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Thursday, April 12, 2012
A snippet
Saturday, April 14, 2012
Getting ready for Sunday

Weekend weather and squid news
Saturdays and weather have gone together in a sick way this spring. 

Our springs have obviously been windy the past few seasons (remember last May’s WON seabass tourney was cancelled due to weather and then it ran in June with water that was 57 degrees along the beach?). 

This Saturday isn’t going to be an exception, as it’s forecasted to blow 30 and gust to 40. And that’s just on the beach…. 

Here's a little factoid for you, a snipped from a feature I have in WON next week (Cliff Note's there's going to be a lot of summer squid around -- scientific fact, not prediction): 

The squid will come. DFG samples have shown that the biomass of squid offshore (from larvae to less than an inch) is even more massive than the past few seasons where the commercial season hit its quota early (and, incredibly, almost right on predictions from the DFG on when the season quota would be hit). The major bodies of squid are still way offshore. They will push in eventually this spring and early summer to spawn. A few will be there when it happens at a place like La Jolla or some other little nugget along the coast. The word will get out and it will become a zoo. It’s times like now where putting in the time and effort can result in big white seabass on the skiff without the crowd. After all, the divers have been shooting them, even in the cold water and tough conditions. And it’s times like these where there’s something available to private boaters that simply isn’t available come summer when the squid bites get out: getting bit without a flotilla around and hoping and praying that it all comes together. 

Yeah, the feature is about fishing for seabass, from a skiff, with finbait. It hasn't happened the last couple of seasons, but maybe this late spring if conditions straighten out.... 

Make it a great weekend! See some of you on the Malihini on Sunday. It's supposed to go to 10 knots or less on Sunday. 

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