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Tuesday, December 16, 2014
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015
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Road noise
Earlier this month I received an email from Craig Wade, San Bernardino with the subject line; "How to move boat to trailer on Mex 1."

The body of the email continued with the cryptic message: "Big rig blew boat and trailer into cement drain pipe just before San Ignacio! Everyone okay ... boat is fine. Still used it to fish! ...Craig.

A SERIES OF photos of the boat being reloaded on its trailer were attached to the email.

Curious, I pressed for more details of the incident and after exchanging a handful of emails, the following story emerged:

On Dec. 3 of this year, Craig Wade and a couple of his buddies were towing his boat south on Mex 1 for a fishing trip. Late afternoon just outside of San Ignacio, the draft of a "big rig" traveling north blew his boat and trailer off the road and into a cement culvert as it roared past.

A series of photos of the boat being reloaded on its trailer were attached to the email.

Uninjured, Craig and his passengers surveyed the damage and several cars slowed and pulled off to the side of the road to see if they could help. The first person who arrived offered to call a tow truck on his Mexican cell.

Meanwhile the crowd grew, including three fellows from Gurerrero Negro and a couple more from Loreto, all five speaking fluent English. The still-growing group of locals concluded that the boat trailer was useless and anther one would be needed.

Another cell phone call to Manuel Arce, a local fisherman in Bahía Asunción, a captain that Craig and his friends had fished with many times in the past. Manuel agreed to drive his truck and boat trailer approximately 100 miles one way to help them so they could continue their fishing trip.

By the time the tow truck arrived, the group had developed a plan. First the boat and the trailer, which was judged to be totaled, would have to be moved approximately a half mile to a turnout where they could load the boat on Arce's trailer when he arrived. This turned out to be nearly an all-night project taking from 7:30 p.m. until 4 a.m. the following morning to accomplish. Throughout the night every bus that passed in either direction stopped long enough to confirm that no one had been injured.

By the time the boat and trailer had been moved, Manuel and his trailer had arrived. The next task was to carefully load the boat onto his trailer with the help of the tow truck and driver. Several hours later, Craig and friends followed Arce who was now towing their boat on his trailer back to his home in Bahía Asunción.

Wade and his friends were then able to enjoy some of the phenomenal fishing Bahía Asunción has been experiencing recently.

Attributing "Mexican ingenuity" and the good nature of the Mexican people to a favorable outcome of their trip, Craig added, " Nothing can stop me from returning. I will regroup and continue to fish Baja....but with a new trailer and a Mexican cell phone."

He continued, " I have been going down to Baja for 40 years ... 30 of them towing a boat of some kind and this is the first time I've had a major problem. Guess I have been very lucky."

I gave his situation some thought as I reread his email. How many times have I heard a similar story of an event like this happen in Baja -- where our good neighbors to the south have gone way out of their way to rescue one of us in need. I know it has happened to me many times. I've had younger locals push me out of the way to change a flat on my van by the side of the road in Baja…and only accepted a token of my gratitude when I insisted. Never go back to Baja? I cannot imagine letting a negative road noise headline keep me away when "boots on the ground," who are actually onsite, report on the kindness and assistance they received.

Reader Comments

Chalk another one up for the caring, helpful people of the Baja Peninsula! Never fails to impress me with their resourceful generosity, especially along Baja's Hwy. 1. A nice story - one of thousands like this that have occurred "south of the border." Seems like everyone has theirs - I have mine.
Larry Dunmire
That was me in the overalls! INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE,albeit one we wouldn't wish on most! The incredible response from the locals, WAS EPIC!!! :) As always in BAJA SUR! :)
Bob Jones
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