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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
A halibut story
Wednesday, February 22, 2012
Hello, Thursday ...

Recreating the Seeker Brand
New rod lines, seminars, ramped-up pro staff and a seminar stage modeled after a sportboat — WHEW, the ‘new’ Seeker has a lot going on at the show

This entire supplement that we're working on here at WON could be filled with everything new that Seeker is unveiling at the Fred Hall Show. Literally all 88 pages. No joke. 

There’s the new rod lines, from fresh to salt, trout to cow tuna. Seeker has new trout and bass rods (React Pro) for the freshwater set, and several new line ups for the saltwater. New lines like Stealth, Pinhead and Rail Boss. And additions to the well-received lines, like the Super Seeker’s in 6470XH and 6480XH and 6500, and the Hercules with the 700XH and the Inshore series with jig sticks for the three B’s.

Then a whole boat load — again, literally — that is new for Seeker at the show. Including a boat. The staff at Seeker recreated a sportboat stern for the show and future events. It’s where the seminars from big names like Bruce Smith, David Choate, Brian Porter, Greg Trompas and others will give their in-booth seminars ranging from broad introductions, to niche topics like long and rail rods, and catching huge yellowtail, seabass and halibut out of the smallest of skiffs. Anglers who want to pull on the new rods can do so from the deck of the sportboat, named The Seeker.

Here’s a look, piece by piece — the brass tacks if you will — of what Darin Dohi, Randy Penny, Jim Upton and the crew from Seeker have to show off and talk about at the show.


“I think that Stealth is going to be the best selling line that Seeker has ever offered.” Strong words from Seeker’s General Manager, Darin Dohi.

“They are lightweight, incredibly strong, entry level rods that are 100-percent better than our old entry-level rod, American Series.” Back-up words from Seeker’s design mastermind, Production Supervisor Randy Penny.

There are 19 rods in the stealth line, from 12-pound fly line anchovy rods to roller guide heavy bait/trollers.


Just the name opens the floodgates to anyone who put in hard time on a sportboat. The scrubbing, the bagging, the being told “you can make a cast” by the captain and running to grab a boat rod. Inspired by the rods of the ‘70s, the Pinhead line comes off the same patterned mandrels that used to spin up classic Trulines (except for the Ulua that is in the line up).

Clean black-on-black wraps and cork grips keep the rods clean and the price point down — less than $200 — so that the rods have that old school look, and price tag. “We wanted the rods to be affordable, so any skipper or dad or whoever could buy their pinhead a rod,” added Dohi. Penny adds that the black-on-black wraps and simple stainless ring guides make it possible for any tackle shop up or down the coast to spin a guide on real quick.


The rail rod phenomenon is here to stay, and Seeker is offering a complete line of factory built glass rail rods that won’t break the bank but will break the spirit of tuna hooked by rail fishermen.

Coming up with a lower price point on a beefy, brutally tough rail rod line was part of the thought process of the Rail Boss line from Seeker.

"The design concept for the Rail Boss originated during a conversation between a few of our team members," says Darin Dohi at Seeker. "The conversation began with the need for more affordable options on rods and reels for the long range fishermen."

At that point it was all about coming up with rods that fit the bill.

"This in turn sparked a debate about materials, actions, construction, how the rod could be configured to minimize the cost to the new long ranger just starting to build their rod quiver," added Dohi. "It was then the decision was made to go back to the company's long range roots and create a rod out of the traditional materials of years past but without sacrificing the action as well as durability."

And the Rail Boss was born, 50- to 130-pound rods that are straight-up BEEF sticks.


Saltwater is what Seeker is known for. But the saltwater guys kept saying they wanted Seeker trout rods. And then there’s the bass market…

So Seeker came out with a line of trout rods, 13 in total, so that “at least when a Seeker guy goes to the lake to fish trout he can fish his Seekers,” says Penny.  


There’s also a lot of new to go with the existing lines like Super Seeker, Hercules and Inshore. And there’s the new pro staffers, from executives to juniors. There will be rod wrapping demos going on in booth from Seeker’s famed rod wrapper Jim Upton.

The first 50 anglers to but a Seeker rod from a dealer at the show will get a pillow blanket—as in a pillow that unfolds and unwraps into a blanket. Seeker’s also bringing in a Coats for Cows program, where anglers who get a 200-pound yellowfin on a Seeker score a jacket. And for the local guys, there’s the Seeker Casting Machines — guys who casts so hard and so far with a long rod that they are going to get recognized for their country mile casts with a special Casting Machine sweatshirt.

WHEW is right…. Stop by the massive Seeker booth and try to soak it all in. It could take a day, just like a total rundown would take this whole supplement.

the new stealth line

THE NEW STEALTH LINE. Nineteen rods that replace the American Series as Seeker’s entry-level rod.

the super seeker 6500

THE SUPER SEEKER 6500 is Seeker’s F-100 blank in a completed, factory rod. It’s thinner butt section than the Ulua makes it possible to get any reel to clamp on. Pictured are Seeker Junior Pro Staffers Ryan Gabaldon, right, and Noah Nolten.

the seeker

THE SEEKER is where the seminars in the Seeker booth will go down at the Fred Hall Show. Darin Dohi took a break from being General Manager to put a bend in one of the new Stealth rods at recent media event that had Seeker unveil it’s incredible line up.

the rail boss

THE RAIL BOSS. One guy called it a meat stick of death. Here’s the 130-pound model fully loaded up on a Maximus cow punished by Matt Carleton.

Reader Comments
The Seeker booth is going to be my first stop with my Grandson. I'm looking forward to checking out the Rail Boss line. Looks like Darin and the whole crew have put a lot of time and effort into making this a great show.
Mike Luther
Good news Brandon.Seeker trout rods?I'm way stoked on that!Wonder if I'll be able to get in on that coats for cows deal.Wanted one of those jackets for a longtime!See ya at the show bro!
Fred Brandt
Great article. SoCal has always has small rod and reel companies such as Avet, Accurate, Newell, Calstar and Seeker and it's great to see them finally ramping up and bringing these better made products to new segments of the market. I prefer to buy a locally made product if all things are equal and it's especially great when it's better and less expensive.
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