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Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Cedros Island: Good as billed

Wahoo Rhapsody, Morey's book a good read
 Wahoo Rhapsody: Shaun Morey’s

new book a tasty read for anyone

Available at

Los Angeles writer Shaun Morey wrote a great book several years ago called "Incredible Fish Stories." It was a fun diversion for us fishermen.

Now he’s back with "Wahoo Rhapsody," a rollicking, well-written tale of Baja's finest in oddball characters. They include a drug running crewman who runs afoul of friends and a Mexican drug lord, an ex-patriot lawyer Atticus Fish who changed his name and hid out in Mag Bay after suing god (religion anyway) -- and won. The entire cast of tainted by drugs and greed get caught up in a madcap chase from Cabo San Lucas to Catalina Island.

Morey spins an irreverent but spicy tale. The Wahoo Rhapsody is a long range sportfishing boat with an unwitting but honest captain. His top crewman with chum for brains is Weevil who stuffs bags of marijuana in frozen tuna in the hold of the ship in Cabo for unloading in San Diego, and then gets into a bigger load of trouble when he tries to skim off a bale or two from a load he picked up floating in waters off Cabo. The drug lord La Cucaracha gets wind of the skimming, and rest is a dangerous effort by the captain, with the help of his good friend Atticus who is minding his business just up the road in Mag Bay, to get the situation resolved before someone gets jailed or killed. Fun, fun stuff. As friend and radio host Pete Gray told me, it’s a good read, and he was right.

As for Morey, a three-time winner of the Los Angeles Times novel-writing contest, a “Baja Mystery Series” had been brewing in his mind for several years before he started typing. He can spin a great tale. Obviously his cast of characters and their names, and the plot itself, were hatched from his experiences as a Baja fishermen. 

“Baja is like Florida without laws,” said Morey. “A land of expatriates, rapscallions, outlaws, whackos, drunks and drunk whackos.” And that's just the tourists!  He added, “All the characters are based on real people. The bars in Baja are filled with lovable and not-so-lovable oddballs.” The names, like Skegs, Weevil and La Cucaracha, Rent and Socorro are apparently gleaned from somewhere in Morey's past.

Many of the characters and events in the book  are based on real experiences. Truth really is stranger than fiction, especially in Baja,  as the late Baja writer and "Baha Ha Ha" author Fred Hoctor found -- just like Morey, gathering fodder in the bars and backroads of the peninsula.   

Morey takes nasty swipes at a number of places and professions, none more than Cabo and lawyers. For a lover of Baja’s natural beauty, Cabo has an easy bullseye on it. As for lawyers, years ago his uncle sued the Catholic church for abuse and retired rich. Just like Atticus Fish who had to stash his winnings and hide out, wanting just to be left alone on his little sand island in Mag Bay, serving drinks at a small tourist bar and protecting the remote bay’s fragile ecosystem.

For a lawyer, he’s a good sort, one who has to step in and help his buddy, the owner and captain of the Rhapsody. The book starts with floating bales of pot waiting to be picked up. Morey said that as a fisherman, he also found a bale of pot floating in the Pacific. It got him thinking, and that’s how the fermenting of a good story begins. Enjoy.


"Wahoo Rhapsody" was published by AmazonEncore; $13.95 in paperback, and normally  $7.99 on  ....but a mere $1.99 through September. That's a no-brainer!  Last add: If you don't have a Kindle, which I now use for almost all my purchases and reading, you are missing the proverbial boat. 

You can


Well, I’m off to Cedros Island on a WON charter this week. These 5-day trips with two outfits flying anglers from Ensenada, have really been popular. Our group of 12 on the charter will be after some big, big yellows on iron, and as anyone who has fished that island with either outfit, the calico fishing gives you a shot at the Holy Grail, a 10 pounder. Their season is almost over, but next year's dates are worth looking at. 

Cabo’s Tuna Jackpot is coming up Nov. 2-5. Fish Hard and Party Harder is the motto. If there is one Baja tourney to go to (at least until Ensenada rolls around) this is it. Lot of swag, great fishing and partying. Run with the big boys cuz the tuna fishing has been epic….

The new dates for the Ensenada Saltwater Tournament are set, a week later than last year and a full month later in the season than it was held for a decade before it went on a three-year hiatus. The new dates are Friday and Saturday, July 27-28, the same three divisions for calico, tails and tuna again, but jackpots will  NOT be decided on a single biggest fish after some comments from anglers. Jackpots will be like the divisions,  with up the three 3 fish weighed for a total weight. Stay tuned for more on the event that got some pretty great reviews by the 161 anglers. 



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