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Tuesday, February 28, 2012



WON Staff Writer

Yesterday Republican California State Senators issued a letter of support for embattled Fish and Game Commission president Dan Richards. Authored by Tom Harman, Hunting Beach and signed by ten other senate Republicans, the letter called the attack on Richards "a modern day witch hunt" waged by "animal rights activists."

"The concerns of a few in Sacramento lead them to believe the laws enacted in California should be followed nationwide. If they are in fact adamantly opposed to specific legal activities in other states, we believe they should petition Congress to enact federal law on that issue," the Harman letter continued.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for Democratic assemblyman Ben Hueso, author of the letter demanding Richards' resignation, told the San Francisco Chronicle that a resolution for his forced removal is under consideration. It could be on the assembly floor by next Thursday.

Assemblyman Ted Lieu, D-Torrance, is typical of state pols who continue to misunderstand or misrepresent the role of the Fish and Game Commission. Lieu told the Chronicle that Richards should be held to a higher standard because the commission is "charged with managing the laws against the killing of mountain lions."

Although the commission is responsible for wildlife conservation, they do so through management actions such as setting hunting and fishing seasons and limits. The mountain lion moratorium is the result of the state initiative process depriving the commission of its traditional role. 

Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee used a blow torch to cut through the political rhetoric. "Richards appears to be guilty only of offending the sensibilities of the legislature, whatever they may be... This is the same legislature that didn't react when one of its members was caught by police with a prostitute in his car... or when another crashed her state-issued car while driving recklessly, injuring two people... That didn't respond when a member was nailed for shoplifting, or another carried a loaded pistol into an airport security checkpoint," he wrote. 

Reader Comments
The mountain lion killing by Dan Richards is not is a killing...the same as murder by firearm of any person. Maybe this low life needs a lesson on spirituality...or...a change in laws to permit hunting of his wife while she shops for food in grocery markets...hunting of him or his family while they go about their business of living day to day. That is what has happened here. He is like every other serial KILLER on an INSANE HIGH coming from excitement of a KILL...MURDER! KILLING IS NOT SPORT!!!!! KILLING IS MURDER!!!!! He is a grinning jackass...unaware of life...a lowlife caveman!!!
I read the above comment and and it is very scary. This person need's help and with understanding what Murder is. in the last five years I have read where fish and game has had to kill mountain lions that were killing humans. comparing killing this mans wife is really hard to grasp. You as a publication have to turn this over to the police for investigation; regardless of your views for or against this mans action it seems like a threat. I do not hunt but my father did and if he saw a bobcat or a bear he would go the other way if he could but if not or if it was endangering the livestock he would do what he needed to do it is not murder. It could be murder if you do nothing and someone dies. This person did not read the story and has gone out of control and if something happens this person would be the first person I would suspect. Anger is what this shows.
What is more telling is his BS tale of tracking the cat for 8 hours through tough terrain. The owner of the ranch is more forthright, they used dogs, treed the animal and killed it. The normal way it is done. But Richards trying to bluff his way into some grandiose hunter's tale is indicative of his arrogance. The same arrogance he showed when basically daring the legislature to fire him by saying it is "none of their business". His job as Commissioner is to act as an honest broker of the competing interests of preservationists and the fishing and hunting interests of all Californians. His response and prideful mugging for the camera with this cat has led many to conclude that is not something he is capable of. All he had to do was not let the photo or story go public and he still would have had his life's ambition to take a cougar. But he didn't do that. Why? He brought this on himself.
Rob Gerson
OMG you freaking idiot John. Does it occur to you that maybe the reason they have a LEGAL mountain lion hunt in Idaho is because there is a mountain lion overpopulation problem that needs to be solved? Whatever your sensibilities are, it was a legal hunt. Knowing that whack job enviros would overreact, he probably should've skipped the trophy shot, but last I checked, that wasn't an impeachable offense. Get over it.
Joe Sarmiento
adamariepeters, needs to read the Bible. God told man to have under subjection animals. So if you want to talk spituality, start with God, he set the rule and was the creator, you know. As for the harvesting of the Cougar, it was legal, under the law of that state and even gave the state some needed cash for their economy. If you do not know the difference between murder and legally hunting/fishing of a animal.Iwould sugggest you go down to your local court house and read up on Homocide in the law library. Bill Kauffman, Lake Forest
Bill Kauffman
People are getting wackier every day. This adamariepeters must be a member of the Humane Society of the United States. With these types of wackos running around I hope Dan Richards has some increased security measures in place.....
It people like adamaripeters that I would pay BIG MONEY to watch a Mountain Lion eat his arse or one of his children. Then lets see how much he sticks up for them. You are an idiot.
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