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Saturday, October 27, 2012
The Path To The Championship
Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lake Oroville WON BASS ProAm Tournament Coverage
In a blast from the not so distant past, Gary Dobyn's blew away the field at the WON BASS Lake Oroville Pro Am, winnIng by over 5-pounds. Gary carried a large two pound lead from day one, but increased it even more on day two,  to win going away.

Video interview of Gary Dobyn's just before weighing in his winning sack of fish.

Lake Oroville 2013 WON BASS Pro Winners
2013 WON BASS - Oroville The top-9 pros collected checks. Paydays were collected by... 1st Gary Dobyns, 2nd John McClellan, 3rd Ryan Friend, 4th Phil Garcia, 5th Steve Consalvi, 6th Jiggs Benn, 7th Don Gage, 8th J.R. Wright, 9th Jesse Martin. Full list of pro standings can be found here

Lake Oroville AAA winners
2013 WON BASS - Oroville Payouts went to the top-9 AAA, those anglers are... 1st Terri Bittner, 2nd Craig Smith, 3rd Jeremy Johnson, 4th Merlin Nunes, 5th Steve Kiser, 6th William Heinrich, 7th John Bitting, 8th Tony "Lou" Botelho, 9th Craig Nelson. For full standings, click here

McClellan 2nd
2013 WON BASS - Oroville John McClellan shows off his 3.11 that helped him take over 2nd place with 23.67

For see the complete results go to

Also. There are a lot of video interviews, and photos from Lake Oroville over on our WON BASS FACEBOOK page:

Dobyns Dominates Day One.

Dobyns Lake Oroville 2013
The first day of the two day 2013 WON BASS season-opener saw most anglers return to the scales with a limit and over a third of the field haul up a limit at ten pounds or more. Leading the pack is Gary Dobyns and Terri Bittner with 15.90 bolstered by a 4.39 kicker.

Dobyns attributed the showing to "pure luck". He stated they got a good one later on reaction and scratched most of them throughout the day. The 2009 U.S. Open champion gave more details in a video interview. Bittner also contributed to a video interviewing, explaining how the bite died down mid-day.

Been and Smith at Oroville
Sitting in second, ready to make a move up is Jiggs Benn and Craig Smith. They follow the Dobyns/Bittner lead by approx. two pounds. Benn revealed they caught fish all day long on both plastics and reaction baits. They each weighed a Big Fish contender. Benn's gave him the lead on the pro side with 4.45 and Smith's came in at 2.93.

Pro John McClellan and partner John Bitting claimed 3rd place for Day One with 12.87. They said they got theirs early in the day and were tight-lipped about their baits.

In 4th is Jesse Martin and Tony "Lou" Botello with 11.90 anchored by Botello's 4.51 kicker. It is not only leading the AAA Big Fish side, it is the Big Fish of Day One. They reported their fish came shallow on reaction baits.

Phil Garcia
Phil Garcia rounds out the top-5 with 11.81. He got this 3.23 early on a swimbait.

Oroville Maerin and Botello
In 4th is Jesse Martin and Tony "Lou" Botello with 11.90 anchored by Botello's 4.51 kicker. It is not only leading the AAA Big Fish side, it is the Big Fish of Day One. They reported their fish came shallow on reaction baits.

Nunes at Oroville Big Bass
Oroville's Merlin Nunes caught this 3.88-lb. big bass on day one. Hoping to keep his local knowldge a secret he gave up no information as to where or how the fish was caught. He is in 14th place on the AAA side with 10.81.Maybe we'll get more from Merlin after day 2.

The fishermen return to the water for a final day of fishing with the expectation of another beautiful day in the mid-60s. To cheer on your favorite angler, follow the schedule below.
The full results can be found on the website.


Saturday, Feb. 2
5:30 a.m. Boat Inspection
6:45 a.m. National Colors
7:00 a.m. Blast Off

Return to weigh-in at the Spillway Launch Ramp at 3 p.m. for the first flight of WON BASSer.

WON BASS Lake Oroville Congratulations to pro Quincy Washington and AAA Bill Wentworth for winning the Early Bird Sign-up for a free ride in this event. (Their entry fees were returned and they were the lucky anglers to fish courtesy of WON BASS).

WON BASS 2013 Lake Oroville Preview Article

Article by Jody Only - WON BASS Reporter

OROVILLE — Following its frosty slumber, the WON BASS Pro/Am circuit will awaken with its 2013 season opener amidst the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, welcoming fishermen to Lake Oroville; one of the largest reservoirs in the Golden State.

Known for a collection of catches and cashes on the Northern Calif. lake, the 2009 U.S. Open champ Gary Dobyns will join this year's anglers for the debut of the 2013 circuit after wrapping a multi-day tournament only days ago.

Following several days on the water, Dobyns disclosed details regarding the first fishery where the WON BASSers will battle. "The bite was deeper than I thought it would be," said the Yuba City pro. "A majority of guys that did well were fishing deep. A lot of fish were caught over 40 feet and even up to 60 feet. There were some minimal fish caught shallow, but not many. Looking at the cold weather continuing, I don't expect much change; unless we get some rain."

His suggestions for bait selection included lures that offered a "slow presentation." A weighted Yamamoto Senko, heavy football jig (3/4- to 1-ounce) and shakey or dart head topped his lure list. "Myself, I couldn't get away from a reaction bait, but I couldn't put together a good reaction bite," he revealed as he reflected on the weekend. "A Senko is working well. I would fish a green pumpkin Senko wacky-rigged on 8-pound P-Line fluorocarbon with a ¼-ounce nail weight on a splitshot hook. A lot of fish are being caught with a shakey head, or a darter head on light line — mostly 6-pound test; some 8-pound with a 4- to 6-inch Roboworm in a red color like Oxblood, but I always like Blue Craw and warmouth here."

His advice for the shared-weight draw teams that will launch on the lake Feb. 2 and 3 was to be flexible enough to abandon the reaction bite, if necessary. "As a shared-weight team, two guys fishing deep for five quality bites just might take this thing," he continued. "As a AAA, just work with your pro, throwing a complimentary bait, and be open to suggestions from your boater."

Dobyns declared the popular destinations were locations on the main lake at the lower end and the mid- and south fork.

Checking in with Jason Borofka, a top-10 finisher from the most recent Oroville event, found many similarities in fishing facts. Borofka, however, did come upon a short window of opportunity for a reaction bite. The pro from Salinas revealed his Oroville strategy included a Frenzy umbrella rig in the early, early morning and a switch to a nail-weighted Senko as the sun came up.

"The numbers of fish caught has been great," he commented. "I've been catching 15 to 25 fish a day, by myself. The average size fish was in that pound to 1-pound, 12-ounce range. The quality fish that I got, definitely came on reaction. A rig in the top 20 feet (10 to 20) on steep, bluff banks was best for me; but that bite would die early. My best fish was upwards of 3 pounds. I got that one on a Senko with 6-lb line on a really steep, bluff bank, 50 feet deep. I'm not casting at the bank. I'm hitting that 15-foot area and wiggling it down the bank until it gets deep; then, I shake it a few times and start over."

Describing the water as "mostly clear," Borofka said visibility reached about 10 feet. He noted that the stained areas that he could find were most productive for the umbrella rig and that a 2-inch swimbait was the best match for the large amount of pond smelt that could be seen.

Other suggestions from Borofka were to drag green pumpkin and cinnamon Hula Grubs or spider jigs on 45-degree or isolated banks and rockpiles. For non-boaters in the upcoming event, he recommended tying on a Senko with a "little heavier weight, so it will get down faster."

Borofka predicted a two-day total of 25 to 27 pounds could take the trophy; however, Dobyns thought the victorious number could stretch beyond 28 pounds.

WON BASS invites anglers to quell their fishing fever and be part of the 2013 WON BASS season opener on Oroville, Feb. 1 and 2 ( Friday and Sat to avoid the Superbowl that Sunday). A victory could net $12,000, plus a ticket to the 2013 U.S. Open.

The Spillway Ramp at the dam will be the site of blast-off and weigh-in. Festivities commence Thursday. Registrations are still being accepted.

For more information or to sign up for the tournament, call Tournament Director Billy Egan at (949) 366-0030, ext. 40.


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