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Thursday, September 22, 2011
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Friday, October 21, 2011
Browning update

Weaver® Buck Commander™ Optics
Is this the year to replace a scope or binocular, but the personal budget doesn’t allow a major expenditure at this time?


Competition in the optics arena is fierce, which means the consumer wins. Companies offer as much performance and as many features as possible at every price point.


Modern manufacturing processes and high tech materials make it possible for companies to deliver a whole lot more for not a lot of money.


Weaver® has added new optics to its Buck Commander™ series.


The new Buck Commander series binoculars are waterproof, shockproof, fogproof and feature fully multi-coated, scratch-resistant lenses.


Buck Commander shotgun scopes offer either Dual-X or Command-X reticles. Scopes feature one-inch, one-piece tube construction for with four-times magnification range and fully multi-coated lenses.


“Our new Buck Commander series additions are sure to make an impact with hunters this season,” said Product Marketing Manager Tom Knudtson. “Willie and the Buck Commanders know how to hunt hard—and we’ve got a full line of optics they can trust in the field. These scopes and binoculars won’t break the bank—but will give you the performance you demand.”


Included in this new optics line are:

94587 Buck Commander 8x42 Binocular
94588 Buck Commander 10x42 Binocular
94585 Buck Commander 8x25 Compact Binocular
94586 Buck Commander 10x25 Compact Binocular
94578 Buck Commander 2-8x36 Dual-X Scope
94579 Buck Commander 2-8x36 Command-X Shotgun Scope


When it comes to binoculars, I tend to prefer 8x to 10x these days, with full size getting the nod over compacts.


For years, I used 10x binos as my mainline glass. But over time I discovered that I actually found more animals in the wild with 7x and 8x units than I did with the 10x models. Why? Hand-held stability. I couldn’t hold the higher magnification binos steady enough to capitalize on their added power. Yet the 10x is nicer when in making final decisions in the field – especially if the binos can be rested solidly on something.


Compact binos are handy, but not quite as quick when it comes to getting onto and really seeing the quality of a particular animal. If the hunt/style call for compacts, then get them. It is a personal thing and a performance factor. What is best for the individual person is in order. Keep these things in mind when checking out any optics before making a purchase.


The 2-8x36mm variable range and physical size of the scopes in this line is superb.


These may be labeled as shotgun scopes, but shotgun scopes can work great on rifles. I have had a turkey hunting shogun scope on my .458 Winchester rifle for years, and it has worked great.


As is the case with all hunting gear, it is important that it actually fits and needs and hunting style of the individual who will be using it. That’s why there are so many different models from so many companies on the market. Make sure it is right for you, and satisfaction follows.


Steve Comus is a nationally recognized hunting editor with Safari Club International and a former WON Guns and Hunting Editor. His column appears every other week in WON and he can be reached at


weaver has added

WEAVER HAS added new optics to its Buck Commander series.


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