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Tuesday, September 9, 2014
La Jolla Yellows take the title
Monday, September 21, 2015
Full report(new)

2015 event Sept. 11-12
 Dorado, wahoo added

It's time  time to enter and fish the third annual WON/Yamaha San Diego Jackpot in Mission Bay at Dana Landing; Dorado optional has been added to the mix; sign up at check-in Friday or Saturday Sept. 11-12;  NEW Biggest wahoo wins an Avet reel and other prizes). Wahoo is not an optional category though like dorado, tuna and yellowtail. 

There are a few days left to enter by credit card (This Thursday is the cutoff) but  on-site signups at check-in (cash only) will again be taken in Mission Bay for  Friday and Saturday’s third annual WON/Yamaha San Diego Jackpot at Mission Bay’s Dana Landing Sept. 11-12.


Cost is $60 to enter and Yamaha powered boats get a free single  angler entry. There will be huge drawings at the awards, free gifts at check-in and paydowns to third place of $1,500, $600 and $400 plus optional payouts. You can check in and enter and add optionals and add team members 4 to 10 p.m. at Dana landing Market and Fuel dock. (Cash only). NOTE: As a courtesy, WON will be at Shelter Island’s north ramp dock (look for the director in a red jacket and clipboard) for one hour only Friday night, 8 to 9 p.m. You can also drive your rig by Mission Bay at Dana Landing and check in and then continue on to Shelter Island.

“All weigh-ins will be from in the water boats at the fuel dock at Dana,” said director Pat McDonell. “A suggestion for Shelter Island trailerboaters is to go to Shelter, and drop off one or more team members, drive the trailer from Shelter to Dana while others drive the boat to the weigh-in. There is limited slip space at Dana in this busy fishing season. That way you can weigh-in, relax at the awards and go home from Mission Bay about 7:30 after the awards.”

The weigh-in from 4 to 6 p.m. Saturday at Dana Landing Market is three-fish aggregate combined weight of any tuna or yellowtail, and there are $100 optionals for yellows, tuna and also dorado has been added as they are now heavily into the mix and in larger sizes. And, just added for fun since they toothy critters are in our waters, an Avet reel prize package goes tot he team that brings in the biggest wahoo. The 'hoos won't count in the weigh-in of three fish, or be in a single-fish  optional category like dorado, wahoo and tuna, but we want to see some wahoo brought in to the weigh area! 

The best way to enter those dordo, tuna and yellowtail optionals for single biggest fish is via cash at check-in. You can also add anglers for $60 at check-in. Cash only for all entry money. No credit cards.

The weigh-in at Mission Bay starts at 4 p.m. and runs two hours at Dana Landing Market on the grass. The Mexican dinner will be served just after the scales close and the awards and drawings will start about 6:30 after weigh-in and we get all our facts straight on the optional winners and the three overall winners. More on payouts and money and prizes can be found below in previous posts about the event. Note that all winnings will be paid by check from WON by mail a week after the tourney. Prizes, gifts and other sponsors items will be handed out on-site.

 It’s easy to enter and compete at check in at Dana Landing and at Shelter Island) one hour only 8 to 9 Friday night at the end of the north dock of the Shelter Island ramp. Again, you can drive by Dana Landing in Mission Bay at the market next to the launch ramp, check in and continue on by trailer to Shelter Island. The one-hour check-in at Shelter Island (Friday night only 8 to 9 p.m.) is a courtesy effort.

You get a goodie bag of Gamakatsu hooks, Yamaha visor, lures, Sport Chalet $5 gift cards, Hi-Seas fluoro leader coils and drawing tickets and a Mexican dinner. You can check in Friday night and start fishing, or check in at Mission Bay from 4 to 6 a.m. on Saturday at MB. For details, contact or call (949) 366-0256. If you need to contact McDonell the days of the event, email and leave a phone number.



When: WON/Yamaha Dana Landing Jackpot is Friday, Sept. 11, Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015.

Where: Dana Landing Market, Tackle and Fuel Dock , Mission Bay.

Check-in: Shelter Island launch basin in S.D. Bay 8 to 9 p.m. Friday,  or at tourney headquarters at Mission Bay’s Dana Landing Market area Friday 4 to 10 p.m. or Saturday morning 5 to 6 a.m. (option:drive by Dana, check-in and then drive to Shelter Island in SD Bay  if you want)

Fishing/Weigh-in: Start fishing after check-in. The exciting weigh-in at the Dana Landing Market on Saturday is from 4 to 6 p.m.

Awards and Drawings: Mexican dinner begins: 6 p.m. Yamaha awards to follow at 6:30.

CLICK HERE to sign up online. (Note: Jackpots must be paid by mail or by cash onsite at check-in)

Remember, if you sign up by credit card, be sure to fax in an entry form mentioning you paid online. And, remember that if you have a Yamaha outboard on your competing boat, you get ONE free entry worth $60!!!




San Diego Open at Dana Landing in Mission Bay Sept 11-12 will no doubt draw a bigger crowd for tuna and yellowtail this season; It's easy to compete, inexpensive and fun during this epic season


MISSION BAY -- It's back for a third year, the WON/Yamaha San Diego Open Jackpot Tournament slated Sept. 11-12 at Dana Landing, Mission Bay.

The first year it was a small event, nine teams, last year it ballooned to 41 teams and this year the event is sure to attract well over 50 to 60 teams with the format geared for participation.

And the fishing? Well, it’s off the charts. If you look at the schedule, the cost and the format, it makes no sense why you would not want to commit to this event the weekend after Labor Day. You are going fishing anyway, and this format simply adds to the day’s fishing. Free gifts, a chance to win money, a nice Mexican dinner, free drawings, a cool weigh-in and freedom to fish from whatever ramp or marina you like in San Diego. You can check in Friday evening or Saturday morning so traffic and timing is not an issue.

So, let’s say you want to fish that Saturday for yellowtail and tuna out San Diego. Here’s some reasons why it’s an easy decision to be in the tourney. In fact, the entire tourney and its format and schedule was designed to be a no brainer for those don’t want to be limited to a launch ramp, marina or time frame. And we recently added dorado as an optional, and a prize package for the biggest wahoo to spice it up. 

- Money: Based on 50 teams, the payouts are $1500, $600 and $400. The money is more spread out this year. And, if we draw 60 to 100 teams, those payout amount will rise. Payment will be by check by mail from WON offices to each team individual based on percentages requested at the awards, not just for tax purposes, but so there are no fund distribution disputes.

- If you are going fishing that Saturday, your entry PP is just $60 a person. If you have Yamaha outboard on the boat, one of your team fishes for free, courtesy of Yamaha. You can sign up early and get into the Furuno Unit early bird drawing, or sign up at check-in, but it’s cash only. You can sign up early at (click on WON Events bar) via credit card and fax in your entry form. Your choice. Note, optionals can be pre-paid only by check via mail, or by cash onsite at check-in. Bottom line, if you decide to do the event at the last minute or want to add optionals or teammates, just bring cash to check-in.

-You can leave from S.D. Bay or Mission Bay. Check in at SD Bay is only a one-hour window on Friday, though. 8 to 9 p.m. You can, however, check in by driving to Mission Bay for the Friday and Saturday check-in times, then continue on by trailer to S.D. Bay. The weigh-in Saturday afternoon is at Dana Landing, however. (Fish cannot be trailered over).

Last year was a great event. It was a week earlier in 2014, but it is always the weekend after Labor Day. So in 2015 it is Sept. 11-12.

As always, it continues to be a yellowtail/tuna event, with a three-fish aggregate weigh-in for either species. First place is $1,500, guaranteed. Then $600 and $400 for second and third, but those three placings are laced with gear prizes (two each), too. First place gets two Avet reels, Second place also gets two Cousins rods and third place gets two pair of Costa sunglasses to go with their money. “Last year we added prizes to cash on a whim,” said director Pat McDonell, “and this year we are being specific about what you will receive for placing first through third.”

Then there is the $100 Yellowtail and $100 Tuna Optionals, with a an 80 percent playback. This is for the SINGLE biggest fish. It’s where most of the money comes from. You can pay optionals at check-in, but cash only. This year dorado are going off, and we will include them in the tourney. Thus there will be three single-fish optionals), with its own optional. Because the entry form does not include that optionals, any optional payment for that new dorado optional will be paid onsite, cash, at check-in.

Another good reason to enter the tourney at $60 a person is a chance to win money but also gather in some free gifts. At Check-in you get a Yamaha visor, a coil of High-Seas  fluoro, a welcome bag with sponsor items like Costa Chilly Pads from Frogg Toggs, $5 Sport Chalet Gift credit cards, Gamakatsu hook packs and tickets to the many drawings for Plano, Avet reels, Cousins rods, Furuno products and more. Clothing: FOUR sets of Grundens outerwear are up for grabs n the draw ins, worth $300 each.

Of course, you are gonna be hungry, That $60 entry also entitles you to a great Mexican dinner from a killer food truck vendor we will have at Dana Landing in Mission Bay. We''ll kick in some drinks and dessert, and don't forget, Dana Landing Market is chock full of the top beers and ice for your fish.

 Last year we had dozens of drawings after the BBQ and after the weigh-in held on the patio of the market above the fuel dock. Nothing will change on that schedule although it will be a Mexican dinner.

So, mark it on your calendar. It's after Labor Day, Sept. 11-12, the tuna will still be running, and likely the yellowtail will still be thick on the coast and islands. It's a great way to keep the season going and to win some money and prizes.

Like last year, teams can check-in at Mission Bay at Dana Landing and ALSO at Shelter Island at the launch ramp on the dock. That San Diego Bay check-in limited, and is ONLY from 8 to 9 p.m. Friday. At all other times, all teams have to check-in at Mission Bay at Dana Landing. All weigh-ins will be at Dana Landing.

You will still be able to checkin and leave (If you want to) on Friday 6 to 10 p.m. at Dana Landing at the market grass area under the popups, and if you want to launch Saturday morning, we can check you in on Saturday, from 4 to 6 a.m. The weigh-ins will run 4 to 6 p.m. followed by the awards between 6:30 and 7 p.m. on the weigh-in.

See the new entry form. You can sign up by credit card (entry only, not optionals, check by mail or cash on site) at . you then must fax the entry form into WON at 1-(949) 366-0804.

Again this year, all teams that sign up early are in the drawing for a Furuno Chart plotter. The deadline for eligibility is Aug. 28.

Yamaha makes it easy for you!

Whether you have a Yamaha powered boat or not, the tourney is still a bargain at $60 a person.

MISSION BAY -- If we told you could fish in a inshore/offshore yellowtail and tuna tournament, get free goodie bag gifts, have a chance to win $1,500, $600 or $400, get a Yamaha visor, win a drawing prize, have a dinner by Mission Bay and it would cost you just $60 for a two-man team, would you enter?

You likely couldn’t pass it up, could you? It’s like going fishing with extra benefits. Why not? The third annual WON/Yamaha Dana Landing Jackpot is Sept. 11-12, and to make it even more convenient, you can leave from Shelter Island in S.D. Bay (8 to 9 p.m. Friday ONLY) or at tourney headquarters at Mission Bay’s Dana Landing on Friday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., or Saturday morning from 4 to 6 a.m. The idea for that schedule, though brutal on the staff, is to be flexible for those teams dealing with work and traffic.

The exciting weigh-in at the Dana Landing Market on Saturday will be for up to three fish, and 3 tuna or yellowtail determines the winner. Awards and drawings and BBQ to follow. There’s also $100 single big fish optionals for tuna and yellowtail if you choose to enter on site. You can pay those optionals by cash only on-site — no credit cards, please.

If you want to sign up, you can go to and go to WON events and sign up with a credit card. The easiest way is to pay via mailed personal check and include the entry form that is part of this special preview supplement, and make the check made out to Western Outdoors. Mail it to WON/San Diego Jackpot, 901 Calle Amanecer, Suite 300, San Clemente CA 92673.

If you sign up with a credit card, remember two things: You must send in by fax or mail an entry form with team members’ names whether you pay any money or not. The fax number is (949) 366-0804, Attention Lori. If you have questions about your entry, call Lori at (949) 366-0827. For tourney or schedule questions, call tourney director Pat McDonell at (949) 366-0256. Leave a message and he will call you back; or, e-mail him at

The basic entry fee is $60 a person. If you have a two-person team on a Yamaha-powered boat, it is just $60 to enter. Three people, $120, four $180 and so on. If you are not on a Yamaha boat, it’s $60 for all anglers. All people on a boat must be a team member and be registered. No exceptions, which includes charterboats, and their crew.

Of course, there are two optionals for $100, for tuna and yellowtail, but we will likely add dorado to that at check-in. So if you want to enter those optionals onsite at check-in, bring $100 for each one. Payback for that is 80 percent for the single biggest fish in each optional. So, while you may not win with that big fish, you might win more money than the first place team. That’s the beauty of Calcutta-style tournaments.

See you there!




It is the sole responsibility of the participating anglers, captains and crews to know and abide by the tournament’s rules. By entering the 2015 San Diego Jackpot, they acknowledge such and agree to all rules.

There is no limit to the number of anglers, but there is a minimum, two anglers. All anglers on any competing boat must be signed in, and paid for as an entry. If your main power source on your boat your are competing on is a Yamaha, you get one free personal entry worth $60. Others on the team must pay the entry.

All participants must possess a valid U.S. and Mexican fishing license. If you do not plan to fish Mexican waters, you do not, obviously, need a Mexican license or FMM.

There is no limit or restriction on bait.

The official channel is 72. There is no obligation to report catches.

No bluefin may be taken in Mexican waters. There is no such recreational restriction in U.S waters. The U.S. limit for SoCal waters is 2-fish limit PP for bluefin. 

Any boat deemed operating in an unsafe manner will be disqualified.

Teams must weigh in between 4 and 6 p.m. at Dana Landing. You must reach the Dana Landing area and be in line at the ramp with your fish by 6 p.m. to be eligible to weigh-in. We will weigh all fish that are in line by 6 p.m.

The overall winners are determined by a composite of any three tuna or yellowtail. Teams must decide which three fish to bring to the scale. If a team is in a big fish optional, the largest of that species brought to the scale and weighed will be chosen. (As such, if a team is in the yellowtail optional, they could bring in three tuna for the overall, and bring a yellowtail for that $100 Big Fish optional.

It is the responsibility of the team to decide which fish to weigh prior to docking at the weigh area. Under the current weigh rules, the maximum number of fish that can be brought up the ramp to the scale area is four fish, and only if a team is in the optionals. If you are not in the optionals, only three fish can be brought to the scales.

One angler on a main-Yamaha powered boat does have to pay the $60 individual entry fee. All others, on boats with Yamahas or not, must pay $60. Six-pack and charter captains must pay the entry fee. No exceptions. No fish will be weighed in unless all anglers are registered as team members and have paid their fee.

Any team that has a non-entrant on board and weighs in fish, and is discovered, will be DQ’d.

All teams must check in with tourney staff at S.D. Bay (Shelter Island launch ramp dock, Friday, 8 p.m.-9 p.m.only) or Mission Bay (see Friday-Saturday hours on schedule). They can then begin fishing at any time after that.

First place overall (3 fish max. aggregate) pays $ 1,500, second $600 and third place $400. Optionals paid in are paid out at 80 percent.

If no one catches a yellowtail or tuna in those optionals, the money, minus 20 percent, is refunded to the teams by check.

In the event of a tie in any overall or optional pool, a coin toss by the tournament director will determine the winner if there are only two teams tied. More than two teams tying will result in a drawing among those teams.

Mutilated fish will not be weighed in. The tournament director will make the final decision, with no protests allowed since it is a visual judgment call.

Any team or individual receiving monetary winnings is required to provide to Western Outdoors Publications a Social Security number and a current address. A signature will additionally be required for receipt and acknowledgment of winnings. Team captains of teams that win money will be required to meet WON staff to apply for their winnings which will be sent by check via mail within a week after the event.

All decisions by the tournament directors and advisory board are final.

All monetary winners will be subject to a lie detector test at the discretion of the tournament director. If any angler declines to be tested, his team is automatically disqualified from receiving any monetary awards. The lie detector test will be used as one of, but not the sole, determining factor in any decision by the tournament directors and the advisory board.

The tournament director reserves the right to alter starting and finishing times to co­incide with weather, tides and probability of better fishing conditions.

All verbal protests and supporting evidence must be presented to the tournament director immediately upon returning to Mission Bay, followed by a written protest no more than 30 minutes after the verbal protest.

Any verbal or physical abuse or threats from entrants toward Jackpot staff is cause for a team’s disqualification.?

WON reserves the right to deny any team’s or individual’s entry. Also note that the above rules are subject to change prior to the event?

Teams which weigh in fish cannot continue to fish that day. All boats that weigh in fish the first day are subject to a thorough boat inspection at the dock by a tournament staffer.

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