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Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Nuisance Bears

Stamps and ALDS
Question: I have contacted three sporting goods stores in my area asking about the purchase of state and federal duck stamps and how they relate to the Automated License Data System (ALDS). They don't know and do not have individual state stamps as in the past. Please help a bunch of duck hunters. (Bill A.)


Answer: Federal Duck Stamps are administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and are available at U.S. Post Offices, some license agents and online at, but not from DFG. The California Duck Validation (no longer called a stamp) may be purchased now online at, in person at any DFG license sales office (a list of which can be found at or from any license agent (, where validations can be purchased at the same license terminal as the hunting license. Although they are no longer required, the physical stamps are still produced for collectors’ purposes. If you purchase the California Duck Validation and still want to receive an actual stamp, you must request it online. Please read how to do that here:


Question: I know that you can use as many rods and hooks as you want outside the Golden Gate, but can I use multiple rods to catch striped bass and halibut from the shore? I already know that only one rod can be used for salmon, rockfish and lingcod. I have heard that once I have a striped bass or a halibut in possession, then only one rod can be used. (Eddie H.)


Answer: If you are outside of the San Francisco Bay and fishing from shore for halibut and striped bass, you can use as many rods and hooks as you want. However, if you catch a species like salmon or rockfish, you will have to release it as only one line may be used to take these species (California Code of Regulations Title 14, section 28.65).

Question: I am considering purchasing an AR-15 (5.56 mm/.223 cal) but cannot find information that would indicate whether or not this firearm can be used for big game hunting, to include in particular wild boar and deer. Is there a DFG handbook or regulation that covers this in detail? (Whittaker, San Diego)


Answer: AR-15 rifles that are legal to possess in California are legal to use for hunting as long as the ammunition being used is legal for the area and species being hunted.


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Carrie Wilson is a marine biologist with the California Department of Fish and Game. While she cannot personally answer everyone’s questions, she will select a few to answer each week. Please contact her at

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