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Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Week 2 Update - 2 months to go

Dorado enter Challenge fray, lingcod division still wide open too
While the WON Big Fish Challenge already has a month of summer in it’s rear-view mirror, there is still time to get involved in the season-long derby, and it’s easy to do so. Even though it’s already started, sponsors continue to climb aboard to add to the already-impressive overall prize for the biggest fish caught in each species category at the end of the summer, but for the weekly winners as well. Some categories haven’t been touched yet, while others have been by very beatable weights (a 3-pound lingcod comes to mind.

So, you’re already doing the fishing. Might as well throw your name in the hat in case you catch a qualifier, because like we said, the prize list is insane and it’s only getting fatter.

Reliable Fishing Products latest to join massive sponsor list, as kill bag now being awarded to biggest overall Challenge fish

The entries continue to come in for the inaugural Big Fish Challenge, closing in on entering the fourth of its 10-week duration on through Sept. 5. The weigh-ins have mostly been dominated by big tuna and yellowtail thus far – and understandably so – but now dorado are starting to show up here and there, adding just one more element to the coastal competition and providing yet another way to win. With just hours to go until the third week of the Challenge comes to a close, it’s time to weigh in just about any somewhat sizeable catch you come up with of any of the six eligible species – you just never know how it’s going to shake out, and you could very well end up winning a weekly prize package valued at around $120. This past week of the Challenge has been, well, a bit of a challenge, as spotty fishing overall along with oft-finicky Bluefin have made for fewer weigh-ins. Therefore, most of the divisions are pretty wide open for the taking.

reliablefishingproductsRELIABLE FISHING PRODUCTS are the latest sponsor of the WON Big Fish Challenge and they are giving out a high-end 30- by 60-inch kill bag to the angler who posts the biggest overall fish of the 10-week, coast-wide event.

Another good angle to try and win would be to jump into the lingcod division, especially for anglers a little farther north up the coast. While most of SoCal has been predictably focused on the Bight’s influx of big bluefin, hopping on a ½- or ¾-day party boat targeting rockfish and connecting with a beefy ling might just be the easiest way to pick up a prize package and put yourself in the running to take the grand champion prize haul when all is said and done at the end of the 10 weeks. So if you’re fishing on a party boat for any species, it would be wise to kick in your $10 entry and hope a little Lady Luck lands on your side. Of course, going out and sticking and weighing in that big bluefin isn’t such a bad idea either.

And now there’s yet one more reason to jump into the Challenge with both feet. Reliable Fishing Products has hopped onboard as a Challenge sponsor and is giving up a 30- by 60-inch high-end kill bag to the angler who posts the biggest overall fish of the 10-week event.

Anybody who has fished even just a handful of times has likely seen a Reliable kill bag on the deck – and hopefully stuffed with fish to the zipper. These rugged, convenient bags give serious anglers an improved alternative to stinky fish holds and clunky coolers and are manufactured to keep your catch in tip-top shape on the water until you can break out the fillet knife. The bags are a result of years of testing and improvements by Reliable owner Paul Robbins, who is an avid angler himself. Simply put, they are made by a fisherman to meet the utmost needs of serious fishermen up and down the coast.

“Reliable is proud to be a part of the Big Fish Challenge this year,” Robbins said. “We’re excited to be part of the event and we really would love to award this bag to someone who hopefully catches a record-breaking fish – we know they’re out there!”

To enter the WON Big Fish Challenge, simply CLICK HERE and follow the prompts. It’s easy, it’s cheap and the prize hauls are massive. You’re likely going to be fishing anyway, so you might as well throw your hat in the ring and try to cash in. And the best part of the Challenge is that once you’re in, you’re in for the duration of the 10-week competition – so the earlier you enter, the better, or more chances you’ll have to score. Sign up for the Challenge today and go get after ’em!

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