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Sunday, March 17, 2013
The weekend forms
Friday, March 22, 2013
A pre-weekend blog

Bringing in spring
Well, winter went by pretty fast, eh? 

The optimist in me is thinking this is going to be a great spring, that big things are going to happen heading towards the next full moon. Maybe not at Catalina—56 degree water, almost zero squid signal—but the coast is prime (59 to 60 yesterday along the South Coast) and the Coronados might be staging for something great after the down day yesterday. There’s squid filtering in. Wouldn’t it be fun to get some squid grounds yo-yo action at the islands? Oh wait, that’s what been going on. The San Diego only got 15 people to jump on today after yesterday’s tough fishing that was the first skunker in over a week. And the “Let’s just go and hope for the best” anglers on the rig today had been rewarded with 10 of the yellows by lunch today. 

Barracuda are probably over a month away still; Mother’s Day (May 12 this year) weekend  has been the kick off day for ‘cuda the last three years. It looks like yellowtail at the Coronados and probably La Jolla next will bring in the spring. And then of course the coastal seabass buzz has been high, especially for this early in the season. 

So long as it doesn’t blow and upwell, there’s going to be some big seabass picked. 

And then there’s rockfish. It’s good, and it’s mostly all quality. Even not having live baits hasn’t hurt the Channel Islands bite. It's just limit, limits, limits. 

And that’s about it. For now. Oh, and I’m selling my skiff; plan is to use a bud’s Stringari for my small boating. If you want to pick up the coolest 17-foot Arima on earth, give me a call (949) 212-0719. 

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