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Saturday, March 24, 2012
More weather!?!
Monday, March 26, 2012
On conditions

We need conditions
I made a bunch of calls to the landings, skippers and local surf fishing contacts this morning before taking a lunch break and going for a walk with the wife and dog.

There's this big unfinished track housing complex called Marblehead where the dogs can run free and the view from the bluff shows off the swath from Dana Point to the San Clemente Pier. San Mateo juts out, but it's another coastal bluff closer to home that I head to if I want to get a better angle on Mateo. 

The south breeze was blowing to the point where it was wind. As in windy. But the sky was blue and the rain and serious wind was still hours away. The water conditions, as incredible as this sounds, looked incredible. Even my wife said that it looked like the Caribbean. The water was a deep blue on the Wheeler North reef, a deep blue that reminded me of epic bites in West Cove, when the current was uphill and pushing the stern of skiffs and the six packs like the Dreamer and Options into the western section of the cove. And then there was the milky water around San Clemente's 204's that looked like how a Catalina backside beach like Mill's Landing should look like this year, but hasn't all season. 

Then a few hours later it was gusting to 30-miles-per-hour and the ocean got angry. It was time to post up this blog, but I had the whole, "Shit, what am I going to write (err, blog) about" thing going on.

I typed up the reports for next week's WON for Santa Barbara, Ventura, Santa Monica Bay and the local surf from San Diego to Ventura hoping for inspiration. But it was a quick check on facebook that put me on course for this blog. 

One of my friends who I've never met, a man named Craig Waltz, posted the following:

"Is it just me being impatient... There have been no real reports of WSB, no island yellows and no reports of tuna from the long range boats headed to or from way south. Are we not a little late getting this season of to a start of some sort??"

I'm not a big facebook-chimer-iner (although I expect others to be, which adds to the irony on so many levels of facebooking), but I had to comment on this one. 

I pretty much said we need conditions. The fish will come. Whether it's tuna or local seabass. First we need conditions. The conditions have been shit the last few years, so far as in the long term over the corse of the season. When the conditions are there, we've had good fishing, from bluefin at the Coronados and offshore to island bites. But everything has just been so shifty and quick to fall on its face the past, what, like three seasons? 

Let's ask not for fish, let's ask for conditions. The fish will follow. And stick around. But first we need water from five to eight degrees warmer than it is now to get the ball rolling. 

In the meantime, enjoy the rockfish and halibut bites and hope that we are not leaning on them come summer. 

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