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Friday, October 24, 2014
Boots on the ground in Cabo after Odile
Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Los Cabos renewed community spirit

An easy decision
After a quick, one-week trip home, it’s back to Los Cabos.

By the time you read this, I will be in Cabo preparing for the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot extravaganza with the staff. Of course, the in-box has filled up with questions ranging from (old news) Odile’s recovery… through the efforts of thousands the region is enjoying one of the most rapid recoveries from a Category 4 on record… to Hurricane Vance, (more current news) which appeared mid-week, is projected to churn its way northward, bending back toward the mainland by Sunday with its outer band just missing the tip of Baja — according to Chris Dunn, “I think the National Hurri­cane Center forecast track (attached) for Vance is a good representation of other models I have looked at. It’ll pass within 100 miles or so of Clipperton Island, then swing back up towards the north in response to the storm system that moves into SoCal this weekend. The leftover trough will result in a weakness in the atmosphere which will tend to ‘pull’ or guide the storm to the north, then the northeast. As it does, that will introduce some vertical shear which tends to weaken tropical cyclones, which is why the NHC forecast has it going from a hurricane back to a Tropical Storm. Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan will be on alert… and it’s within the realm of possibilities to impact Cabo, even if it is just higher seas and outer rain bands as the storm passes by to the south. That’s probably a best case scenario for Baja.” 


THE FISHING WEATERMAN’S latest observations.

One final note is that there has never been a Baja hurricane recorded in November.

Several road questions are best answered by recent reader reports:

“Returned from Punta Chivato a few days ago; road report is good… La Misión detour still on. Many new stretches of pavement. Those guys are fast! We encountered only a few minor detours with some potholes remaining north and south of Catavina.” — Craig + Jilly Cove First Light, Menifee, Calif.

“The construction project 14 miles south of Loreto at the Mirador is complete including new paving; Mex 1 is once again open with no delays. They are still working on the wall and sidewalk along the eastern edge with a large paved area for parking. They are also securing the western hillside with wire to prevent loose rocks from coming down onto the highway in the future.” — Baja Pony Express

“On the fishing front, the fishing has been spotty offshore due to a lack of porpoise schools last week. We went straight out 30 miles from Cabo on Tues­day and did not find the tuna although the water was beautiful with lots of bait in the area. Most of the boats going out for tuna have had a hard time, but there has been the occasional 100 pounder caught. It’s been very hit or miss.” — Renegade Mike

Pat McDonell, Tournament Director, commented prior to his departure Friday, “I don’t see Vance affecting the tournament that starts Wednesday with fishing Thursday and Friday, but we could see some rain prior to check-in on Wednesday. As with all weather projections, it can change, but it is not expected to be on a track anywhere close to Cabo.”

Monty Hall hosted “Let’s Make a Deal,” the show which famously asked contestants to choose “Door Number One, Door Number Two, or Door Number Three.” Like a contestant on that show, a decision must be made, whether to go to the best “Fish Hard, Party Harder” event in Cabo, procrastinate, or not go at all.

For me, all indications point to Door #1. Hope to see you there.

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