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Sunday, September 08, 2013
Bluefin takes the Dana Jackpot title

Win a New Gregor Boat at Big SARL Tournament Dec 7th

Many Great Prizes and Cash Awards

at the Huge Dec 7th Big Fish Tournament at SARL


Santa Ana River Lakes has been waiting for the rain, and this most recent Southern California storm brought both the anglers and the fish a much needed influx of new water. The lake is almost at full capacity as of this past weekend, and the fish are indeed loving the new water and cooler temperatures.

Check out the recent Super Trout that some of this past weekends anglers at SARL were able to round up in the North West end of the lake.

SARL raised water level.


LEFT IS BEN Hinojosa with a 12 pounder caught on Lip Ripper Worm Saturday. Nov 23. On the right is Craig Adkinson with a 10 pounder caught on Trout King Worm (Phenix) Saturday, Nov 23.


CORY ALLEN'S 12.2 pounder and 8.12 pounder caught on PowerBait with Love Sauce, Friday, Nov. 22.


FATHER SON ANGLERS, George and Harry, with a grip of Sierra ’bows and a nice Super Trout.

LIAM WITH HIS trout, leading up to the WON/SARL Lightning & Super Trout Opener.

Tons of Trout, Prizes and Fun.

Don't miss it!




ANAHEIM — After being shut down for a month due to the effects of a road construction project, Santa Ana River Lakes is now open – and in a big way. It seems the fish are trying to say that they’re in there, and just waiting to match wits with local anglers who are coming back to the lake in increasing numbers as word of the opening and a very hot bite there gets out a little farther into the angling community each day.

On the first day of re-opening two weeks ago, reports of limits reached within just a few hours were coming in steadily, and there’s been no sign of a slowdown ever since, even with some of the high temperatures in both air and water that were slowing down the fishing, or shutting it down altogether at other Southern Cal fishing spots.


While water levels may still be low, as experienced anglers will know, this is often to their favor, as fish in these conditions tend to “stack” in certain areas, and to hit harder and faster, as though they fear competition for available food sources.

This may well be the case at SARL, because judging by incoming reports, the big boys are shouldering their way to the baits offered, and striking like they really mean it. Now that’s good fishin’!




To take the odds even more in your favor for not only catching fish, but landing some real whoppers while you’re at it, check this out. As a result of the Water District being involved in various projects which have meant draining other local lakes, SARL is now hosting many former denizens of the deep from those lakes. Yep, they say they’ve transferred in hundreds of huge catfish, some in the 20-pound class – but wait – there’s more! They’ve also brought in some of the granddaddy bucketmouth bass that had been cruising the deep, dark places in those lakes for years, getting bigger and smarter all the time, and the lake folks are saying they saw some of the biggest crappie ever, while bringing them to their new home. Got bait?

Here’s where it gets even better

Ok, so now you’ve been coming out to the lake and having all the big fun fooling and catching these monster subs, and you’ve gotten so good at it that your neighbors won’t answer the door any more, because their freezer’s so damn full of your fish there’s no room for the frozen lima beans, and you’re running out of excuses for lagging just a little behind on the old “honey-do” list.

Well WON is here for you, right when you need us most! Let’s turn this thing into something even more productive. Instead of just fish and rank laundry, let’s bring home some hard currency and great prizes!




How will we do this? (And well you might ask.) Well, here it is: the news you’ve all been waiting for!

The tournament is going to be a one-day, big fish tournament held on Saturday, Dec. 7, from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. The awards ceremony will begin at 3 p.m., and every angler that enters the tournament will be eligible to win an $8,500 boat and motor package, and will receive $5 gift certficate good at any Sport Chalet! And of course there will be an assortment of other assorted fishing products we’re giving away.

We will also have cash prizes for “Blind Bogeys,” and these promise to be nice ones, since $5.00 from each entry fee will be dedicated to the bogeys pot.


LIAM ALL SMILES. Can't wait for the WON/SARL Lightning & Super Trout Opener, hoping mom or dad will win the Gregor boat and Mercury motor.

Here are some of the other prizes to be awarded:

Sea Eagle Inflatable ($1000 value)

5 nights lodging / 3 fishing charters at RW’s in Soldotna, Alaska ($1500 value)

10 Sport Chalet Gift Card for $25 each

12 Seeker S-Glass series trout rods as both raffle and awards

2 Food Saver units ($150 value each)

SnugTop Hard Tonneau (This drawing is part of a series of drawings from other events, and there will be 1 total winner selected.)

Chief Sportfishing 2½- day Baja fishing trip ($369 value)

Sea Adventure 80 1½ - day Baja fishing trip ($220 value)

Lip Ripperzassorted trout Baits


And here, even more better yet:

For those who may have been wondering just where they were going to get their own multi-megawatt lightning generator to qualify… don’t. It turns out that, in addition to the normal trout the lake normally stocks during the season (and WON will have news on that as it becomes available), they also put in a stocking of super trout and another species of hybrid known as lightning trout, both of which, like my brother inlaw, are known for their hefty size and willingness to fight.

So now, we have fish that are not only fun to catch, we have the potential for some models of a size that could be hazards to navigation – and therefore bring in big time cash and prizes for participating anglers. That would be you!

Here’s all you have to do to get in on the big fun

To become a part of this day of fun, fishing, cash and prizes, plus great memories for the whole family, register now or at the event.

And remember, to sweeten the pot even more, $5 from each entry fee goes into the Blind Bogey pot, so bring friends and family and sign ’em up! Bring strangers!

Entry fees are:

Adults: $25

Kids (4-12 years) $20

(Under 4 is free)

For event information, contact Billy Egan at 949-366-0030 ext. 40, or e-mail Make checks payable to Western Outdoors. Mail to WON – SARL P.O. Box 73370, San Clemente, CA 92673. Mailing deadline is Nov. 12, 2013. Entries after this date must sign up on site.

Gate fees for SARL are separate and not included. SARL just introduced their LOW PRICED Take Me Trout Fishing Special: First person in the car pays regular fee of $25 for day or evening fishing. But listen to this, all other adults, in the same car, pay only $15 and kids pay $10. Trout season prices haven’t been this low in nearly 20 years!!


2013 WON/SARL Lightning & Super Trout Opener the itinerary:

The SARL Lake Gate will open on the morning of Dec. 7, 2013, at 5 a.m. for vehicle access. You may get in line earlier for registration purposes, but car/truck entry will be granted at 5 a.m.

Contestant check-in and late angler entries will start at 4 a.m. and continue to 10 a.m. No new anglers will be allowed to enter after 10 a.m.

The WON/SARL Lightning & Super Trout Opener officially begins at 6 a.m. and will cease at 3 p.m. on Dec. 7, 2013.

Official Scales will open for Big Fish weigh-ins and tagged fish prize redemption at 12 noon near the grassy picnic area. All anglers must be in line to weigh fish no later than 3 p.m. Scales will remain open until all anglers in line have been weighed.

General awards and raffle prizes will start at approximately 3:30 p.m. and run until approximately 4:30 p.m. These will occur on the grassy picnic area. It is recommended that you bring lawn chairs. The raffles and awards ceremonies will conclude with the drawing for the grand raffle prize.

All entrants into the WON/SARL Lightning & Super Trout Opener will have one raffle ticket entered into the general raffle. All tickets drawn for that will be placed back into the raffle for the grand raffle prize drawing.

The grand raffle prize drawing for the Gregor boat and trailer equipped with the Mercury 9hp four-stroke motor will be the final portion of the 2013 WON/SARL Lightning & Super Trout Opener.


Here’s how we’re gonna do this:

2013 WON/SARL Lightning & Super Trout Opener Rules

General Rules

• The WON/SARL Lightning & Super Trout Opener (LSTO) contest is open to the general public. Employees and family members of Western Outdoor News® and SARL Lake are not eligible to win prizes.

• All contestants must check in the morning of the competition and sign a release form prior to heading out to fish in order to be eligible to participate. Each angler will be issued an individual identification number they must keep with them during the contest for identification purposes by the tournament staff.

• No fishing license is required by Santa Ana River Lake to participate in this contest.

• All SARL Lake-specific rules regarding fishing and boating will apply to the LSTO. SARL Lake rules are shown on the back of your gate pass and may also be viewed online at

Contest-Specific Rules

A. This is a “trout-only” competition. All other species caught may be possessed per SARL Lake rules, but are not eligible for prizes in the LSTO contest.

B. LSTO contest hours are from 6 a.m. on December 7th, 2013, to 3 p.m.

C. All trout caught must be taken from the waters of SARL Lake on December 7th, 2013. Trout may be taken from shore, boat, kayak, canoe or float tube. All trout caught prior to, or after, this date are not eligible for prizes.

D. All fish must be legally caught by rod and reel by generally accepted angling principles per the California Dept of Fish & Game regulations. No fish may be “free netted” from the water or caught by snagging. Floating or washed-up, dead fish will not be accepted, regardless if they are tagged or not. California Fish & Game freshwater regulations may be viewed online at

E. Anglers caught in willful violation of California Fish & Game or SARL Lake-specific angling rules will be disqualified from the competition and forfeit their eligibility to win prizes.

F. This contest will consist of 1) Tagged fish prizes and 2) Top 3 big fish prizes in the Adult Male and Female and Juniors angling categories. Big fish will be determined by overall weight of the fish; not overall length.

G. Tagged fish will be planted in SARL Lake prior to the contest. All tagged fish will have numbers assigned to specific prizes. Anglers catching these fish may bring them to the official contest scales to collect their prizes. All tagged fish caught must be redeemed for their prize no later than 3 p.m. on December 7th, 2013, or that prize will be donated to the big fish prizes, or general raffle. NO EXCEPTIONS.

H. Should you catch one of the tagged fish planted in the lake, DO NOT REMOVE THE TAG FROM THE FISH! Anglers catching a tagged fish MUST present the whole fish, with tag intact, to receive their prize. Tags brought to the scales without a fish will not be eligible for prizes. Therefore, you should take care of your tagged catch by placing it in a cooler wrapped in a wet towel.

I. Anglers will be awarded plaques and prizes for the top 3 big fish (trout) caught by each of these angling categories: Adult Male. Adult Female, and Juniors (11 years or younger). Each angler in these categories may weigh only one big fish, which will be eligible for the big fish prizes.

J. All anglers who wish to weigh fish for the big fish prizes must do so no later than the time at which the official scales will close, which is 3 p.m. on December 7th, 2013. Due to time constraints, once the top 3 big fish in a category have been established, the tournament authority may elect not to weigh fish presented which are smaller than the current top 3 big fish standings.

K. The tournament authority (Tournament Director) has sole discretion to disqualify any catch for reasons they deem to violate tournament rules or the spirit of the competition. All decisions of the Tournament Director are final.

Awards and Raffles

• All LSTO participants, by virtue of their entry into the contest, will have a single entry placed in a raffle bin. As tickets are drawn, the name and angler number of the winner will be announced. All names drawn must be present to win. Otherwise, prizes will be donated back to the general raffle. No additional raffle tickets are available for sale — everyone has one entry.

• Southern California Trout Opener prize winners will be responsible for all taxes, licenses, transportation and any other costs involved in redemption of their prizes.

Refunds, Cancellations, Weather and Miscellaneous

• The WON/SARL Lightning & Super Trout Opener will be conducted rain or shine. No refunds will be issued due to inclement weather, so dress and plan accordingly.

• No refunds for any reason will be issued after November 29th, 2013. All refund requests must be made to Western Outdoors Publications no later than this date. Prior to November 29th 2013, refund checks will be issued and sent within two to four weeks of notification.

• Anglers who enter but wish to cancel, may also transfer their entry to another contestant. This may be done prior to the contest by phoning Western Outdoors at (949) 366-0030, ext. 26, and speaking with Tournament Director Bill Egan. You may also do this on the morning of the contest at the late check-in/sign up station.

• Anglers with additional questions may call Bill Egan at (949) 366-0030, ext 40.

Lawyer/IRS stuff: WON/SARL Lightning & Super Trout Opener prize winners will be responsible for all taxes, licenses, transportation and any other costs involved in the redemption of their prizes.


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