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Friday, March 22, 2013
A pre-weekend blog
Monday, April 08, 2013
Ready to get blown away?

What, a no blog?
Please excuse the lack of blogging, especially after the blog, blog, blog run of 2012. 

After doing the calls and reports on Easter Sunday it's vacation time, time to spend time with my son while my wife finishes up her last quarter of grad school, and charge the batteries before the season gets rolling, for real. 

The up-and-down yellowtail fishing is due to pop back up. But overall, it's all rockfish, all the time. But since we actually had a bit of a March for once--oh to have one more night on those big local seabass--why can't April do the same? 

Frontside of Clemente yellowtail, anyone? Anchoring up on a ridge or any stock Coronodos spot before the masses show, maybe? Oh wait, that involves trying... the current trend is that everyone goes off reports, but there's not enough of a fleet trying, outside of the Coronados, to generate reports, outside rockfish. 

So who knows what's really where? 

But the few to show up at the Coronados early have reported that the yellowtail, when they bite, have been doing so right on schedule with the three-quarter days showing up. 

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