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Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Talks of new bass regs hit the table
Thursday, January 26, 2012
P.V. Bound

Oh. My. God. My buddy Eric Huff at Erick's Tackle just sent me this pic. It's a 90x62 inch yellowfin tuna taken by Ron Tegland on his yacht Tenacious. Word is he caught it yesterday in the hot Puerto Vallarta zone that's been kicking out so many cows the past few weeks.

It taped out at 432.4 pounds. Huge fish. Mind blowing... look for more details as they come out. In the meantime, the timing couldn't be better for jumping on a flight to P.V.

For reference, Mike Livingston's 405-pound IGFA World Record was 85.5x61 inches. P.V. is known for kicking out fish that tape heavy, but look at the size of this thing!

pv 400

Reader Comments
Transparent swimstep it also worked good for lift in heavy swells drifting. i did not have any holes in it and it would get slammed and vibrate the whole boat but it worked great in large swells up to 24' lifting like crazy. i kept looking at the wall in amazement as it aproached then lifted with force and kept going by. i was afraid the makos would chase the prey through the wall of water above the stern in the boat. i might rebuild a new one for lift since i plan of fishing way off shore but i will use 3/8" this time instead of 3/4" I'm also looking in to a stabilizer system posibbly using my outriggers with Z-Wings attached and see if they help with stability like paravane fish. fishing in 7000' on a pressure ridge over 100 miles offshore for days alone can be very taxing fishing around the clock.
keith poe
The fish didn't meet IGFA requirements (a crewman handed it to Ron). Good luck Brandon on your trip down there, hope you set a new record...Vin
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