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Northern CA Clear Lake Open, June 10-12, 2013

Two amazing days down and one to go at the Clear Lake Northern California Championships.

Day 2 Review - for full results go to

WON BASS NorCal Open: The Nitro Z-7 with Mercury 150 hp Optimax and a pile of cash is on the line.

Although the second day of the inaugural Northern California Open closed with weights lower than that of the first, a third of the pro field still boasted two-day totals with an average daily limit over 20-lbs.

The Day One Big Fish honors held for another round at the scales, leaving Rick Correa only one more day to defend the claim of Overall Big Fish with his 9.04.

Day One Big Stringer title holders Mike Stiles and Jacob Russell and their 26.82 were joined by the Day Two Big Stringer catchers Jeff Michels and Chad Smith with their 25.98.

WON BASS NorCal Open: Jeff Michels and AAA Chad Smith claimed the Costa Daily Big Stringer prize for Day 2 with 25.98. Michels said they smashed 'em in the morning, getting 25 fish before 10 a.m., but then it all shut down.

A two-day total of 49.20 puts Bryant Smith currently holding a lead of less than a pound on the pro side, while Dean Yoshizuni is leading the AAA's with 47.52 in the first tournament of his angling career.

The final day blast off will commence at 5:30 a.m. with stabilizing conditions for the anglers. The fishermen can expect another partly cloudy day, warming to the mid-80's. For those hoping for the breeze, NW winds will reportedly increase to 10 to 20 MPH.
Some will make calculated adjustments, some will toss patterns to the wind and just go junk fishing, others are simply hoping their spots will hold; but by the end of Day 3, the tale of the scale will be told and we will meet the first-ever Northern California Open champion.

Day 1 Review
Join the WON BASSer's and cheer on your fave fisherman at the Konocti Vista Casino ramp. The fun will begin with a first flight time of 2:30 p.m. The Awards Ceremony is slated to kick off at 5:30 p.m. inside the casino.
WON BASS NorCal Open: The sun has gone down on Day 1 of the inaugural WON BASS Northern California Open. Weights are recorded, rods are ready and lures are tied as the anglers prepare for Day 2. The full results are up on

The air temps are on the rise again, after a 36-degree drop from Saturday to Monday. The anglers will see the conditions spike back up into the mid- 80's on Tuesday.

The day one results were incredible at Clear Lake.

Nitro pro angler Matt Shura came all the way from Arizona and has no experience fishing Clear lake and was up among the leaders on day one. According to Matt, Clear Lake is the most fun lake he has ever fished and he highly encourages his fellow desert pros to come up and fish it next year.

Matt Shura video interview
There were reports of a tough bite and constant adjustments needed, but at close of scales on their first day, nearly half the field found limits that broke the 20-lb mark and many were challenged by cullin' four pounders - not a bad day on any fishery.

The top-5 are hovering near the 26-lb range, but with two more days of bassin' ahead, it is still anybody's game.

Following a blast-off delay on Monday due to an unexpected morning of thunder and lightning, the WON Basser's will blast off Tuesday at the scheduled time of 5:30 a.m. They can expect some cloud cover for most of the day and winds from the N at 10 MPH or less.

Weigh-in will resume at Konocti Vista Casino at 2:30 p.m. Flights are slated to return every 15 minutes until 3:45.

Here are some pictures and videos from day one:

Western bass fishing legend Dave Gliebe

Lowarance Pro Ken Sauret talks about day one and Onsite Lowrance Support

The official start of the 3 day Northern California Open at Clear Lake was delayed an hour this morning as mother nature put of a fireworks show to welcome the Clear Lake anglers with thunderstorms an lightening. The weigh-in will be pushed forward an hour to give the anglers a full day. With everyone fishing all three days the strategy may change to staying in the game, versus needing one huge Clear Lake day. Some of the anglers are predicting it will take 50-something pounds, where others think it will take close to eight pounds to win, so obviously opinions vary heading into today.

<br />

A little later this morning we are set to get started...

Being the angler to win the 1st WON BASS Northern California Championship trophy is why most everyone is entered. I guess the new Nitro boat and Mercury motor package and the cash are pretty nice too...

Clear Lake Open Trophy

142 anglers are ready to go to battle for the next 3 days at Clear Lake. This picture is from the partner pairing meeting on Sunday at Konocti Vista Casino.

Partner Pairings Clear Lake

Thanks to Nitro Boats and Mercury Outboards the Northern California Open is a special event with this rig added to the the cash payback. Who will be the first northern California champion and leave Clear Lake with this brand new Nitro Z-7 / Mercury 150 package, a lot of cash and the trophy ?

Mike Stiles video on what it will take to win NorCal Open at Clear Lake

Jeff Klicka checks in and seems ready to have a great tournament at the 2013 Northern California Open at Clear Lake.

Lowrance Pro and factory representative Ken Sauret explains Clear Lake's changing conditions

Here's a nice video of Jared Lintner by Jody Only. Jared talks about the tough fishing, but thinks someone will probably get 80-lbs to win it.

Bob Cepek at Cleat Lake
Bob Cepek enjoying the hot bass fishing and weather during his prefish at Clear Lake.

Early Check in at Clear Lake 2013
WON BASS NorCal Open: Early Bird Registration is underway at Clear Lake Outdoors on Soda Bay Road. The BBQ is ready. Come on down. With both a 2nd and 3rd place finish in the last 3 U.S Open events at Mead, Dick Watson is registering for the first-ever NorCal Open on Clear Lake. Will this be the time and place for his victory?

Docks before Clear Lake Tournaemnt
WON BASS NorCal Open: The final day of practice is coming to a close. The boats are coming in and the anglers are getting ready for tomorrow's Sponsor Showcase and Partner Pairings.

"It is something that we need out here," said the 2009 U.S. Open champion. "I'm excited to see it happen. Clear Lake is one of the best lakes there is and the fishing is going to be just awesome." — Gary Dobyns

THIS NITRO Z-7/MERC. prize package waiting for one lucky angler

It's a boat, it's $100,000, it's a 100 percent payback: It's all three and it's on Clear Lake June 10-11-12, 2013

WON Staff Writer

LAKEPORT, Calif. — Many have asked, now they shall receive.
With ongoing requests to relocate the prestigious, annual U.S. Open event to Clear Lake, one of the West's biggest bass factories, WON BASS has agreed, negotiating an additional Open event — a 2013 Northern California Open on the famed fishery to be held June 10-11-12, 2013

Excitement and anticipation has taken root in bass anglers as they count the days until the long-awaited, multi-day, 100 percent payback tournament blasts off on the NorCal waters, where any cast offers any angler a catch of a lifetime.

A hundred boat draw will deliver a $100,000 payout that includes a Nitro Z-7 with a Mercury 150 Pro XS prize package plus $15,000 in cash to the victor. WON BASS is bringing an unprecedented, modern day specialty event to Northern California; the fish and the payday are only as far away as your next cast.

A TOURNAMENT NEWBIE catches a 9.22, proof it could be angler, on any cast at Clear Lake as the open nears.


The West's all-time, leading money winner with 40 fully-rigged prize boats to his name, Gary Dobyns is one of those standing in line to throw his hat in the ring for the event. "It is something that we need out here," said the 2009 U.S. Open champion. "I'm excited to see it happen. Clear Lake is one of the best lakes there is and the fishing is going to be just awesome."

Dobyns' enthusiasm for the big bag potential was obvious as he discussed the hitch population on the lake. "There are more hitch there than I've ever seen," he remarked. "They are jumpin' out of the water and the bass are bustin' all over ’em. I'm thinking that the swimbait could be a huge factor, because of all the hitch. It's a pure protein meal and they get after ’em. I've seen bass swim right past a bluegill to go get a hitch."

He mentioned several swimmers that he thought would come in to play from the big guns — a Hudd and an Osprey all the way down to the smaller Basstrix.

"I've got to think topwater baits will factor in too," added the Yuba City angler. "And, I think there will still be some spawners to pluck. I think it could top 75 pounds to win it, depending on the crazy winds that can hit there. I can't wait. Anytime I can fish for a boat, I think it's a special deal."


The event has also caught the attention of big bass hunter Matt Allen of Vacaville. Known for his numerous double-digit bass catches, the trophy that Allen hopes to have this summer is that of the Northern California Open. "It is a huge deal and on a monster fishery," he stated. "It's about time something of this caliber came to Clear Lake. We just don't get events like this, here."

Well acquainted with the lake's bounty, Allen and partner just bagged over 60-pounds for a runner-up position in last weekend's two-day event. "The fishing will change some by then; I think the fish will spread out more and we won't see the wolf packs they're in now."

Allen anticipates a variety of baits to be productive including a big swimbait, frogs, wake baits and spooks. "Of course the flip and punch bite will be on, too," said Allen. "It's March and the flip bait is already on. There will be a ton of four to sixes caught"


At the top of the Clear Lake competition are notable lake locals Paul Bailey and Mark Crutcher. Both of which have the event on their fish catching calendars.

"This year, the fish are as big as I've ever seen," exclaimed Crutcher. "There are more five to nine pounders than ever. I've been waiting for years for an event like this on our lake and it's setting up to have better fishing than we could ask for. I expect this will draw lots of media, angler participation and some of the best sticks."

MARK CRUTCHER — “There are more five to 9 pounders than ever!

Crutcher commented that there will be a good bite on both ends of the lake and that there should still be some big ones on beds. He expects topwater, flippin' and Senkos to pull in the biggest ones for an 80- to 83-pound winning tournament total.

Frequently found in the top of the field, Bailey is also expecting "the whole lake to be on fire" for the June event. He also noted that because of the time of year and the bite, the event will be an equalizer for the locals.

"You can't keep the five and six pounders off your line right now," said Bailey. "The frog bite will be crazy, there will be fish on beds, the rock fish will be bitin'. Beyond the fishing, with the size of the prize package, you can't ask for anything better. It will be epic!"

Join anglers from near and far this June on Clear Lake. Fish for a personal best, fish for a big stringer, fish for a boat — fish for the chance of a lifetime — a $100,00 pro purse.

An all-in entry includes Big Stringer and three Big Bass payouts daily for both sides of the boat. Nitro and Bass Pro Shops Tournament Rewards programs will sweeten the pot for eligible anglers. Register early for a chance to fish for free. Early bird deadline is May 15. Click in to to sign up.

PAUL BAILEY — “It will be epic!”
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My money is on Todd Woods or Paul Bailey to win
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