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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WHO SHOULD RESIGN? It should be Assemblyman Hueso, not Richards

We think that a simple resignation of office is far too light a sentence for what this man has done.

First, he illegally tried to funnel $25,000 in campaign funds to a sibling. Then, thousands of dollars of taxpayer money were used to pay his sibling's former campaign workers to work in his office. And then, he requested $11,000 in taxpayer-funded bonuses to several staffers. He was fined $17,000 by the Ethics Commission for raising money for a 2006 election that never took place.

Now, if you think we were talking about Dan Richards, the newly appointed President of the California Fish and Game Commission, you’re wrong. Oh no, he's clean, and well-qualified for his current position. He hunts, he fishes, he’s served as a commissioner and is fair on fish and game issues.It's current Assemblyman Ben Hueso we're talking about, the same assemblyman who is calling for Richards’ resignation, even though Richards never broke a law.

All of those "trangressions" occurred while Hueso was with the San Diego City Council.Now that he's an assemblyman, we can only guess at his questionable activities. Except for this one: it's obvious he's been bought and paid for.

The stone that Assemblyman Hueso threw at Fish and Game Commissioner Dan Richards on Friday would be amusing if it weren’t being taken seriously. It is. Despite the factHueso has a long, long list of questionable and even illegal activities, he was only one signature short of putting Richards on the firing line on a vote.It is a sign that animal rights activists have the money and pull to make this happen.

The worst thing about all of this is that he somehow coerced 39 other California assembly members to sign on to his letter! That's right, 39 other members of the California Assembly feel that a man who works hard for California wildlife should be penalized for being totally legal in all respects during a lawful hunt in Idaho.

It's no wonder that politicians are at an all-time low in approval ratings by voters. There is something we can do here: vote the bums out! And support Richards: someone who is ethical, caring, and wants the best for California's wildlife.

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Photo: California State Assembly
Reader Comments
He should be voted out of office based on stupidity alone. Use of his position and power must not be tolerated. I never write letters but in this case he has crossed the line in going after someone. I would also like to see the list of his other supporters so that they to can be voted out of office. Thet serve the public, not themselves. That is how it is supposed to work.
Hank Goebel
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