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Barbour, Husband, Park among Week 6 Challenge winners
257.7-pound bluefin is gonna be tough to beat for Tuna Division and $5,000 prize package

MISSION BEACH — A tough act to beat will be Neil Barbour’s 257.7-pound bluefin tuna from the 9-Mile Bank July 28 that took the week 6 Tuna Division and set the bar pretty high for the final four weeks of the Challenge.

This week, the special rotating prize of an Avet reel will go to the biggest tuna. Last week, it was dorado. The final three weeks for the Avet reel will see the biggest weekly halibut, yellowtail and white seabass taking the Avets. Plan accordingly.

NEIL BARBOUR SCORED this 257.7 pound bluefin west of 9-Mile Bank on 80-pound line and live mackerel. He weighed in at Dana Landing, Mission Beach.

Barbour’s monster bluefin is one of the biggest of the season, and let’s face it, this has been one incredible season. Maybe not as good overall as 2015’s summer, but for monster “cow” bluefin this year may never be repeated in our lifetimes.

Some people just know how to play the game for the Challenge. Tim Husband has been chasing tuna all season, but knowing Barbour nailed a monster, Husband scored the week 6 win for lingcod with 9.50 pounder. Smart guy. The weekly winners get some great prizes, and the six species winners after 10 weeks get prize packages worth $5,000 each. The divisions are Tuna, Yellowtail, Halibut, Lingcod, Dorado and White Seabass. You can enter at any time for $10 a species, you can add species at any time, and you have FOUR DAYS to weigh in a fish.

TONY PARK WEIGHED in his weekly winning 26-pound halibut on a kayak run at the “Sewer.” He weighed in at 22nd Street Landing.

Each weekly weigh-in time starts at midnight Friday, and of course ends Thursday at 11:59. There are a dozen weigh stations that can weigh your fish. If they are closed, you can take it to any of them within four days of your catch, so if you are in hurry to get home, you can weigh in the next day at any official location. See the website for your location, the rules, and weigh stations. It’s super easy to enter, add species, weigh-in and go to the website and post your catch.

Have some fun with the posts. Brag a little, dis your friends for not catching a bigger fish, and above all, win some amazing prizes. Remember, this week, the biggest tuna gets the added weekly prize of an Avet reel, plus a ton of other great stuff.

TIM HUSBAND TOOK the top spot in the Week 6 lingcod division with a 9.50-pounder out of Dana Harbor., and weighed in at the fuel dock.

Entering the Challenge is simple. Head over to and follow the prompts. Enter any species category you want for $10 apiece, or all of them at a reduced price ($40), and you are in the running for an incredible grand prize trove as well as the weekly prize packages and Avet reel bonuses. Once you are in, you’re in for the duration, so get in now and you’re set. The prize lists, weekly leaders and rules are also found on

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