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Tuesday, April 10, 2012
The 11:59 blog
Thursday, April 12, 2012
A snippet

Random conditions thoughts for Wednesday
Tuesday morning I came down the little north San Clemente hill we live on and saw an ocean that looked like it was coming together. 

There was water that was an off-color green, but it was easy to tell that it wanted to get into the clean green category if given a few more days of good weather. A left turn onto PCH brought with it a little spot of tern birds squeaking and squaking and picking at whatever little bait fish were trying to enjoy the morning’s sun. Then a left turn put it all in the rear view mirror. 

This morning there was rain on the ground and a good 12 knots of breeze — just enough to white cap the stretch of Capo Beach that was so calm the day before. 

A quick look in between sips of a $2.25 coffee showed 10 to 17 knots of breeze from Dana Point to LJ. Out at Catalina — where I had originally planned on being on the Options today with a WON Charter — it was blowing 22 knots at Seal Rocks. 

Some want to get nervous about our saltwater season. But the bottom line is this: our seasons just take more time to come together in this cold water cycle. Last year it wasn’t until late May when Catalina bit a little on the seabass. It wasn’t until June when things really got going. Come July the Channel Islands fleet were saying they were having there best July in years, thanks to white seabass and halibut. The offshore season took until August to ramp up. Then in October there were big bluefin out west and no people to get any 1½-day boats out aside from the Cortez. In between there had to have been some juicy spots of bluefin that went untouched as the fleet focused on the tuna pens. 

My lack-of-sleep morning thought is this: it’s time to adjust our mindsets and fishing schedules. The bites get going later — it’s no longer March to May for seabass, it’s June to September — so we need to adjust the schedule. 

After all, just cause conditions allowed for spring fishing in years past it doesn’t mean it’s a given. (But damn I miss those 100 fish days at the Coronados this time of the year and going down and seeing the deck lights of the Prowler, Producer and New Lo An.)

The season will get here… just not this week. 
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