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Tuesday, February 14, 2012
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Thursday, February 16, 2012
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Mustad's Demon Perfect Circle Hook
It's proven itself as the hot new big fish hook on the market. 

THE STANDARD PERFECT hook placement with a 7/0 3X Demon Perfect Circle hook. This was one of many on the hook on a November trip on the Red Rooster III                  (Photo, as usual, by Paul Sweeney)

Mustad's Demon Perfect Circle hook has caught on big time with the big fish set. Mainly because its unique design holds up to the rigors of cow fishing with short topshots, rail rods and the incredible amount of pressure that both put on fish, and hooks. 

Steve Tagami at Mustad told me it was the big, beefy gap that the company was going for when it designed the hook. They accomplished what they were looking for. 

Red Rooster III skipper Andy Cates turned me onto the hook, saying that the 6/0 4X and the 7/0 3X and 4X is the perfect sardine hook. After catching fish after fish on the hooks in November on the Rooster and January on the Maximus, I got to see what he was talking about. All the fish were hooked back behind the hinge of the jaw, getting chunks of bone and flesh in the gap of the hook. I only pulled one hook on my big fish trips, which is pretty incredible, going like 20 plus and one for seven days of actual fishing. 

Mustad sought to kind of break the mold with the Demon Perfect Circle, as Steve Tagami put it. They sure did. Swing by the Mustad Booth at Fred Hall and Tagami and company will tell you all about it.

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