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Sunday, October 02, 2011
Lobster season opens

Central Coast albacore go off!
Fall albacore are on the chew! 

This looks to be the fall that the Central Coast is going to have it's moments to shine. 

The albacore fishing was flat out wide-open 35 miles from Morro Bay for skiffs and the one sportboat to fish them on Tuesday before this weather rolled through. From 10 to over 30 albacore per skiff were standard scores early in the week before the weather put the bite on hold. The big hit was on a crew trip with just 4 anglers on the Fiesta on Tuesday. Skipper John Rowley and company tuned in 40 albacore for just 4 anglers. And they had no live bait! Everything has been on the troll for Morro Bay-based boats. 

And there's also been some surprises. 

Mark Stutford and his buddies Bob an Cory Hamlin not only had 17 albacore on Monday at 35 miles from Morro Bay, but they also scored a big dorado on the troll. 

The Pacific Queen is set to start running out of Patriot Sportfishing on Friday night, and there's bait in the receiver in Port San Luis, making it the only live bait available from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz. 

When this weather lays down, look for big things to come out of the Central Coast. 

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