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Saturday, February 11, 2012
WON BASS Lake Havasu ProAM 2012

WON BASS Delta Pro Am Tournament Coverage
Saturday Report from the WON BASS Delta Pro Am

Delta WON BASS day 1 big bass 9.99 lbs
The biggest bass brought up ton day 1 in the Delta hawg hunt just missed the double digit mark - Rodney Reed's 9.99. There were a few other 8-pounders also brought in and more big bass are expected to come in on Sunday.

Even with all of the talk of a tough bite, eleven teams broke the 20-lb benchmark in the first day of the 2012 WON BASS Pro/Am stop on the California Delta and two even crossed the 25-lb mark.  Some still experienced less than desired results with 16 teams coming to the scales with less than a limit.  Stats show two bass over nine pounds, six over eight  and two more than seven- not a bad big fish battle. See the complete day 1 Pro and AAA results at or click HERE.


2012 WON BASS Delta Weigh-in Day One-Kyle Porter and Chris Vieira hold up the bulk of their 27.10 that took the lead. This team was lip-locked about any fishing details and would only say their big one came mid-day. They weighed no big fish, just all solid catches

At day's end Kyle Porter and Chris Vieira held up the bulk of their 27.10 and took the lead by less than a pound.  This team was lip-locked about any fishing details and would only say their big one came mid-day. They weighed no big fish, just all solid catches.

The Greg Gutierrez secret bait was still a secret; but the fact that he was on 'em good wasn't.  He and his AAA Paul Smith brought in 26.55 to lock in the second place seat in the standings. 

Mike Birch and Chuck Wood weighed in 24.91 to round out the top-3.  Birch not only caught an 8.48 kicker, he seemed to catch a case of amnesia and when he was asked about his day on the water he said, "I just cannot remember- I can't recall a thing; but check with me tomorrow, I might remember."

John Billahiemer and Rich Lum finished in 4th with a limit of 23.92.  This team said they threw a mixed bag and they caught 'em early and shallow.

Chad Martin and Ryan Brewer brought in one of the three 23-lb sacks of the day.  Brewer's big bass at 8.88 is holding for the co side big fish and was the foundation of their 23.29. These two also got found their bite earlier in the day.

The biggest bass brought up today in the Delta hawg hunt just missed the double digit mark. Rodney Reed's 9.99 qualified him for pro big fish and ended his day with he and his partner David Coy in 8th place.

The Delta WON BASSers will hit the water tomorrow with a safelight adjustment to blast-off slated for 7:15 a.m. due to the spring forward time change. Join the fun and excitement in person, watch the anglers carry up one, two or the coveted three bags of fish at the final day's weigh-in as the Delta championship  is awarded to one of the competing anglers.  The action kicks off at 3 p.m. at Russo's Marina.

They face a drop in temperature and forecasted showers in the afternoon.  The winds are anticipated to come from the southwest at 10- to 15-mph; however that was the expected range for Saturday and they well exceeded that, so most fishermen are prepared for it to blow hard again.

For tomorrow:

5:30 a.m. Boat inspections begin

7:00 a.m. Presentation of Colors

7:15 a.m. Blast off of 5 five flights featuring 76 boats

3:00 p.m. First flight weigh-in with remaining 5 flights scheduled at intervals staggered by 15 minutes

5:30 p.m. Awards ceremony and raffle at Russo's Marina.

 Morning Report From The Delta
- photos and reports by Jody Only

Delta WON BASS full moon
Put some extra shut-eye on the schedule for Friday night; because Saturday night the anglers lose an hour due to the "spring forward" time change.

The 2012 WON BASS Pro/Am  Northern Circuit converged on the California Delta today for the WON BASSers first day of Official Practice.  Early Bird Registration kicked off this afternoon at the Hook, Line & Sinker in Oakley with 73 boats on the Delta roster.

GG Secret Bait

2012 WON BASS Delta Early Bird Check In- Double G (Pro - Greg Gutierrez) riggin' baits at The Hook...secret baits and if you watch his pre fish video, you will know why they're a secret.

Tournament Director Billy Egan expects additional late registrations.  Thirty percent of the field showed up for Thursday's Check In at the hook.  As expected, the bulk of the field will appear tomorrow for the 80 lbs of trip-tip on the BBQ courtesy of The Hook.

Check in Charier Weyer

2012 WON BASS Delta Early Bird Check In - B.A.S.S. and FLW champion Charlie Weyer registers: He says it's tough; but Charlie knows the Delta and brought in 32.9 in his first day of the EverStart here last year.

Pre fish stories and rumors are circulating among the anglers.  Some are finding the toughest bite of their life, others are reeling in giants, while some Delta giants have been seen-others are just big fish tales.

 Hear the stories below in the video interviews...the truth will be told at the scale.

After tonight's full moon, the anglers will face one more day of practice before the first day of blast off on Saturday.

Friday, March 9

2 pm. to 5 p.m. Check in and registration at the Hook, Line & Sinker

5 p.m. BBQ

6 p.m. Mandatory Partner Pairing and Rules

Put some extra shut-eye on the schedule for Friday night; because Saturday night the anglers lose an hour due to the "spring forward" time change

WON Preview Tournament Report
The second stop for the 2012 WON BASS Pro/Am circuit comes to the California Delta. Considered one of the best bass fisheries in the West, the Delta will welcome WON BASSers to its 1,000 miles of navigable waterways and tempt the anglers with the possibility of any cast bringing in the bass of a lifetime.

DELTA GUIDE BOBBY BARRACK pullin' bass out of the Delta tules.

Although the big bass fishery holds the key to teen-size largemouth, and personal bests abound, an angler doesn't always get lucky with a date on the Delta and it can be a finicky beast this time of year.

Go-time for the tournament blast-off is a month earlier than last year's Delta derby, and because of that, less bed-fishing bites are anticipated.

Ken Mah on the Delta

TOURNAMENT PRO KEN MAH swingin' Delta bass in the boat - 23 of 'em on this day.

Current weather conditions for the week leading up to the event are all over the map, with nighttime lows dipping down to depths in the mid 30s and daytime highs ranging from low 60s to mid 70's. Everything from warm, sunny skies to rain showers are forecasted to cover the Delta in the days preceding tournament launch. The winds change direction on a daily basis and are expected to run the gamut of moderate breezes at 4 mph to more challenging, near gale speeds of 24 mph.

Mike Folkestad on the Delta

2011 DAIWA CUP CHAMP MIKE FOLKESTAD finding fish in an East Delta Marina.

Also factoring in the fishing this coming weekend will be the moon phase and the tidal waters. The full moon will light up the night sky on Thurs. and the tidal waters will see over a 3-foot swing both days, with a morning high near safelight. To add another twist in the anglers' strategies, they will also wake up to the "spring forward" time change on the second day of the event, losing an hour to the night while they sleep.

If that doesn't keep it interesting enough, even the resident Delta rats, past tournament producers and local guides all report a hit-and-miss situation on the river and haven't had the best success duplicating bites, bags or bass on consecutive days.

Delta guide and known frog master Bobby Barrack summed it up, saying, "Right now, more than ever, it is about being in the right place at the right moment - not the right time - the right moment. The window of opportunity goes that quick."

Barrack explained, saying there will be two or three key bites that must be executed on; the chances won't be plentiful and that is what will win it this year.

"Precision casting, target fishing and mechanically sound execution... that's what will make the difference," stated Barrack. "You can bounce around and look for 'em or stay in one place and milk it; it could be won either way. A spinnerbait or crankbait is always good this time of year; but I wouldn't have nine rods on deck. There is no need for it. Topwater won't be a player and the umbrella rig... well, this isn't Shasta and you can't draw the fish from 18 yards away without getting snagged up. It doesn't have to be won on a drop-shot; but a Senko isn't a bad idea. Mechanics and execution is of much more importance; it doesn't matter what you're fishing, you won't have that many chances to land them; you better land the ones you get."

Ken Mah, the winner of this year's WON BASS season opener at Shasta is often a force on this tidal fishery. He led last year's event on day one with nearly a 28-poound limit and rounded out the top three at tournament end. Mah and partner also mastered top honors at WON's Pro Team event here only four weeks ago and noted things have changed since then.

"The water temps have been up and down, with mornings starting as low as 50.8 degrees, when it had been 53 to 54 degrees prior to the last cold front, commented Mah. "This time of year, that couple of degrees can really affect them. For me, the flip bite has been mediocre. The reaction bite is decent and I think the focus will be on quality not quantity, with 6 to 10 bites a day. I would say a white spinnerbait or black and blue jig would be good right now."

The 2011 Daiwa Cup champ Mike Folkestad took a runner-up position here last year with limits over 22 pounds each day. After his practice, Folkestad stated, "Areas leading to dead end sloughs or spawning areas seem to be the best." He also noted that he would target areas in 10 feet or less and suggested a black and blue jig, same color Senko or red spinnerbait as good baits for the area.

All of the Delta experts were fairly close in their guestimations of the winning weight at 45 to 48 pounds.

The two-day WON BASS Pro/Am shared-weight event will blast off and weigh in at Russo's Marina in Oakley on the California Delta this Saturday and Sunday, March 10-11. Registrations are still being accepted; call Tournament Coordinator Ashley Hartman at (949) 366-0030, ext. 38.



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