.
Young Clayton Belden is starting to learn these Nor Cal lakes and he finished in 20th with a total weight of 20.29.

“I really enjoyed fishing with Mark today,” said the young Marine. “He is a really good fisherman, nice guy, and I had a great time on the water today.”
AAA angler Kyle Gregg caught the big bass on a spinning rig and did not elaborate on the bait.
It’s going to be interesting to see if these 20 pound bags keep coming to the scales tomorrow. With the FLW anglers pre-fishing and putting additional pressure on the fish, can the lake continue to kick out the big bags tomorrow?

Day One UPDATE September 17, 2011 - by bill mays

The weather is perfect and so is the fishing on Clear Lake this morning. After the boats launched this morning, my wife JJ, Terry Greenwaldt, and I went out on the lake to film some anglers on the water. Our ride was smooth as we traveled to the other side of the lake to film and found most anglers already had fish in the live wells.


We were fortunate to find one of the lake favorites Paul Bailey fishing a long stretch of bank and he already had 3 fish in the live well over 4 pounds and it was only 7:45 am. All the anglers we talked to had fish and were expecting to have a great day on the water.


John Morrow of Yorba Linda was excited with his AAA angler on day-one who just happens to be a local angler. “I’m pretty excited about fishing with my partner today,” said Morrow. “I’m not that good on Clear Lake and I think this will really help me in the standings. I’m sitting in second place for Angler of the Year and I’m 28 points behind Mike Folkestad. I know Mike has been working hard and spent quite a few days pre-fishing for this event.”


The weather today is not supposed to be over 85 degrees today and about the same for tomorrow. “With the cooling weather trend the green algae bloom is starting to go away,” said Mark Crutcher. “If it continues to stay cool the next couple of days the deep cranking technique will really produce some quality fish. Also with the cooler weather, the bass will start eating the silver sides and improve the fishing.”


Check out the blog later this evening for standing and photos.

The morning of day one is always a special moment at a bass tournament as everyone is in first place.

A confident Paul Bailey takes time to show off one of his early morning, day one Clear Lake bass.

Day one starts off under near perfect conditions and the bass bite seems to be excellent too. It should be a very competitive and fun event to fish for almost everyone here.

Evening UPDATE September 16, 2011
We ended up with 57 boats, and the fishing looks like it's going to be great.

In a quick interview with local pro angler Mark Crutcher he said, “It will take at least 52-55 pounds to win this event.”  “If I had 52 pounds on the final day, I would still be nervous about winning.”

So hold onto your hat and check back here and the website throughout the weekend for more reports and results.

Clear Lake Boat docks

One of the advantages at the Konocti Casino is you can skip launching each day and keep your bass boat on slip.

After talking with various pro anglers they all said, “You can catch 3-pounders all day long, but the fish over 5 pounds are harder to come by and that’s what you need to win this event.”


WON BASS anglers are fortunate to be on the front end of a grueling pro 2-day Clear Lake tournament schedule. There will be a 2-day pro event every weekend until the middle of November.

Afternoon UPDATE September 16, 2011
There are a few more anglers starting to come out of the woodwork as we get close to our late registration deadline. It's hard to tell where we will finish up as many locals are telling us that there are a lot of guys who plan to fish, but we've heard that before this year so we'll have to wait and see.

 J.R. Taylor a Okuma sponsored angler from the Redding area seems to be in a great mood heading into the tournament.

tami curtis and Mike Folkestad at WON BASS Clea Lake Pro Am
Mike Folkestad and Tami Curtis preping for the last day of practice.

Nitro Z8 at Konocti Marina at Clear Lake
A Nitro Z8 / Mercury Outboard powered boat stands ready for tournament action in Konocti marina this morning. WON BASS is proudly sponsored by these two companies, and they will be awarding new boats and motors to both our Pro and AAA champions at the end of the season. The WON BASS Clear Lake ProAm this weekend will play a large part in determining who will be our winners.

Morning UPDATE September 16, 2011-

Tournament Director Billy Egan forwarded down yet another big fish photo from Clear Lake this morning Won Bass AAA angler Danny Fox fishing with "TOP THIS" Pro angler Kevin Stewart, holds a 9 1/2 lb largie during the continuingly incredible bite at Clear Lake.

Danny Fox 9.5-lb Clear Lake ProAm
WOW!! This 9 1/2 lb bass for AAA angler Danny Fox while prefishing with Pro Kevin Stewart at Clear Lake.

The Early Bird sign up at Clear Lake Outdoors went off without a hitch last night, although many anglers in attendance went home with some great "Hitch" pattern raffle items donated by the tackle shop.  Won Bass  would like to thank both Dave and Troy, owners of COT for their support and BBQ.  Over 40+ anglers took advantage of early registration, which allows the anglers to spend some valuable time practicing on Friday. 

Safe light currently is around 6:30 A.M. and anglers wasted no time in getting out early from Konocti Vista Casino marina this morning for the last official practice day.  Registration continues today from 2:00 - 5:00 P.M. at the Casino Bingo room, with partner pairing and mandatory meeting starting at 6:00.

Current weather conditions are great, with slightly dropping temperatures, clear skies and calm wind to 5 mph.  Many anglers reported good to exceptional limits during yesterdays pre fishing.  Arizona angler, Andy Manahal reportedly stuck a 8+ lb fish during his outing yesterday.

Update September 15, 2011 10AM -

After arriving on the scene at Clear Lake yesterday afternoon WON BASS TD Billy Egan got settled in and was invited to go fishing in the local evening 5pm-10pm Turkey Shoot tournament with the popular Clear Lake TD,  Terry Greenwaldt.

Billy and Terry didn't even get started until about 6pm due to the upcoming WON BASS event details. But fishing is just "stupid good" according to Billy and they managed to catch about 15 good sized bass over 4-lbs and come in 1st place in this big fish event with this 7.80-lb beast.

So fishing is still as reported, and time on the lake is not a huge advantage as the big fish are on the chew!  There is still time in you want to fish, so call Ashley or Billy and get yourself signed up and be a part of it!

You can reach the WON BASS office by calling 949-366-0030 EXT 38.
Or for more information about WON BASS ProAms tournaemnts or team tournaemnts in your area go to

Billy Egan with his winning 7.8-lb. bass caught just last night.

Tournament director Billy Egan is all packed up and is again on the road heading to Clear Lake.His trip up there just a week ago featured incredible bass fishing, which only seems to have improved as we get closer to our WON BASS PRO AM bass tournament this coming weekend.

WON BASS Tournament Director Billy Egan very recently got this 8+-lb'er on a frog at Clear Lake.

The Won Bass team will be at Clear Lake Outdoors in Lakeport starting Thursday at 4:00 P.M. until 8:00 P.M. for our “Early Bird” registration.Thanks to the guys at Clear Lake Outdoors, there will be a BBQ and raffle for those that choose to get registered early, which will give them more time to pre-fish on Friday.

The Konocti Vista marina is the perfect place to conduct a bass tournament at Clear Lake.

Fridays registration will be held at Konocti Vista Casino from 2:00 P.M. until 5:00 P.M. Anglers must be at Fridays registration prior to the 5:00 P.M. or they will not be entered into the tournament.Our Partner pairings will be held at 6:00 P.M. also at Konocti Vista Casino.Official practice is Thursday and Friday prior to the tournament, and all anglers pre-fishing must only fish with other anglers registered or entered in the tournament.

If your still on the fence and are interested in getting signed up for this WIDE OPEN bite, call our offices at 949-366-0030 x38 and ask for Ashley, or call Billy Egan at 949-290-0582.


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Okay, I'm feeling it now. I picture my Nitro sitting right in that first dock space in the morning waiting to go fish the ProAm. At night a couple brews and maybe win some more money at the casino.

Wake me up when this dream ends.

Seriously, that photo of the docks looks so inviting and good luck to all the guys fishing the tournament.
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