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Week 2 Update - 2 months to go

37.5-pound halibut on kayak takes weekly grand prize and a new AVET reel


Week 3 Update: AVET goes big for WON’s Big Fish.com Challenge  and adds luster to weekly winners with 10 more reels


Avet Reels is sponsoring the 10-week WONBIGFISH.com Challenge in a BIG way.  Not only will they be awarding a reel to each of the 6 species champions at the end of the summer, the largest fish weighed each week in one of the divisions will receive an Avet Reel. 


That’s 16 reels in all. So, six reels go to the overall winners in the six divisons. The other 10 go to a weekly division winner in the Avet Big Fish Rotating Reel Giveaway.  The 10-week schedule for the weekly reels is: Week 1-Tuna, 2-Halibut, 3-Yellowtail, 4-White Seabass, 5-Lingcod, 6-Dorado, 7-Tuna, 8-Halibut, 9-Yellowtail, 10-White Seabass.


This past week, Ulisses Figueroa  caught a 22-pound yellowtail aboard the Thunderbird out of  Davey’s Locker in Newport  Beach on Thursday, July 7 the last day to fish for the second week’s entries.  Be aware, anglers, each Friday at 12:01 a.m. a new week begins. Figueroa’s 22 pounder beat out Gabriel Caliendo’s 20.1-pound private boat (Agua Pazza) fish caught out of Dana Point and weighed in at the Dana fuel dock, a popular weigh station, one of a dozen on the coast. Caliendo’s yellowtail had been gutted, as the angler remembered he was in the contest after the fish went to the knife. Not so fast, guys! Weigh it, then fillet it, then grill it. There’s serious prizes at stake.


With an Avet reel in play now each week, this thing really gets fun. This week the halibut division was in the free reel rotation for the biggest fish and won the reel, so Greg Barnicoat’s 37.50-pound halibut caught on a kayak on July 2 lucked out on the weekly Big Fish Reel Giveaway rotation. 


That said, this week the Avet reel goes to the biggest yellowtail caught before midnight this Thursday, July 14.  For week 4 (next week) the biggest white seabass earns an Avet. Then comes lingcod, dorado, tuna, halibut, yellowtail and white seabass in the remaining six weeks. See WONBIGFISH.com will have the new weekly Avet Big Fish Reel Giveaway schedule if you want to tailor your fishing to go after those reels.   


Just to remind everyone, two spots on the 10-week leader board are not filled, the lingcod and dorado divisions. Which means, that category is what you should weigh a fish on, no matter, what this week.  


It’s so simple to enter and there’s 12 weigh stations that will weigh your fish, and just drop the photo on the same website you entered on, WONBIGFISH.com.


We are into the third week of the event and weigh-ins are cranking up. There’s a lot of opportunity to win some serious prizes each week. It costs $10 a species via credit card, or $40 for all six. Just do it. And then when you catch a nice fish, you are all geared up logged in for the rest of the Challenge. You should have done it already, but you can enter at any time. 


Check out www.wonbigfish.com and see how easy it is, how cool the site is, and how amazingly fun it is that we have this kind of web-based SoCal/northern Baja  event. There is nothing like it offered anywhere we know of. And, we have all these prizes from sponsors to hand out, so help us out!  The six winners at the end of 10 weeks will EACH  tote home cash and gear worth $5,000.


ULISESS FIGUEROA’s WINNING 22-pound yellow on the Thunderbird out of Davey’s Locker.  


GREG BARNICOAT’s 37.50 halibut from a kayak, that win him this week’s halibut division prizes AND an Avet reel as part of the new weekly Avet Reel Giveaway. He weighed in at 22nd Street Landing.

 picturedistheprizePICTURED IS THE prize pack that went to Cori Husband who caught the largest fish in week one, a 124-pound bluefin.  She received a Fishworks tourney shirt, Hi-Seas fluoro, Winn Grips Rod Wrap, Big Hammer Swimbaits, three packs of Gamakatsu hooks and an Avet MX reel because the Tuna Division started off the weekly reel giveaway.   



AVET REELS ARE THE NO. 1 SELLING saltwater reel in Southern California and for good reason. High quality features, sleek design and competitive pricing are all part of the package when you decide to go Avet.

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