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Saturday, March 30, 2013
What, a no blog?
Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Full Circle

Ready to get blown away?
Guess what? 

This first real spring wind is hootin' through the SoCal Bight. It looks like today and tomorrow are a total blow out. But will the cold gusts from the dreaded northwest wipe out the slowly building conditions that were setting up? Probably. 

But there hasn't been any solid prospects, exotic wise, to go with the condish, save for the yellowtail at Coronados that have no problem proving they are willing to bite after a few down days. The fishing has been about what early spring are always about: rockfish. 

The grade has been simply incredible up and down the coast. Here's a shot from the Redondo Special, which has been finding an incredible grade on the reds on the edge of the Redondo Canyon. Pictured is Mathias Bender and Redondo Special deckhand Mark Zagha. 

On the seabass front, it hasn't got going yet. There was a fish caught at Catalina, all 32 inches of one for the Afishinado Charters trips. The rumors have been wicked, especially along the beach, with the most recent being that the Options scored three tankers above Salt Creek. It's total rumor. I talked to Options skipper Wes Flesch Thursday night, even gave him some loose numbers to get his goof-off going; he was shocked to hear that he had thrown on 3 fish in front of a skiff. And no, he didn't get a ticket for fishing in the Laguna closure. 

Everyone is hungry and wants to get some. Three seasons and a lot of talk around this fishery that got pioneered the last three years will do that. And apparently someone wrote what is essentially a coastal white seabass book, sans GPS numbers? But it talks about the why and how, not the where? What? No where? 

But so far, Easter Sunday was the last time a fish was caught, incidentally in the kelp by a Dana Point bass guy on a sardine, not on a bird school. From that one fish, the rumor mill churned out a lot of rubbish. 

But, just like any April, there are some nice fish getting speared. And there are some schools around, below is the last shot I got on my meter before selling the Arima. 

Just a ball of seabass from the bottom on up 20 feet off the bottom. We hooked one. We lost one. The fish kept going. I set back up on the same spot, chasing the tide and hoping for another swim through would meet the squids on the hooks. The fish never came through, but then again neither did the set of conditions to get bit at this spot where only a handful have success. 

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