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The California Delta has long been the one bass tournament venue where experience seemed to always play a huge role. The winners here are always guys with decades of Delta experience, who knew every nuance and affect that the unique tides and brackish water had on finding the huge fish that so often win tournaments here.

So it's great to see a young pro come in a buck that trend, and win the WON BASS Delta Pro Am, and this week a relatively young Phillip Dutra did just that. He stormed into the lead from 4th place on day one, and won going away. Congratulations, and all us older guys better look out as there is a new breed of bass anglers on the rise.

Dutra day 3 Delta

Delta tournament 2013 top 5 pros
The top 5 finishing Pros at the Delta pose for a photo. 1st Phillip Dutra 53.83, 2nd Bobby Barrack 49.78, 3rd Ken Mah 46.04, 4th Bryan Roland 44.49, 5th Mike Folkestad 43.73

This just in...Phillip Dutra takes down the Delta trophy with over 30-lbs today to add to his tournament total of 53.83. The final Pro and AAA standing are up on, but check back here for the full reports tomorrow.

WON BASS tournament Delta top 5 AAA's
2013 WON BASS Delta - AAA Top-5 1st Marty Rolph 48.42, 2nd Merlin Nunes 45.00, 3rd Jacob Russell 44.58, 4th Matt Rogers 44.44, 5th Nick Nourot 41.82.

Sunday Morning Update
With another day of cloud cover and the potential for rain, the WON BASSer's will blast-off at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday for a final day of fishing. It is expected to be 49-degrees after an overnight low of 41, with winds

Delta 2013 Roland
Brian Roland and Leonard Johnson round out the top-3 with 24.08 and Roland's kicker that weighed in at 8.93. Roland reported catching only a "few fish on a variety of things" and sated the bite was much better in the morning. The 8-pounder came before the tide switch on a reaction bait.

Delta Dutra
Ripp'n Lipps represented with two of their pros in the top-5 Phillip Dutra shown here holds 4th with 23.59 and Mark Daniels Jr. found 5th with 22.15; although you won't find a photo of Daniels, he shied away from the camera today. Dutra's co Nathan Chandler lured in the AAA biggest of the day with this 7.15.

Dlta 2013 Safford
Delta local Sean Stafford weighed in 19.68 with a 6.08 kicker for 11th place. He said he got his fish early in the morning before the tide change, fishing shallow with jigs.

Delta 2013 Moore
Kevin Moore and his co Kevin Arbet brought in 20.91 with Arbet's 6.77 kicker. Moore reported a tough bite, especially without having any pre fish time for the last couple of weeks. They said they went everywhere on the Delta running a lot of spots.

Delta 2013 Jones
Robert Jones dropshotted this 6.33 - the first fish of the day.

Delta 2013 Barracc

Snag Proof pro Bobby Barrack needed two things to pick up this limit of 21.17, a Rat-L-Trap and $87 dollars in gas.
Ken Mah is leading the event with 27.93. He and his AAA Steve Shmalz show off their limit herre including the 6.79 big fish that Mah brought in. They had nine keepers on five different baits. Mah said he is apprehensive about repeating the feat tomorrow, "I could weigh this much again or I could bring in 13-lbs." He also credited Schmalz for fishing "very hard" today.

A reminder of last year's Delta big one! 48 boats launched this morning in search of one of those. Boat #1 Bill O'Shinn and Chris Pena led the pack. The anglers will return to the scales for their first flight time at 3:00 p.m. Join the bass catching action at Russo's Marina and cheer on your favorite anglers.

last year delta big bass 2012

The first day started off in spectacular fashion far as the weather goes at the California Delta tournament. Temperatures will probably be in the upper 70 degree range and most all the anglers seem to think the fish are starting to move up and fishing could be great for some.

Delta sunrise 2013

Jody Only shot the following videos for WON BASS at the registration meeting Firday evening. There was the usual blend of nerves, enthusiasm and good vibes among all the anglers.

Delta 2013 Registration at Russo's
2013 WON BASS Delta - Ninety-six WON BASSer's were paired at the Hook, Line and Sinker BBQ and rules meeting tonight in Oakley. Last minute baits were available and yes, the red spinnerbait was seen in some of the fishermen's hands.

2013 WON BASS Delta - Bobby Barrack Gives All the Delta Deets — with Bobby Barrack at Hook Line & Sinker.

2013 WON BASS Delta - Bill O'Shinn Big Baits — at Hook Line & Sinker.

2013 WON BASS Delta - Mike Moreno Makin' Adjustments

2013 WON BASS Delta - Zak Elrite Reaction Bait and Moving Water

2013 WON BASS Delta - Chad Martin 10 or 12 a day, all over the Delta

2013 WON BASS Delta - Ken Mah Conditions vs. Calendar

2013 WON BASS Delta - Brian Carpenter - punchin?

Fish tales to continue tomorrow at the California Delta as the tournament eve festivities resume at the Hook, Line and Sinker in Oakley. Schedule follows:
3 - 5 p.m. Check in and Reg
5 p.m. BBQ
5:30 p.m. Mandatory partner pairing meeting and rules

Delta Hook Line & Sinker
One of the most famous Delta landmarks is the host marina for the 2013 WON BASS Delta Pro Am.

Delta 2013 Billy Hines
WON BASS Delta check-in kicked off last night. Some reports were of a tough day on the water; but there are enough fish pix goin' around that say different. Here is one from Billy Hines from yesterday on the Delta.

2013 WON BASS Delta Folkestad's fishing info - numbers vs. size — with Mike Folkestad.

2013 WON BASS Delta - Gene Buchholz ...can you say 15-lb'r?

Grab the net; Delta bass are hungry and ready to eat

California Delta site of WON BASS Tournament March 2-3 2013

Bass Fishing on the California Delta is up next for WON BASS Pro's.

The early spring fishing fervor has already struck the Delta anglers as an amazing 35-pound limit was reeled in this past Sat. by one of last year's WON BASS leaders, Kyle Porter. In that tourney, fishermen found the top 10 couldn't be broken without a 20-pound sack.

The 2013 WON BASS Pro-Am schedule resumes on the Calif. Delta on March 2 -3. The two-day event is slated to hit the Golden State's big bass fishery during a notable pre-spawn feeding period. The tidal water bass are hungry and ready to eat.

Photo: The Delta's 2010 WON BASS Classic champ Lorenzo Rossetti shows off one of the TWO nine pounders he has pulled from the water in the past four days. Unfortunately, he cannot make it to this weekend's event; but as we can see there are plenty of big ones to be had.
The Delta's 2010 WON BASS Classic champ Lorenzo Rossetti shows off one of the TWO nine pounders he has pulled from the water in the past four days.

One of those catching enough to climb into the top-10 was Mark Daniels Jr. Recognized as one of the Delta's local Ripp'n Lipps squad, Daniels landed back-to-back 20-plus limits in the Delta's two most recent bass battles. First in the aforementioned event on Saturday and again the next day, claiming the championship in the East Delta on Sun.

From Fairfield, Daniels can be found most days cleaning up on the Delta. With his eye on the pulse of the tidal water's current conditions and seasonal changes, he gave up the following info.

"The expectation of stable weather is certainly going to be a bonus," he stated. "A lot more fish are going to be staging. They are going to be in front of the spawning areas, in marinas, in flooded islands and dead-end sloughs. Right now , I'm finding they want current - not a lot - just a little bit of movement in those ambush points that they're in."

Dissecting the tidal influence, Daniels noted that reactions baits are faring better on the high than on the low and recommended maximizing the tide by targeting the outskirts of spawning flats at that time. "The last hour of the incoming and the first hour of the outgoing seems to have the most potential," he added. "That high tide is one of the best times to fish. They're feedin' hard right now, fattening up for the spawn. It's the optimum time to get them to eat. Water temp is from 49 to 53 degrees; sometimes you can hit that 54 in a back end. It's too cold for them to be caught up on beds; so they're right outside that area staging and feeding."

Daniels' direction for bait choice was a chatterbait or a shallow-diving crankbait such as a Strike King KVD 1.5, a Lucky Craft BDS 3 or a speed trap in a craw pattern. "Red is important; because they're eating the crawfish," he continued. " I will also have a flippin' bait; a Texas-rigged Beaver, Brush Hog or jig for that tight, heavy cover. And, you cannot leave out the infamous Senko out here. If you don't have a Senko wet, you're not even trying."


WON BASS contenders will blast off for the Delta duel at Russo's Marina in Bethel Island on Saturday, March 2. The king of the Delta will be crowned on Sunday., March 3 pocketing a possible payout of over $12,000 plus a ticket to the 2013 U.S. Open.

The angler on his boat will be encouraged to use a Senko, dropshot or one of the same shallow-divers he discussed above. As for topwater lures, Daniels said, "No, not for me; I'm goin' subsurface - bangin' cover all day."
He expects the win to come after a two-day catch of 43 to 45 pounds.

"Consistency is key," said the Hi's Tackle pro. "The guys that repeat 21 to 23 1/2 pounds both days will have the best chance. The second day will be the hardest. As you can see by this weekend, pressure gets to the areas by that next day. Especially in the areas thought of as 'big fish locations' like Sherman, Big Break and Frank's. It can be won there, but there will be a lot of pressure changing things up from Day One to Day Two."

Checking in with former 2010 Delta WON BASS Classic champion Lorenzo Rossetti revealed reporting similarities. Rossetti was responsible for one of this past weekend's big bass catches with a nine plus on Sunday. "I'm catching fish on Strike King crankbaits and jigs," he stated. "This nine is the biggest that I've got so far this year. I was fishing a jig with a 7- 8 Phenix rod and got it to go about noon."

Rossetti's recommendations for next week's WON BASSers was contingent on the continued warming weather. "If it stays like this, the bass will start to move into the 5- to 7-foot range," he stated. "This last full moon, we saw a few of the big fish move into the shallows; but 90 percent of them are still moving up."

To target this time of the pre-spawn, the Stockton pro also advised the use of a shallow crankbait, a lipless crank specifically a Strike Red Eye Shad or a Revenge spinnerbait. "Natural colors if the water is clear and red if it is stained or dirty," said Rossetti. "For my crankbait, I use Strike King KVD 2.5 or a 1.5, if it's a little calmer. I'm using these for search baits. Fishing slower for ledges, a Senko and a jig will take a key role and help in finding that larger fish. I will be using a 1/2-ounce black/red or black/blue jig, which is most widely used on the Delta and for the Senko, I will fish it wacky, unless I have to Texas-rig it, due to the cover."

Regardless of the tide, Rossetti expects the larger fish to come later in the day when the water warms and the fish are more active. Key spots for him also include backs of sloughs, points and flats adjacent to current areas. He thinks average bags could range anywhere from 13 to 20 pounds; but that it will take a daily bag of 22 to 24 to earn the win. His AAA advice included a Senko, dropshot or anything that allows them to get into a different water column than their pro.

The last bit of Delta advice came from local pro Brian Carpenter. Carpenter was runner-up in last year's WON BASS March Delta event and backed that up with the spring win of the Delta FLW EverStart only weeks later.

He reported the bass still being in their winter pattern; but expected the warming trend to move them towards the shallows. "Guys will find them on a Senko, dropshot or a TNT Wadda jig," commented Carpenter. "Wadda jigs are perfect here, because of their Delta design. There will be some flippin' opportunities; but I don't think that many will move up. They haven't really transitioned yet. Bigger fish are tougher to locate. If the water gets to 55-degrees, a few more will go shallow. They will move up in the afternoon and you could find them sunning to mature their eggs. I don't think there will be much spawning going on."

For those fishing from the back of the boat, Carpenter recommended dropshotting a MM Roboworm with a 3/16-ounce weight. "You can catch some giants on a dropshot here," he stated. "Don't forget, Justin Lucas made a living as a co with a dropshot."

Carpenter predicts that quality fish will come in water of 6 to 10 feet and thinks the second day of the event could have more warming and bring in a few bigger fish. Areas with little or no current flow are his most productive, right now. "It could be different next week," he reminded. "It really depends on how much the water warms. It is much cooler than last year, so it is a different ball game; but a lot can change in a week."

The Bethel Island boater is looking forward to the WON BASS event and "its outstanding payout." He and the other WON BASS contenders will blast off for the Delta duel at Russo's Marina in Bethel Island on Saturday, March 2. The king of the Delta will be crowned on Sunday, March 3 pocketing a possible payout of over $12,000 plus a ticket to the 2013 U.S. Open.

.Follow the fishing on Facebook, the WON BASS blog or in person at the weigh-ins at Russo's.

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