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Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Fishing was challenge

Touch conditions this past week
Another week of tough conditions,reported Hook, Line and Sinker in Santa Barbara. With a few days of better conditions, the perch do seem to want to bite. The few anglers who ventured out reported a handful of perch and a couple of short halibut. Inside the harbor, anglers throwing small swimbaits reported a mix of calico bass, sand bass and the occasional halibut.

MALIBU — On the better days, anglers have been scratching at the perch,reported Wylie’s. Overall, tough conditions most of the week. Before the weather, the Oxnard and Ventura beaches were starting to kick out some quality barred perch. Look for the bite to resume when conditions improve.

REDONDO BEACH — Not much happening here, reported Just Fishing. Being the first heavy rains in a while, the run-off and debris has fouled the beaches. A few small perch were reported on some of the spots that have cleaned up but the catch is hardly worth the risk.

SEAL BEACH — Lots of runoff and dirty water has made fishing along this stretch challenging, reported Big Fish. Combined with the holidays, there were few fisherman out this week. When the water cleans up, there has been more and more barred perch showing. The grub bite has been best.

NEWPORT BEACH — Dredging and storm run-off blew out the bite at River Jetties, reported Ketcham. There had been an emerging perch bite but now it is nothing but real dirty water. As conditions improve, look to the end of the peninsula for the first clean water and with it some biting perch.

DANA POINT — Tough conditions all week,reported Hogan’s. Capo Bay has been dirty and debris strewn. Some cleaner water off Laguna shows the best promise. The perch bite had been showing some signs. Look for the grub bite to emerge on cleaner beaches.

OCEANSIDE — The lagoons and beaches have been blown out most of the week, reported Pacific Coast. There is not many good places to fish. With better weather this week, look for the barred perch to get more active. On the positive side, runoff has opened up several river mouths.

SOLANA BEACH — Very few anglers on the beaches this week, reported Blue Water. Lots of debris and dirty water. The storms have created some new contours on the beaches which should favor anglers in the near future. As conditions improve, look for the perch bite on Mission Beach to pick back up. Grubs and Gulp! Sandworms had been top baits.

Compiled by Gundy Gunderson

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