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Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Doing the drone
Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Hotel Rancho Buena Vista resurrected

Back on the road again
When I arrived in Los Cabos Airport this week, the entire area was engulfed in torrential rains. Some folks were drenched to the point that they were actually wringing out their t-shirts while standing in the immigration line. Even the luggage in the brief trip from airplane to baggage area was soaked.


TO SEE MORE of my “Doing the Drone” photos from my travels, watch Graham’s Facebook page.

John Ireland of Rancho Leonero offered me a ride to Buena Vista with him and I was soon back in my trusty "Roadtrek" and parked in my usual spot at East Cape RV. It’s always great to meet up with long-time friends when traveling, making airport waiting time and the travel time go so much more smoothly as you “catch up” on events.

The following day, Tuesday, Aug. 5, was registration for the Bisbee East Cape Offshore which was another great opportunity to catch up with old friends. It was also a wonderful way to practice "Doing the Drone" throughout the day … one of my favorite past times these days as any of you who follow me on Facebook knows. I got some great shots that day, and picking up the theme the next morning, the start of the first day of fishing, I did fly the drone from the Awesome 2 provided by owner, Theresa Comber. Needless to say, using the boat for a platform and flying over water without the security of solid terra firma for my landing, added stress to the enterprise. Along with the help of a few assistants, this flight resulted in the renaming of the drone to "PT," short for "Pucker-Time.”

After carefully catching "PT" in air rather than landing it on deck, with a deep sigh of relief I packed it away safely in its case and headed to breakfast with the start boat crew and dignitaries. Among them was Diputado Local (State Legislator) Carlos Castro representing District 7 from San Jose to Buena Vista and Jesús Ceseña, FONMAR - Los Cabos Director, along with Clicerio Mercado, Wayne Bisbee, Trish Bisbee, Carey Bisbee, and Paul Watson, publisher of Bisbee's Marlin World magazine.


BISBEE ACKNOWLEDGED CASTRO'S interest and continued support.

Carlos and Wayne were deep in a conversation regarding a legislative bill that Castro had entered for the consideration by the full House of Representatives a declaration that the Bisbee Black and Blue be named a treasured and valued resource of the entire state of Baja California Sur for their dedicated and continued promotion of sportfishing and conservation.

In an impromptu discussion around the table, the consensus was that Castro's idea had merit and would be beneficial to Baja Sur to continue to support and encourage the Bisbee’s Black and Blue through this bill. Bisbee acknowledged Castro's interest and continued support.

And he added, "The Bisbee's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund, Inc. has a planned involvement with Ducks Unlimited to be implemented soon to fund assistance in the preservation and restoration of the habitat and esteros along the flyway down both Baja's and Mexico's West Coast."

He then volunteered to show them a one-minute video about another project the Foundation was funding: “The Second Ark Foundation,” a non-profit organization which promotes the conservation and well-being of species, both exotic and native to the United States, as well as working to repatriate endangered species to their countries of origin.

Ceseña volunteered to provide any information regarding Magdalena Bay as well as other esteros in Baja. This stimulated an interesting discussion about sardine quotas and tuna pens as well as the impact of commercial fishing on Magdalena Bay.

The Bisbee East Cape Offshore wraps up Saturday night with the Awards Banquet and I'll be heading on to my next ‘on the road’ adventure. Off to Loreto for the Grand Finale of the Serial Sepesca series: Project Sport Fishing "Contigo" 2014, with a guaranteed prize of up to $50,000 for all those teams who win any of the first three places in any of the official qualifying tournaments or those who participate in at least one of the members of the serial tournaments that are held in each town. http://www.serialsepesca.com/gran-final-en-loreto.html

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