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Only a couple weeks left to lay claim to huge prize packages
Dorado category in Big Fish Challenge remains wide open

After a tuna-heavy week 6, week 7 of the WON Big Fish Challenge had zero tuna entries (so even a football tuna would have taken home the weekly prize) and no Grand Prize leaders were bumped off. Perhaps participants in the Challenge have been scared off by Neil Barbour’s 257.7 bluefin caught last week that could win the grand prize for the tuna slot, and opted not to weigh in smaller fish. Bad move.


WITH A BIG HALIBUT AND SEABASS, 8-year-old Parker Taix claimed two weekly prizes (one for each species) in Week 7 of the WON Big Fish Challenge. The flattie went 27.7 and the seabass tipped the scale at 21.3 pounds. Both were caught at Santa Rosa Island aboard the Amigo.

So, even as we enter the eighth week of the 10-week event, it’s still pretty easy to win amazing prizes.

The top performance of the week goes to 8-year-old Parker Taix who claimed a pair of weekly prize packages with his 27.7-pound halibut and a 21.3-pound white seabass. Both were caught on squid fished on 30 pound at Santa Rosa Island aboard the Amigo.

With week 7 tabbed as the halibut week as far as who wins the Avet reel, young Parker will score that as well as two weekly prize packs containing Big Hammer swimbaits, Gamakatsu hooks, a Fishworks shirt, Hi-Seas line and a Winn Grips rod wrap.

Dane Saiki, who caught an 8.5-pound yellowtail, will also score a weekly prize for his fish also caught and weighed in at CISCO’s. Ron Briggs, whose name has popped up in the Challenge as much as anyone’s, won another weekly prize with a 5.8-pound lingcod caught out of CISCO’s. Briggs is currently the grand prize leader in the yellowtail category with a 16.7 pounder.

With the end of the Challenge just a couple weeks away, there is still time to get involved for just a few bucks at, and take a shot at the weekly prizes, including the Avet reel that goes to a different species category every week, and a $5,000 grand prize when the dust settles for the biggest dorado, tuna, yellowtail, halibut white seabass and lingcod weighed in over the course of the event.

The leaderboard can be referenced as can the list of prizes at

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