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Monday, February 27, 2012
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012
The first hash marks

10 years ago, 520 issues ago
The Fred Hall phonebooks came into the office today, all 128 pages of Fred Hall, reports and features. Even after dedicating the last couple weeks to Fred Hall, it was still a fun way to spend 10 minutes, flipping through the issue and checking the issue and two sections out. 

A few weeks ago I did a blog called "10 years ago today." Or something like that. It was kinda fun. So today I went back into the archives and grabbed the Fred Hall issue from 2002. Some greasy page one "editorial" about Kelly Tires becoming a huge new sponsor jumped out at me, as did pages 2 and 3 of the issue from 10 years ago being taken up by a two-page Abu Garcia spread. 

A lot changes, and one of the big changes is our white seabass fishery. Ten years ago the boats out of Pierpoint, rigs like the Crusader (gone now) and Adventure (ditto) were putting together trips on the seabass at Catalina. There hasn't been an overnight sportboat over there this winter 10 years later. Things just change. Not for the good or the bad or the whatever necessarily, they just change. It's part of the cycle of things, be it who is running huge ads or where our fish show up. These days it's the coast that's been kicking out the occasional giant white seabass that were still shorts or not even hatched 10 years ago and it's companies like Irvine Lake, Turners, Mercury and firearm companies like Heckler and Koch that have the big dude ads. 

Ten years ago Pat (McDonell) was writing a column about why he hadn't been writing columns--he was fishing--and Rich Holland was writing about why Shimano's Trinidad 40 is worthy. And this time around Pat's column had the same theme. Still on page one. Still about how he's going fishing. And even after all the years, Pat still says "It never gets old." 

My boat partner John Keeler brought up a good point the other day. Things change, but not really, as the Fred Hall experience stays constant. The friends, the stories, the buys, the beers — it's really not that much different 10 years later. After all, the reason for going is the same: the love for fishing. 

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