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Tuesday, April 03, 2012
On Spectra

Spectra concept: Don't set the hook — at least not as hard
Spectra has near zero stretch, so everything comes tighter a lot quicker. In fact, after fishing with Spectra for the bulk of your fishing, if you find yourself fishing with mono you will feel like you are fishing with a bungee cord.

You might find applications where you want and like the stretch that mono brings and gives, while others just scream fishing Spectra. In the end, there will be some styles of fishing that scream mono while others benefits from the advantages of Spectra and fluorocarbon. The way you set the hook, if using a J hook, is going to depend on what type of line is in the water.

The stretching quality of monofilament means that even when you come tight, you still haven’t really come tight. The mono is still going to stretch out before and drag starts coming off the spool; with Spectra, everything comes tight really fast. There’s no stretch to wind through, so when it comes to setting the hook, keep in mind that the run off of a fish like a tuna or a yellowtail is enough on it’s own to set the hook after putting the reel in gear. There’s no need to wind down or even set the hook when the fish is taking off in the other direction. Direct contact means that just putting the reel in gear is going to set the hook. That’s what a lot of Spectra anglers fish their J hooks like circle hooks, and just go into gear and let the fish set the hook. Everything just comes tight that fast.

Still, there are other times where you just have to set the hook, like when a fish sucks in the bait and just kind of slowly swims off with it, like a lazy squid grounds yellow or a halibut.

Having a plan for how you are going to set the hook based on what the style of fishing is a good starting point.
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