Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament

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CABO SAN LUCAS — The Bisbee’s marlin event is over, there is a week of non-tourney action this week in Cabo, but next week the $600,000 WON/Yamaha Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot take center stage at Land’s End Nov. 2-5 as the big-tuna bite reaches a crescendo.

“Our signups are five teams over last year at this time last year and we are up $40,000 in optional money and the tuna bite is still going off,” said Pat McDonell, director of the event and editor of WON. “W have received a stack of entries over the weekend and that should put us over the 100-team mark by Oct. 29, and more teams are signing up and calling, and jackpot monies are being added. We could, at this rate, set a record for jackpot money, and beat our team roster mark last year of 118 teams.

“I could not ask for a better scenario going into a tourney. We have been up in teams and money over the past two years, and we’ll see where we are when final rosters are printed out. The fingers are crossed for great weather and continued good fishing. It appears the big tuna are spread throughout the outer banks on both the Sea of Cortez and Pacific sides,” concluded McDonell.


In action today....Neil Berkley, above, from San Diego caught  a 220-pound yellowfin tuna Tuesday, Oct. 25 off the Outer Gordo Bank with  Gordo Banks Pangas. “It’s a finicky bite, but there are some big fish around,” said Eric Brictson of Gordo Banks Pangas. “Should be a competitive WON Jackpot.” 


Teams will arrive this week and next to pre-fish and relax if they are not already down there after the Bisbee’s that concluded Oct. 22, then check in marina-side on Wednesday with sponsor-driven festivities all day, followed by the Yo-Zuri captains meeting and party at the 900-seat outdoor theatre at the $40 million Cabo Cultural center.

That will be followed by two days of fishing as teams battle for $500,000 in cash, a Friday night Fiesta and finishes up with a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse-catered Yamaha awards dinner Saturday.

There are three  onsite places for results as they develop. One will be at under the Cabo Tuna Jackpot blog. WON staff, anglers and the public can post comments on Facebook, at (see logo at right). There will also be regular posts by WON’s Robin Wade from Wednesday through Friday on WON’s Baja Web site, and anglers can also post comments on that website, too.



WON READER DR. MARK PEREZ (straw hat)  caught this 210-pound yellowfin  last week, not at the Gordo like many others, but at the Jaime Bank, as big tuna are many of the Cabo area banks as the Tuna Jackpot approaches.  It slammed a Black Bart lure in green/pink on a  big game 50 reel spooled with 80-pound test in a two-hour fight aboard the Manana   with Captain Tito. Dr. Perez is pictured with Jerry Halowell. 

2011 Yamaha/WON Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Schedule*

Wednesday, Nov. 2: Check-in 2 -6 p.m. at malecon in front of Wyndham/Tesoro Hotel between Solomon’s Landing and Tony’s at entrance to cultural center. Avet/Calstar/Yo-Zuri Casting contest 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Yo-Zuri Captain's Meeting will be held at 900-seat outside cultural center amphitheatre. 6:30-7:45 p.m. Live band, nearby bars, video, rules, drawings.

Thursday, Nov. 3: Shotgun start 7 a.m. at the Cabo Arch; Gray's Taxidermy Weigh-in 2 p.m.-6 p.m. on malecon in front of Wyndam Cabo San Lucas Resort (Tesoro); lines out at 4 p.m., weigh-in ends at 6 p.m.

Friday, Nov. 4: Shotgun start at 7 a.m. the Cabo Arch; Weigh-in 2-6 p.m.; lines out at 4 p.m.; Costa/Reactor sit-down Fiesta dinner party from 8:30-9:30 p.m. at Wyndham/Tesoro malecon area used for weigh-in. Food served at 8:30, drawings to follow.

Saturday, Nov. 5: Yamaha Outboards Awards Dinner, Puerto Paraiso marina area; Catered by Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. bar opens at 5:30 p.m.; music starts at 6 p.m., dinner is ready at 6:30; awards begins at 7 p.m.

*Wristbands required at Fiesta and award dinner only: They will be for sale at all venues and events. $50 each. They do not include entry into drawings or include free team gifts.

Registration Report
Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2011

1    El Bandito      La Tuna Fortuna       USA
Team Captain: Dominick Libonati      Team Anglers: Wayne Deutscher, Joseph Licata, Alex Martel


2    Rosa del Mar        R.J.'s Phoenix Otra Vez       USA
Team Captain: Joe Botkin              Team Anglers: Ed Ott, Dick Gervasini, Michael Stevens


3    Doctor Pescado, Panga, 22 Ft.      Team Pescado     USA
Team Captain: Ron Flores             Team Anglers: Alec Flores, Jaime Rendon, Robert Delvo


4    USA
Team Captain: Brad Eckmeder      Team Anglers: David Eckmeder, Sean McKinney, Ken Richardson


5    USA
Team Captain: Job DeHorta            Team Anglers: James Coiner, Otto Paredes, Andres Curtolo


6    Playin Hooky            USA
Team Captain: Carter Christensen    Team Anglers: Playin Hooky, Steve Hartle, Catherine Hartle, Dana Reed


7    El Nuero Red Rum    Hillbilly Yacht Club    USA
Team Captain: Randy Matz            Team Anglers: Fred Stevens, Barbara Morris, Tawnya Stevens


8    USA
Team Captain: Jim Boushka            Team Anglers: Greg Crooker, Mike Wood


9    La Brisa, Bertram, 31 Ft.                 Keepin It Reel      USA
Team Captain: Randal Wren            Team Anglers: Denise Wren


10   Minerva III, 31 Ft.      Hook Line and Drinkers            USA
Team Captain: Kevin Dunn     Team Anglers: Doug Miller, Steve Dodge, Ken Moon


11    USA
Team Captain: Mark Keltner        Team Anglers: Lynne Keltner


12   Valeria, Bertram, 35 Ft.       East vs West     USA
Team Captain: Mark Streahle       Team Anglers: Carrie Streahle, Pete Marquez, Gini Kripner           


13   Yukari, 64 Ft.            Dos Pelones      Canada
Team Captain: Ken Rose            Team Anglers: Ron Deakins, Howard Stuart, Barry Patterson


14   USA
Team Captain: Brett Kirkpatrick           


15   Viviana II      Rigged and ready            USA
Team Captain: Richard Poore        Team Anglers: Patricia Poore,, Roberto Villarino Cota           


16   The Hooker     Hookers            USA
Team Captain: Patrick Walsh         Team Anglers: Antonio Miranda, Larry Obrien,Jesus Pino           


17   USA
Team Captain: Jerry Garcia          Team Anglers: Tony Phillips, Ed Gugel, Marc Dehner


18   Cabo Chica      Team Yukon            Canada
Team Captain: Mark Kelly             Team Anglers: Bill Popyk           


19   Mucho Bueno, Mexican Cruiser, 28 Ft.    Pacing The Cage            USA
Team Captain: Scott McPhearson        Team Anglers: Art Pearce, Roy Gardner, Jim Shaller


20   Red Rum    Three New Ones            USA
Team Captain: John Donovan            Team Anglers: Kent A Sommer, Ryan Donavan


21   Duletto       King's Men     USA
Team Captain: David Anderson         Team Anglers: Adrian Ocampo, Henry King, Mike Patee


22   Game On     Game On     USA
Team Captain: Robert Gebo             Team Anglers: Larry Sherrod           


23   Marshall      Dybo Fishing     Canada
Team Captain: Ken Bond                Team Anglers: Don Rumberger, Cam Christianson, Don Litvak


24   USA
Team Captain: Richard Choate      Team Anglers: Randy Stephenson


25   Lady Marlin     Los Cuatro Borachos      USA
Team Captain: Bill Kenny            Team Anglers: Rick Cortopassi, Brian Wilkins, Rick Ryherd


26   USA
Team Captain: Doris Stephen     Team Anglers: Tim Christensen


27   Maybe manana      Maybe Manana     USA
Team Captain: Brad Stevenson    Team Anglers: William Lewis, Bob Stevenson, Dave Jenner


28    Reel Rum     Red Rum      USA
Team Captain: Kevin Campbell      Team Anglers: Mike Mondot, Greg Davis, Gustavo Turrubiartes


29    Minerva VI, Tiara, 33 Ft.       Love 2 Fish      USA
Team Captain: Robert Deal            Team Anglers: Ramona Deal, Stephen Skola, Paola Lopez


30    Bog O Cabo       USA
Team Captain: Orville Henseler     Team Anglers: Cindy Henseler           


31   Bill Collector, Cabo Express, 32 Ft.            USA
Team Captain: David Bick            Team Anglers: Ed Sexton, Jim Brown, Wayne Smith


32   Scurvey Free Zone         Reellyaddicted       USA
Team Captain: Jerry Pifer            Team Anglers: Brook Douglas, Kent Huey, Richard Santos


33   Tantrum, California, 28 Ft.       Team EB            USA
Team Captain: Vesa Raudaskoski       Team Anglers: Iiro Siivonen, Jari Niemela, Allan Childers


34   Sniper            USA
Team Captain: Mark Hinkle            Team Anglers: Timothy Linskey, Steve Hayashi, Richard Scharder


35   Go Deeper     Team Dayton       USA
Team Captain: Jarrod Kelly            Team Anglers: Jim Boynton, Joe McKinnon, Wade Smith


36   USA
Team Captain: Mike Engels            Team Anglers: Craig Engels, Terry Engels , Saul Ramirez


37   El Ziggy        Team Ziggy      USA
Team Captain: Kemp Ipsen            Team Anglers: Dana Thompson, Troy Cornelius, Victor Ziegler


38   USA
Team Captain: Mike Walton            Team Anglers: Keith Swartz, Mike Walton, Dan Swartz


39   Mextime        Fugetaboutot       USA
Team Captain: Artie Leplattenier            Team Anglers: Neil Leplattenier, Dicko Braun, Randy Daniels


40   Andrea         Hoosier Hotshots     USA
Team Captain: Craig Bartscht            Team Anglers: George Barker, Tom Castle, Steve Oberlin


41   Cabolero      Team Cerritos            Canada
Team Captain: Walter Ormerod         Team Anglers: Harold Pospisil, Wayne Crosbie, Vern Hallgren


42   Minnie Lou     USA
Team Captain: Victor Locklin


43   Checkmate, Bertram, 31 Ft.     Checkmate               USA
Team Captain: Ed Dona               Team Anglers: Ed Phillips, Bob Vincent, Danielle Bobadilla


44   Fin Chaser III          Fin Chaser      USA
Team Captain: Clyde Foss          Team Anglers: Kathy Otto, Anthony Otto, Gary Reynolds


45   USA
Team Captain: Travis Green        Team Anglers: Ron Gillen, Travis Green, Tal Tehrairn


46   Gracelda       Fat Farmers              USA
Team Captain: Bart Scofield            Team Anglers: Jim Campbell

47   Sea Chaser, Carolina Skiff, 24 Ft.          Access Yachts     USA
Team Captain: Alan Obrien            Team Anglers: Michael Prida, Dave Frausto, Kathy Prida


48   Go Deep, Blackfin, 32 Ft.     Grey Light      USA
Team Captain: John Solberg          Team Anglers: Richard H., Rich Wontori,, Stephen Waginn


49   Jarocha        WIN - TEAM       USA
Team Captain: Pamela Lorenz       Team Anglers: Juan Pedro Flores Miranda, George Priest


50   USA
Team Captain: Lisa Beesley            Team Anglers: Matt Chancellor, Myril Hoag, Paul Black


51   Minerva VI, Tiara, 33 Ft.          Blind Fortuna       USA
Team Captain: Greg Patton            Team Anglers: Mark Karpenko, Bill Patton

52   USA
Team Captain: Thomas Aland        Team Anglers: Steve Geary, Brett Eller, Rodalfo Hemeniz

53   Knot So Slippery Lizzard         Slippery Lizzard       USA
Team Captain: Tom Pianko            Team Anglers: Mark Rangell, Lloyd Nelson           


54   Mucho Loco II            Mucho Loco Sooners        USA
Team Captain: Scott Sanders        Team Anglers: Stephanie Sanders, Michael Kuns, Brooke Kuns


55   Shambala            USA
Team Captain: Mike Menas            Team Anglers: Jim McLaughlin, Bruce McLaughlin


56   Big Poppy   Superior Collision            USA
Team Captain: Gary Bisgrove        Team Anglers: John Holste


57   El Loco II, Blackfin, 29 Ft.            USA
Team Captain: Ed Tschernoscha      Team Anglers: Drew Berlin


58   Hammertime           Hammer       USA
Team Captain: Matt Campbell            Team Anglers: Danny Stern, Melanie Galbraith


59   Solomon's Toy            Solomon's Dream Team         Mexico
Team Captain: Brian Soloman            Team Anglers: Scott Ortar, William Jubb, Jose Saucedo


60   Zorro        Team Zorro     USA
Team Captain: Roy Cox            Team Anglers: Roy Prince, Charles Cox, Francisco Castillo


61   Fish Tails        Size Matters      USA
Team Captain: Tom Brindley        Team Anglers Eric Wells, Bryan Walker, Chris Stagg


62   USA
Team Captain: Michael Vise       Team Anglers: Michael Willson, Dan Willson


63   Hot Rod, Cabo Sportfisher, 40 Ft.            USA
Team Captain: John Peelman         Team Anglers: Gerald Roberts


64   Manana            Athtuc  Latitude Adjustment       USA
Team Captain: Sean Wambold        Team Anglers Brandon Boyle, Wade Fredrickson


65   USA
Team Captain: Scott Miley           


66   Sea Rod       Hendeles            USA
Team Captain: Zev Hendeles         Team Anglers: Moise Hendeles

67   Mazina Sportfishing        Team Vasoline            USA
Team Captain: Tom Kemp             Team Anglers: Tim Galluzzo, Bob Caylor, John Spade           


68   Tracy Ann, Bertram, 31 Ft.       Wahoo Sue            USA
Team Captain: Gary Hall              Team Anglers: Julio Castro, Sue Hall, Martine Gonzales


69   Marlin Queen           Deep Blue Marine        USA
Team Captain: Terry McClory       Team Anglers: Danny Maguire, Scott Golden, Guy Navickas


70   Vaquero, Cabo Flybridge, 35 Ft.           Team Vaquero       USA
Team Captain: Pete Hanson        Team Anglers: Allan Roman, Rick Handfield Matt Blackstone


71    Reel Quest            USA
Team Captain: Dick Landfield      Team Anglers: Jim Jenks, Chuck Oltman, Bill Persiminon


72   Los Companeros            Los Companeros       USA
Team Captain: Tom Schlauch       Team Anglers: Jerry Rodstein, Craig Matlock           


73   Salsa, Cabo, 35 Ft.            USA
Team Captain: Dale Braun            Team Anglers: Maura Braun


74   USA
Team Captain: Joseph David        Team Anglers: Greg David, Jeffrey David, Randy Smith


75    High Risk          Team Texas      USA
Team Captain: Scott L Paget         Team Anglers: John Bryan, Nancy Bracker


76   Gaviota VII, Crystaline, 33 Ft.           Reel Scream      USA
Team Captain: Matthew De Graan         Team Anglers: Joe Lamantia, Juan Roman


77   Meal Money   USA
Team Captain: Spencer Foster     


78   Rantin N Ravin            Rantin N Ravin       Canada
Team Captain: Joe Klassen                Team Anglers: Denis Maillie, Rich Bach, Paul Lee


79   USA
Team Captain: Greg Wood           


80   Four Play           Alberta Pirates        Canada
Team Captain: Gilbert Tkachuk          Team Anglers: Kathy Tkachuk, J.P. Methot, Linda Gardner Methot


81   Tuna Time, 31 Ft.      Team Ozzie            USA
Team Captain: John Spickelmire         Team Anglers: Zack Armstrong, Ken De Groot,  Ozzie Marquez Oliveira


82   New Creation Kids        USA
Team Captain: lloyd Collyer                Team Anglers: Phyllis Collyer


83   USA
Team Captain: Anna Griffith              Team Anglers:  Griffith, Evan Villarruel, Kim Villarrul


84   Bad Market        Maarv            USA
Team Captain: Attila Szamosszegi      Team Anglers: Ivan Pallos, Thomas Szigeti, George Szamosszegi

85   Reel and  Deal            Reel and Deal        Mexico
Team Captain: John Pentz      Team Anglers: Jose Ignacio Pino, Miguel Angel Castillo, Javier Tronkoso

86   Fortuna, Rivera, 48 ft.           Bills Tu Pay       USA
Team Captain: Jack Bradley      Team Anglers: Ken Milne, Curtis Cain, Rick Legerski

87   Caliente           Buckeye Tuna      USA
Team Captain: Jamie Greer       Team Anglers: Dave Dunto, Lance Gildner, Mike Joseph

88   Colleens Magic           USA
Team Captain: Mary Mastaglio     Team Anglers: Victor Mastaglio, Jared Anderson

89   Off The Hook, Riviera, 40 Ft       Off The Hook         USA
Team Captain: Justin Pearson     Team Anglers: David Lavier, Robert Christie, Philip Orr

90   Knot So Slippery Lizzard      Slippery Lizzard       USA
Team Captain: Jay Click       Team Anglers: James Mansbridge
, Dennis Demontigny, Jeff Vanable

91  Hunter       Hunter         USA
Team Captain: Robert Peterson    Team Anglers: Cliff Bates, Thomas Owen, Jacy Snodgrass

92  Bad Medicine           USA
Team Captain: James Clapp    Team Anglers: Rob Kelly, Adam Clapp, Chris Erickson

93  Precision III      BajaMark        Mexico
Team Captain: Mark Callahan  

94  Protocol         Protocol           USA
Team Captain: David Alex Rogers    Team Anglers: Greg Surgener, Bruce Lynn, Rick Rhodes

95  Zhao         Latosos          USA
Team Captain: Donald Whittier    Team Anglers: Eduardo Arpez, Carlos Beltran

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