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Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Bringing in spring
Saturday, March 30, 2013
What, a no blog?

A pre-weekend blog
It's the first week of spring and there's some exotics to work with for the masses. Hallelujah. (And my day that started with a 3:58 a.m. writing session and will end with Bart Hall's 8 p.m. "The show is now closed" voice was just made by spelling hallelujah without any red lines under it.) 

The show was certainly classic Del Mar yesterday: a slow trickle of people that had its moments where the single-file crowd streamed in and out. Del Mar, despite being mellow, so so mellow, is fun. Mainly because it offers time to actually have a conversation with readers and industry folk, versus the bustle of Long Beach. This is, after all, an industry about people and relationships. The examples are endless... 

Squid and seabass and local yellowtail are always the focal point of conversations, and last night wasn't an exception. A couple of guys asked about squid and all the "where?" questions, which is cool. They brought up the light boats, finding the light boats, and getting the bait. 

Fishing around light boats is like bluffing in poker: way overrated. It's a tool to have in the bag, no doubt, but it's not what the games are about. In fact, if both were scrubbed from the games most people would be bigger winners at the end of the year. 

The big day that the Malihini and San Diego had at the Coronados was the big topic; yes, we are getting that classic spring style of islands fishing. The stuff isn't all on the yo-yo, as the flyline and surface iron got lots of bites on the new area of fish that has been from South Island on down. Don't let the local yellowtail fishing get lost in the fray. Brian Castleton on the New Seaforth let me know yesterday that they found some yellows on the morning run, scoring one big yellow before time ran out; then in the afternoon five of the big yellows hit the deck. The boat is one of the few that does two half-day trips daily. Seaforth Sportfishing is the place. 

It's shaping up how old time San Diego skippers would have predicted it a week ago: the yellows that were racing around from North Island to Genoa (a rock in the Middle Grounds) started showing less and less volume every time they slid back down. Some of it squirted up--and the New Seaforth got on it. And there's fresh schools pushing in. 

Classic set up! Del Mar one day, the islands the next. It sounds like the way the first weekend of spring is meant to be spent in San Diego. 

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