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Weekly prizes can still be won with smaller fish in WON Big Fish Challenge
Dorado category still unclaimed and current grand prize contenders in each species slot is very beatable

THIS 32.4-POUND white seabass caught by kayak angler Jorge Villegas off La Jolla was good for one of the weekly prizes in the WON BIG FISH CHALLNGE, as well as an Avet Reel since Week 4 was earmarked for the top seabass entered. A 24.7-pound halibut won him a second weekly prize package for winning that species category in Week 4 as well. It’s that easy to score.

As word of the inaugural Western Outdoor News Big Fish Challenge continues to spread throughout the Southern California sportfishing community, more entries into the 10-week event continue to pour in as we near the halfway point.

In week 4, the coveted white seabass slot was finally filled by kayak angler Jorge Villegas who weighed in a 32.4-pound fish at Dana Point Fuel Dock. A greenback mackerel fished on a dropper loop off La Jolla got the job done for Villegas, who earned an Avet SX reel for his efforts as the white seabass category was specified as the score for the reel this specific week. He will also take home Big Hammer swimbaits, Hi-Seas 20-pound line, a Winn Grips rod wrap, 3 packs of Gamakatsu hooks and a Fishworks Big Fish Challenge T-shirt. Come to think of it, Villegas will actually win that stuff TIMES TWO because he also won the halibut category this week with a 24.7-pound flattie he also weighed in at Dana Point Fuel Dock.

Other week 4 winners include a 5.5-pound yellowtail caught by Ulisses Figueroa aboard the Freedom, and he will also take home the weekly prize package that is valued at around $120. Figueroa is also leading the yellowtail category for the grand prize at the end of 10 weeks with a 22 pounder he weighed in earlier in the event.

The fact that a firecracker yellow won a weekly prize is reason enough to get involved, since you’re going fishing anyway, right?

A weekly prize also went to Ron Briggs, who caught a 5.1-pound lingcod, and he also improved on the 3.5 pounder that was already leading for the grand prize for that species. Lady angler Cori Husband took the weekly prize for top tuna with a 76.1-pound bluefin caught aboard the Two Timer and weighed in at the Dana Landing Angling Club. She also won the tuna slot last week. 

RON BRIGGS WAS already leading the lingcod category with a 3.5-pound model he caught in Week 3, and this 5.1 pounder replaced it and gave him a little stronger hold on the top spot.

This week (Week 5), the top lingcod of the week will get the Avet, and that is still a species category still very much worth shooting for, as the current leader is only that 5.10 pounder, but you know Briggs will be out there trying to maintain his grip on the division!

A dorado has not been weighed in yet, leaving that category wide open. Some surface cruisers have been recently spotted off the coast as far north as Newport Beach, so that slot might be filled any day now. So, if you fish in dodo country – and if you head offshore at all, you do – you definitely want to throw your name in the hat for that category.

Entering the Challenge is simple. Head over to and follow the prompts. Enter any species category you want for $10 apiece, or all of them at a reduced price ($40), and you are in the running for an incredible grand prize trove as well as the weekly prize packages and Avet reel bonuses. Once you are in, you’re in for the duration, so get in now and you’re set for the next five weeks. The prize lists, weekly leaders and rules are also found on

EVERY WEEK THE leader in a different species category will receive an Avet SX reel. This week it went to the top white seabass, and the top lingcod gets it next in Week 5 of the Challenge.

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